2015 Ford Mustang GT vs. 2015 Chevrolet Camaro SS – Head 2 Head Ep. 58

2015 Ford Mustang GT vs. 2015 Chevrolet Camaro SS - Head 2 Head Ep. 58

This is the manliest thing I've ever done in my life.  Well here we are the new exceedingly
modern-looking 2015 Mustang with wait for it, an independent rear
suspension. And in the other corner and this is probably not much of a surprise
we also have the Camaro SS. These two have been going at it longer
that some of you watching have been alive.

Thing is they've never been better. They both have around 430 horsepower the both have six speed manuals and they
both like to play. These cars feature their respective
performance packages for the SS it's the 1-LE which puts in
a 391 final drive ratio. New dampers, larger anti-roll bars, a strut tower brace and it also takes the ZL1's wheels and
tires, wheel bearings, tolling shock mounts, fuel pump, and steering wheel.

The GT's Performance pack adds at 373
final drive larger radiator, strut tower brace, larger
rear anti-roll bar, new springs, bigger wheels, and staggered
tires. It also gets major Brembo brake upgrades. 15 Inch rotors with six piston calipers up front. Interestingly despite being smaller at
overall vehicle footprint the Mustang isn't that much lighter than the Camaro.
Mustang weight has increased this generation and while our highly loaded premium trim
here doesn't help we were surprised to see only a 72 pound difference between
the two cars.

Pony car diehards might be disappointed
that you can't find a winner just with straight-line performance.  On this particular test date they essentially
tied reaching 60 in 4.4 Seconds. The Mustang was slightly faster at the quarter passing at a tenth faster and 1.7 Mile an
hour hire at trap speed. In breaking performance the Camaro began to strut its tire grip stopping eight feet shorter from sixty
miles an hour.

Around the figure 8 the Camaro just
slightly beat the Mustang by two-tenths of a second lap time. The Camaro's average lateral
acceleration is 200ths of a G higher.  Here we are in the new Mustang GT. I've been very excited to drive this car because
it looks like such a dramatic departure from the Mustangs
that we've known and loved.

The styling alone tells you this car is going to be very different. The interior to it looks similar to most things in the past
but it's a much better place to be.  The materials are a lot better, everything's nice to use, and there's
this idea that there's this bit more technology everywhere you look
i mean for crying out loud we have adaptive cruise control in a Mustang. When did you ever think that was going to happen? We also have independent rear suspension.

Finally across all models no longer just
confined to the occasional SVT. That they would do now and again. And well how does it all come together? Would it be disappointing to say that
this drove like a Mustang like we remembered it to
be? I don't know and that's kinda what I'm juggling with because this reminds me a lot of what I
remember Mustangs driving like.  When we start really pushing the car throw it into a corner when you use the breaks and the gas you feel the body pitch and roll in a way that's
entertaining and very Mustang like.

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In a way that kinda makes you think I
was by then hoping for a little bit more. I do like this V-8 this drivetrain is really nice the way this V8 revs out in feels free
and I like the way the power swells in the high RPM's. Like the 1-LE we have a  Torsen differential and its interesting
going from the testing driving these two really hard around the handling track how loose  this rear end is versus the Camaro's. The Camaro's really planted and stable and you need to get out more quickly you have to be mindful with your throttle application on this car.

Kinda fight some understeer mid corner
and have to fix it by applying power which gets you into the kindness
oversteer thing that you're always kinda fighting them from the rear and fighting from the steering and the throttle.  It's fun it's funny but it's not
satisfying the way the Camaro's is.  I like sitting in this Mustang more I like the outward visibility more. This size of the car more I like the interior more.

The steering in this car does feel
quite good the way you get around the turn, jump
on the throttle  so I'm and takes you to the next that
can be really engaging I think the Camaro is slightly better controlled when you're getting in than coming out it doesn't move around as
much because as nice as this is as modern as this feels I'm not having as much fun as I am  in the Camaro. Let's make this a comparison up
performance packs cuz that's what both  these cars have.  And for starters this 1-LE package is about a thousand dollars
more in the GT performance pack. $3500 Versus $2500 thereabouts.

What if I told you this performance pack makes this car drive better than the GT's performance pack makes that car drive. This is a more fun car ultimately for so many reasons despite the fact that
it's bigger and despite the fact that it's heavier
for starters. The shifter, steering wheel are nicer to the
touch because they have GM's microfibre suede like material on
them. This engine sounds louder and it's got
that really nice deep baritone roar.

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I like how the Mustangs engine revs
out how the power builds but this shift hits you solidly and
doesn't let me tell you upshift or til you lift.  What I love about this car is how it
turns into a corner and how much traction it has. Throughout the entire ordering process
it allows you to modern correction in Warner that allows me get out really fast
because the UN just digs then and powers out old on Hamlin track this thing didn't resort
owners your nearly as much then the Mustang it and what was it was
the only control in fact you could say committed to the throttle the two steering and wheel drive down so
beautiful where the mustang rolls and pitches
around when you know breaker add flour steer the same states all in taxes one unit
espy was helping him in that sense precision and agility old like then I'm bash shift boot heels great in this car love low the really becomes a matter of the which
was nice a car to sit in which ones I. Saw a car drive love like to think that I saw her to sit in
this morning's is definitely in the better hard drive quickly like she just a general the to find out the ultimate in performance
we went to the track also the Mustang change color P the count on
Front Street well as brings in a brand-new 2015 the Ford Mustang GT.

The this engines moons it's a pleasure just to hear this must
anymore the that has better high rpm how are they
did last year I'm like the shifter white quit lot around the mall now in third gear up to four the chance
to meet I'm very glad when the synchro surgery think bout you what else do I
can just feel the house drawn in the body structure
and class passing once was migration the Mustangs Jersey much better behave
that way Just last year it's that independent rear suspension. In the new Mustang it's settled down the
back of the car tremendously. The Mustang put down power very well with its live axel and it still does but the real advantage is in this much stiffer body structure very impressive.  The interesting thing about this suspension is that it is very firm on the street but on the track here it feels softy, cushy, rolly, too soft really.

Floating through the fast bumpy turn one we really could use more shock for
track work. We're a lot softer than the Camaro 1LE.  The most shocking little bits brings
even though we have the performance pack.  Brake pedal is firm really slows the car down.

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Just a wee bit of over sensitivity to some of the bumps the ABS can sometimes get confused not
unusual for a streetcar on the race track. Driven smoothly it's easy to hang onto the Mustang in the corner.  Fun car more fun than ever really. This version has taken a full step upstream.

And just a far more refined and
sophisticated car than the Mustang has ever been before. We're entering the pit straight
away with another dying breed the manual transmission big V8 Pony car.  Camaro 1LE. Really good turn in the Camaro's more firm than the Mustang.

The shocks are serious their track ready. The Camaro really puts the power down its tight good strong shock damping we're glued to the track much more so than the Mustang which is a little soft. Steering feels great cornering grip is great we're really pulling some Gs     sure it's over 1g learn more low we're really gonna transmission because
it's properly damp whereas the Mustang lot more phony the 2011 counter stern's we stay hooked up
in the Camaro No first the power down life run and has
loads a great big fat good years there very aggressive dryer well through the
dress old break Villamor like you know what
it's not is firm and doesn't bite as hard as the Mustang Ranch for the ABS seems more comfortable with
the challenges them giant bomb's likely encounter in
that game lo mismo Camaro 1lt he has they're much more track focused cars and
the Mustang GT. With the Mormons back love how about what you want out of a car
home It's like having ninety percent of a Z28 does all the same things as a Z28 just
not as fast.

The Camaro's just plain more fun on the
racetrack. With near equal straight-line performance what determined this head to head
was how fun each car was on the road and how well they perform at the track. They were after all equipped with performance packs. We like the Mustang especially the higher rev character its powertrain and how refined its interior

If the Camaro weren't here we'd be singing the Mustang's praises. Alas everyone who drove the Camaro preferred it. While its interior still feels
cramped and hard to see out of and somewhat low-budget the 1LE's driving experience is more
sports car than pony car. With precise steering, willingness from
the front, and a terrific overall balance yes it's bigger and it's heavier but
it's also faster around a racetrack and more satisfying on the road in this
comparison of performance packages the Camaro's handily trounces the
Mustangs and for that reason the Camaro wins this episode head to

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