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Solved Hello, I v installed EXEC recently and once i run the job, the status shows Queued foreever. please check the snpshot. any advice. Thank.. to RSS Feed Permalink Print Email to a Friend Report Inappropriate Content. I ve reconfigured my backups to run to use backup to disk folders. I have a folder setup on my NAS, have hard coded the pipes to full and now what happens it he job runs for awhile then seems to go into “Queued” mode. Job status says .IPN Delivery Status Queued Transactions in the sandbox continue to be queued up causing no IPN log to be sent or any type of return to the merchant site to test. We experienced a spike in the IPN queue for sandbox earlier today which would have caused IPN s to show a delivery .There are several status messages which can be viewed online by logging in to the BaswareONE document manager application. Status queued means that the attachment file that you sent to BaswareONE, is for example Not yet picked up by our processing. The structured data file XML is missing and the attachment can .