Automotive Blog – 1994 Suzuki Swift GTi Review

Automotive Blog – 1994 Suzuki Swift GTi Review

Hello Everyone! Welcome to another one of my
videos. We get to drive a very special car today. It is a 1994 Suzuki Swift GTi. As most of you might know, this is the
sportier top of the range model with the famous twincam 1.3L G13B engine.

This car is designed focusing more on the
driving enjoyment than interior comfort. So, the list of standard accessories is pretty short. Normally, the car comes with 14 inch
steel wheel with disc brakes all around. This one has the aftermarket alloy wheels.

It has body-colour bumpers, side skirts and a rear spoiler. Inside, you have 4 speaker cassette player, power windows and power mirrors. This one also
have the optional factory-fitted the air conditioning. The factory exhaust has been upgraded and
an aftermarket alarm system with central locking has been installed on this car
as well.

Let us have a quick look at the seats and the boot of the car. The GTi model
was only offered as a three door hatch and is overall 100 mm  shorter than the five-door variant. So, the rear seats suffer from head and leg room but the good thing is that, you can split fold them for additional storage capacity. You will be happy to see the factory sports bucket seat at the front.

It  has four way adjustment, missing the height adjustment. The seat provides good
support all around and keeps you in place on tight corners. You have a small boot
at the back and this aftermarket sub-woofer makes it almost unusable, but on a
normal car you can carry bigger items by folding the rear seats down and removing
the cargo cover tray. Let me start the car and quickly show
you the engine bay, followed by some exhaust sound.

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We are going to look at the interior now. On the left hand side – we have the passenger side power window switch, air vent  and the glove box. The center air vents and the air
conditioning controls are in the middle. Underneath, we have the aftermarket CD
player and this modified AC switch as the factory one does not work The cigarette lighter, ashtray and the cup
holders are located at the bottom of the center console.

Your 5 speed manual transmission,
hand brake and a small storage pocket here. Here on the left we have the
two rear wiper controller switch, the hazard light switch in the middle your rear window defogger and the fog
light switches on the right hand side. This is your wiper controller, the
indicator and the headlight switch and down here the instrument light intensity controller. Driver side power window switches,  central locking,
Passenger and driver side sun visor and the courtesy lamp in the middle.

This is a very basic instrument cluster. Fuel gauge, speedometer, tachometer and coolant temperature. Also some warning lights at the bottom
as you turn the key to the on position. I cannot tell you how excited
I was, to be able to drive this car! It is loud inside, lots of loose interior
pieces, there are cracks in the dash.

No one in their right mind, would call this
car comfortable. But none of this matters, as this car is all about pure driving pleasure.
The G13B engine on this car is a gem. However, you’ll be disappointed if you
drive the car with a soft pedal. You have to rev it very hard to get the
best out of it.

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It has good power from 3000 RPM and above. The engine is a rev monster. It will easily scream its way to the red line of 8000 RPM. Just listen to this aftermarket exhaust! The five-speed manual transmission has smooth changing action.

You have to rev the car real quick. Otherwise, the gear feels a bit long. The negative point about the gearbox
would be the soft feeling clutch. There was no automatic transmission
offered for the GTi model here in Australia, which is definitely a good thing.

The un-assisted steering gives you the feeling of that direct connection with the road. Though, the steering is not the sharpest, still it does a fantastic job pointing
the car to the right direction in corners. The suspension setup is perfect for quick change of direction and might be a little stiff for everyday driver. It feels more like driving a go-kart on the road, only a lot faster! The fuel consumption figures are simply unbelievable! Just have a look at them bellow – The Swift GTi has become more of a cult  car now.

It is extremely hard to find one that has not been heavily modified or trashed. Still check the following
items as part of the pre-purchase inspection – On the outside, look for rust spots
and misaligned bumpers or doors. This could be an indication that
the car has been in an accident. Mechanically
look for noisy hydraulic lifters, leaking cam or crank seals,  worn starter motor  and leaking water pump.

Also make sure that the car is not hunting for rev,
as it indicates a faulty AFM or O2 sensor. The gearbox is known to fail as well. Please make sure that all the gears engage smoothly and don’t pop out of gear on hard acceleration. Also look for worn clutch cable.

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Inside, look for cracked dash, loose trims and make sure that the power windows open and close freely without any squealing noise. Finally, look for the usual like – good service history, proof that the timing belt and water pump has been changed and check for any oil leaks under the engine. It was an absolute pleasure driving this car! Every time I pressed the pedal to the
floor, it put a big smile on my face. I have never driven any other car that gives
you this much for raw driving experience.

Anyone who calls themselves a petrol head,
definitely needs to drive one of these. Feel free to share, like and comment on this video
and consider subscribing to my channel. Finally, I’d like to thank you for taking the time to
watch my video, I’ll catch you next time. Bye now!.

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