2018 Honda Jazz 1.5 RS Navi – Behind the Wheel

2018 Honda Jazz 1.5 RS Navi - Behind the Wheel

Every once in a while you come across  something that raises your brow but in a good way that same thing that makes you take a second look Its not a supercar but youre spending a surprising amount of time staring at it thinking to yourself Ooh, I wanna drive that. Its quite possible thats exactly what Honda intended when they put this Jazz RS together because well, Its a looker Allow me to take you through some of the aesthetics changes that the RS has over the V and the VX. For starters, you got a dark chrome front grille the front bumper, including the area of the fog lamps is more angular giving it a sportier feel Also you can find carbon fiber accents Down the sides of the RS. Youll find body colored side skirts power folding mirrors and 16 rims that are both beautifully blacked out which I have to mention when I first brought this car to the office the boss saw it and asked me if the other variants  of the Jazz have blacked out mags when I replied no, he implied Well, its the RS or bust which I have to agree because they look good on rally red The rear too has a different styled bumper Also with carbon designed accents plus it also has the one thing you cant miss even if you try the rear spoiler, all in all these additions make the RS  look quite zippy Now while were back here lets talk about the cars space and versatility On paper, the Jazz has 384 liters of space which is quite a lot considering that the car is shy of 4 meters and is only about meter and a half wide that versatility though.

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Man, that kicks in when you fold the seats in what I can only describe as a Ballet on Broadway Youve got to see this, come! Lift the latch and as the backrest tilts forward the seat moves forward in unison which reveals an almost completely flatbed and an enormous amount of space which I figured there was only really one way to show  just exactly how much space there is back here Well call me a monkeys uncle, It fits! The interior is pretty refined for a small car  you got 3 cylinders up on the dash which make up your  tachometer, speedometer and your trip control you got a 7 touchscreen infotainment display which doubles as your rear view camera and thats pretty clear Right underneath, the controls for your airconditioning which is a plus for most a minus to some because its touch and theres no tactile buttons so when you want to manipulate it you actually have to take your eyes off the road which could be dangerous Now, the cabin, the seats are pretty firm and supportive and its got orange stitching that can be found  and its not too much. Now, this orange stitching also comes through to the steering wheel which has controls for your cruise, your infotainment system your cellphone buttons right here and not to mention paddle shifters In the back, theres really not much to report There are no air vents, no USB ports, no center armrest and you only got bottle holders that are on the door  But the amount of space back here is just, its just wild Look at the amount of headroom, and check this out thats my normal driving position  Dangkal. Wild! The engine is a very lively 1.5L found on the previous model  and also on the current Civic Now, on ECON mode which i actually prefer the engine is much more polished a lot easier in stop and go traffic. Now, if you take it off on ECON mode Thats a different story altogether Its like a kid on sugar at a childrens party Bouncing around like theres no tomorrow It quickly builds speed in very short burst With its premium look and feel youd expect the cabin thats a little bit quieter Unfortunately, road noise and engine noise does creep in and create somewhat of an echo inside the cabin Visibility is above par for smaller vehicle found on the A-pillars are these quarter windows Now, however small you may think they are they have a huge influence on the drivers view and are a very welcome design The Jazz has the same engine as the current City But, it is half a meter shorter and thirty kilos lighter So what does that do for fuel economy? Well, we conducted our own test and inside the city traffic and all on EDSA, Ortigas, Shaw Blvd basically I went looking for traffic not the smartest thing to do, but we did it for you anyway We were able to clock up 7.5Km/l Now, thats just in traffic then we took it out of the city So, open roads.

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Stuck at the speed limit of 100km/h on the highway and we were able to get whopping 21.9Km/l Thats pretty impressive You know, for a small car it seems like wants to show off and hangout with the big boys and oddly enough it can namely the Civic and the City Engine, check. Okay, maybe not the Civic because that is a turbo, but the City for sure Fuel economy, check. Space, Big check!  The Honda Jazz RS is available at Php 1,058,000 Now, considering everything that you see here inside and out  Id say, score one for the little guy.

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