2017 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 vs. 2017 Ford Shelby Mustang GT350R – Head 2 Head Ep. 90

2017 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 vs. 2017 Ford Shelby Mustang GT350R - Head 2 Head Ep. 90

– 50 Years … Camaro versus Mustang has
been going on for 50 years. And what's awesome about this rivalry is it just keeps getting
better and better. I mean, think about where
these cars started at, right.

Back in 1964, the Mustang was just a
Ford Falcon in a body kit. But then, thanks to the hard work
of a lot of people, including some guy named Carol Shelby, they got sportier and racier until it evolved into this: the Shelby GT350R. In fact, last time we
did this head-to-head, the R kicked the stuffing out
of the 5th gen Camaro Z28. – **** right it did.

After I drove halfway across
this country to drag race them. – Jason, you didn't do that. – I ain't Jason. I'm your cousin Bob from West Virginia.

– Jason, you're not fooling any … You're not fooling the
voices in your own head. You look ridiculous. – Thank you.

Look, we can't possibly take
ourselves seriously here. The rivalry has been
going on for 50 years, but I feel like we've been
doing this comparison test for a hundred. – Fair point. – We have to have a little
bit of fun with this.

Come on it's a Mustang and Camaro. – Yeah but the people
that built these two, the took their jobs very seriously. I mean, pony cars, forget that. These are world class sports cars.

– So what you're saying is
we need to go drag racing. – Sure. – All righty. Whoo-hoo.

– Lose the wig. (Car engines roaring)
(upbeat music) (low beat music) (car starting) (engine revving) I think, Jason, you've once again
engineered one of your cads that I'm guaranteed to lose. I mean, the Camaro has more than 200 extra pound feet of torque more than 100 horsepower
than this poor Mustang, and we're doing drag racing. Man, I'm guaranteed to lose.

I'm doomed. – [Jason] I would say that all of that extra power and torque makes this car that much more
difficult to get off the line and therefore this is
a perfectly fair test. – [Jonny] Yes. You would say that.

Instead of a quarter-mile drag race, let's just say, whoever
can fly by that cop faster after a half mile, that's the winner. – Oh so … Biggest speeding ticket wins. – Exactly.

– Uhh somebody count us down. – [Man] Okay guys ready and Three …
(Car engines revving) Two …
(Car engines revving) One … Go … (Car engines roaring) – [Jason] Bye …

Whoo-hoo … (Engines roaring)
(uptempo dramatic drum music) – That's a pretty clear
win for the Camaro. – [Jonny] I'm shocked … But you know the Camaro
is about $2500 cheaper than the Shelby so you just go ahead and apply that cash to
your speeding ticket.

– Good point, however that streamline stuff is stupid and no one cares about it. In fact, there is one
thing and one thing only the buyers of this car care about … How loud they are. I have here a decibelometer …

Actually it's an iPhone but it has a decibel meter on it and the cars need to drive
by at 60 miles an hour, at full throttle, and it'll tell me which one's louder. – Well I think our ears can
tell us which one's louder. What's more important, I believe, is which one sounds better. You have your little toy.

I have mine. This is Ben the silent sound guy. – He doesn't speak – And Ben is going to
listen to each car go by and let us know which one sounds better. – Okay.

(Engine revving) Okay, you can come through
whenever you're ready. You ready? (Car engine roaring) 104.6 Decibels … Did you like it? 104.6 Decibels this is what he does … Want to get the Mustang? So, like can you speak,
or can you make sounds? Like if I tickle you? Ooh angry sound man …

Alright Jonny, you want to come through? (Car engine roaring) 110.4 Decibels and he's smiling. We have a winner. (Car engine roaring) (laughter) Go figure … It's loud in here too.

– Freakishly loud in here. – What?
– Oh my *** (laughter) That thing's crazy. I can't believe it's legal. What I remember, a couple years ago, was that at the Goodwin Festival of Speed and before anybody had driven the R, they debuted it there and Dave Pericak, the head
of Ford Performance, was there and he was talking about the car and he gets in and starts it up and I couldn't believe my ears.

– The must've all scattered. (Car engine roaring) – You know that was a crazy year because the Aston Martin Vulcan was there and that is the best
sounding car in the world and the loudest because it's an uncorked seven liter V12, but this is almost as good. This thing is just nuts. – It's so loud.

It sounds so good. And it's been a while, so we
should to a tech refresher for those at home. This is a flat plane crank shaft V8, so it should sound like a Ferrari with a nice sweet smooth thing. It don't and that's because it has unequal length exhaust headers and it sounds like Chewbacca
(imitating Chewbacca) I mean it makes an insane noise.

(Engine roaring) – The other thing too, remember, it's got a much larger displacement than other flat plane engines because Ford put this big rubber donut dampener thing on the end of the crank, so it won't shake itself apart. (Engine roaring) – [Jason] This has got to be the worst N – V- and more importantly H. Of any engine in production: That's noise, vibration, and harshness. – But what I like about it — – But that's the best part about it.

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– Yeah exactly. To me it's very racy, it's very race car like and Shelby's are suppose to be racy. Remember it's Carol Shelby. – Racers don't care about smooth engines.

– To be honest if you
go back to 2008 til like the Shelby before this one, they were kind of big, powerful, fat, straight-line car
for dudes to take on Saturday mornings and cruise. – Yeah. – They weren't sports cars — – No, no, no, no … – This is a return to Ford, for the brand Shelby, it's just awesome.

And there's a reason we're driving the R, instead of the regular Shelby, because the GT350 is a
Mustang with a great engine. – Yeah. – But this one, there's a layer of magic. And I remember the very first
time I drove this thing, I exited out parking lot, second geared it, a hard turn, and was like this is as
good as a Porsche GT3 – Wooo – No seriously
– Yeah, I don't disagree.

– [Jason] And it's so easy, in the moment, when you're first driving
a car to get so excited and make ridiculous statements like that. – [Jonny] Sure. – But this is two years later
that we're driving these cars and we feel this way about it. It's two years later, and I still feel think about it because I still want one.

– So does everybody else – That might be true. – Look, the deal was they were initially asking
for $25,000 over sticker and then they were getting
it because you know why? It's worth it. (Engine roaring) – That's great. The only problem is at 95 or 100 thousand
dollars for a Mustang you're getting these plastics.

You could literally shave
the hair off of your body with some of these plastic things. It's so sharp you'll draw blood. – Yeah and there's some
greasy stuff down below. – And then the paint I walked
over to this car earlier and I thought, "Oh no, poor thing's been in an accident and been repainted at a bad body shop." It's just that much orange peel on it.

It's just a Mustang. – Yeah, but I mean, the way it drives, who cares about any of that? I mean look, you're going to be rock chipping
the **** out this paint job everyday because you want
to drive it like this, you know, you want to be a maniac in it, cause it's so much fun to drive. – I think it really did
prove itself as a sports car, there's a miataness in this car, in its ability to be
a cohesive sports car. It does everything well.

It's fun and engaging
when you're not doing terrible things, but then
it's amazing when you are. This is truly the non muscle car Mustang. – Yeah, another thing is
it backs it up, right. It's one thing to make a car like a Miata, feel great everywhere,
but it's kind of slow and doesn't really have any bonafides.

This thing on Leguna
Seca was quicker than a Ferrari 458 Italia. I mean my mind is still blown by that. – It really does have a lot going for it. – And that means that
Camero better be the best **** Camero ever pulled.

(Tires screeching and engine revving) (instrumental music) So, what do you think of the ZL1? – What do you think? No, I think they gave us the wrong color. – Yes, look this car looks
so sinister in black. It looks so awesome sporty in red, and in white, it's like, Mr. Generic.

Looks like any other Camero. – Yeah and speaking of any other Camero… I think they gave us the wrong Camero too. – What do you mean? – ZL11 LE.

– Well the ZL11 LE, was
announced the day after I secured the loan after this car. So if you're watching this,
it hasn't happened yet. It's actually two months from right now, which is in the future, that
the ZL11 LE is available. – Okay I'm almost as
confused by your statement, as I am by the naming
scheme on these Camero's.

I know, because I'm in this business, what a ZL1 1LE means, but
does GM actually think that anyone else can follow all this? – Well first of all they
should have just called it the ZL1LE, however, look. Yeah, they're trying to
sell to a new generation of car enthusiasts, so all
the dudes that appreciate the old codes from the 60's,
like the guy that knows what an L88 is, he's either dead, or his knees don't work and
he can't drive stick anymore, so they should forget that. And think about the competition right. Shelby, that's cool, Hellcat…

– Demon.
– Demon. – Yeah, from now on, I
say we refer to the ZL1 as the Satan pony. – The my little satan pony. – You can call it what you want as long as Satan pony's in there.

– I'm calling this,
Slicing the Camero Pie, a little bit too thin. There are so many models of this car… – But speaking of Alpha numeric nonsense, the LT4, which is the .2 Liter
super charged V8 in this car, they bottle it, they bottled it up. You can't hear it.

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I mean, compared to the
Shelby, it's a silent car. – It's missing that anger. – I'm going to quote you. – What, why would you do that? – Well it's usually a bad policy
but here's what I'm saying, way back when, you said the
LT4 is the best sounding production car engine in existence.

Now granted that was one month before you drove the voodoo motor. – It was the best sounding
engine in the corvette, it's really good, but you
know what the favorite part about this whole thing is? Earlier you were super
psyched, you were like all proud of yourself when
you came over the radio. Like hey, I've been averaging
6.2 Miles per gallon. – 6.1, 6.1.

– Yeah, whatever, I was
getting three, nine. Like that is… 3.9 Miles to the gallon. – Well that's the beauty
of a super charger, no lag and it's less efficient.

However, I want to
point out, and if you're American, you live in a country, well if you're in
California, where we have expensive gas, it's like
2.99 Cents per gallon. A bottle of water is 2.99 Cents. – Purified tap water. – That's a, who cares, you know.

And we should talk about
how much more power this thing makes than the
better name, Voodoo engine. So 526 horsepower in the
Shelby, versus 650 in this mother of heat. – You just don't ever have to… I mean would you look,
wheel spin in third at 70 miles per hour.

– I was shocked that Shelby
could even get out of bed in the morning with
that little torque. – Oh, my little pony disagrees. – My little Satan pony… – Actually I think, what
the Voodoo should be a little bit more embarrassed
about is how quickly it revs, or more importantly doesn't, because with that flap line crank, it should be really flippable right.

The engine should spool up really quickly, and this actually responds, look ready… Flip, flip, like flip
down into first gear. It responds so much more quickly
than even the Voodoo does, which is amazing. – That's the difference
between the two cars really, is the engines.

The similarities are kind of crazy right. So Chevy and Ford came up
with both very similar, go fast solutions, and they
use the same suppliers. The big six piston brimbo's. You've got recarro seats,
you've got magnaride suspension.

They're similar in size,
they're similar in shape. – That's crazy, they are
like within a fraction of an inch, in every single
exterior measurement, although I've got to say, the
Camero looks four times as big until you park it next to
the Mustang and realize, it's smaller. – You know the Shelby
is lighter, it's about 200 pounds lighter, because
this engine weighs a lot. That super charger adds a lot of weight, so this is about 3900
pounds and the Shelby's about 3700 pounds.

– Funny that it's only 200
pound weight difference because really this car feels
about 1000 pounds heavier and it feels like that
thousand pounds is all rubber that was sort of melted and poured in and it filled every little pore. Everything is just a
little bit less erect. The car doesn't have quite the
turn in that the four does. The shifter is great but its
nowhere near as great as that.

There are benefits to that too. That car, I was flying all around it while you were driving it. It's just very difficult to
be smooth, it's sort of jerky. – Right, this a calmer, more relaxed car, which maybe that's what you want.

But when you drop in
the super charged LT4, you're putting 200 pounds
in the worst place, on top of the front wheels. – These are big heavy cars
by sports car standards and one of the ways to cope
with that and still have incredible body control
and the level of grip that these guys have, is really
stiffing the springs and the bars and as a result, this car, like a lot of other heavy cars, feels like it's on pogo's,
it's just kind of like… – There's a brittleness to the ride. Well look, these things started there life as 25 thousand dollar
rental cars, you know.

– If you're going to spend
65, 75, 85, 95 thousand dollars on a car that is effectively a car that is a 25 thousand dollar rental car, with a lot of options,
it had better be special. – Forget spacial, it had better be fast, which is why we're going to
give these cars to Randy Pope and see what he can do
with them on a track. (Intense instrumental music) (car engine revving) Camero ZL1R race track. We've all driven it, we
all have our opinions.

My biggest thing is that
compared to the Shelby, this drives like a street car out here. It's just smooth and calm and controlled. – You just defined my
entire goal as a driver. – The Mustang amplifies
mistakes that you make when you're being unsmooth
and the Camero attenuates your screw ups and makes you smoother.

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– The Camero does make me
feel like a good driver. – It's tough as a passenger though because I don't even care about
what's going on back there, but up front, there's
nothing to hold on to. – If I could actually reach you, I would be your harness device. – That's okay, cause he's your airbag.

– How does this car put
power down like that? – It puts down power so well. For 650 pound feet of
torque on a street tire. It's nuts, and it just goes. – Then again, it's calm
and controlled up here.

Normally on a track you're
bouncing around more, this is, again I know it's a Camero, but it feels like a luxury car. If the GL1 has a shortcoming
on the track, to me, it would be that there's
more weight on the front of this than there is on the Mustang… – You can feel it.
– And you can feel it. – As putint as this Camero
is, the ZL1 is not the sweetest handling Camero,
right, it's the SS1LE.

– But wait a minute Johnny, but *** it still handles so well. You're talking about not
the sweetest of some of the sweetest handling cars there are. – I'm just saying where as the Shelby R, is the sweetest handling
Mustang in recorded history. – By far, yeah.

– Alright, well before
we're both covered in vomit, we should bring this thing in. (Engine revving) Well Randy, I'm a little shocked. I thought the Vector between
the ZL1 and this would be huge. – My guess was a second and
a half faster in the ZL1.

– So in other words, the
ZL1 felt a second and a half faster, but really it's only
like less than four tenths quicker, which to me,
says a couple of things. First of all, why does the
Shelby feel slower to you, and number two why is
it so fast in reality? – It's so well balanced
and it does not feel like a 3700 pound car, it hides
that weight really well. And the torque makes it feel slower. That Camero ZL1 has so much torque and that's what you
feel right in your chest when you hit on the gas.

– 650 Horsepower car versus
a 526 horsepower car, less than a second difference,
how is this making it up? – Because it's more agile,
that's it's only advantage. – The one thing I know is
from the passengers seat is how much stiffer this
thing is than the Camero. Is that helping, or hurting? – Yes. (Laughing) Actually most of that
is just comfort, Johnny.

The stiffness is not as comfortable, but it doesn't seem to
effect the cars grip. The Mustang still sticks
really well, even on the bumps. This is a sports car, it's
got more sports car in it. Actually I love the ZL1, but it's more muscle car that works.

– This is one of those head
to head, how can you go wrong? – Its a tough one Johnny. I would hate to have to be you
and Jason to pick a winner. – Man, I'm glad I'm not Randy. – No kidding.

– For setting the lap time
here, these things are so fast. I wouldn't want to do it. – They're crazy, I mean think about this, the pony car has evolved
to the point where these two things are capable of humbling most of the super cars on
earth, which is just weird. They're both excellent,
however we're not in the everyone's a winner, it's a tie game.

One of them is a loser. – And by my score card…
– Okay. – Looks better, little bit. Sounds better, lot of bit.

Feels better, versus performs better. And even if you throw in
does stupid things better, like drifts and burnouts,
it's still three to two. – Right, and this Mustang's
already two years old. Ford hasn't bothered to touch it because it doesn't really need anything and GM's about to touch this.

They're going to make a
1LE version of the ZL1 and it will probably have more capability, but I don't want it to
have more capability. What I want is a little bit more drama. Like when you're doing really
stupid things in this car, it's amazing, it's awesome. But when you're just driving it normally, it's just kind of a…

– It's a car, it's just a regular car. – Right, this thing, it doesn't
matter what you're doing, it's nuts. – I'm getting donuts. – Yeah, all you have to do
is start it in the morning and it's enough.

And for that reason alone, it's my choice. – Well it's not only your
choice man, it's mine too. The winner of this head to
head is the Ford Shelby GT350R. It's the best Mustang ever.

– What? That old broad finally kicked the bucket. I sold her double-wide,
bought me a new Camero and it lost again, dammit. Hello if you like that episode of Head 2 Head
that you just finished watching don't forget there's a new one live right now
but it's only at Motor Trend On Demand another question do I lie about the time
do I tell the truth oh I hit a lot of cones it is a poor carpenter who complains about
his tools we're at a agreement watch the latest episode of Head 2 Head right now at Motor Trend On Demand Com Chewbacca.

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