Automotive Blog – SUZUKI BANDIT 400 Nyobain Moge Custom

Automotive Blog – SUZUKI BANDIT 400 Nyobain Moge Custom

Hello, guys! Back with me again here Today, I’m about to try this bike. Guess what is it’s name? It has no name on it This is Suzuki Bandit 400cc year 1996 What is that?! *A bee was just crossing* I’m sorry if it’s a bit noisy because I’m currently communicating through intercom with the owner So, I also about to try the SENA 3S (the intercom to communicate) on how it’s sounds like but the result is, it’s noisy… There are Koso open filter, HEL brake hose, both tires are Continental Twin Duro. Similar like an off-road tire The tire price is around 4M IDR (approx.

400USD) if I’m not mistaken Current price maybe around 3M IDR (approx. 300USD), right? *He’s joking* The speedometer has been changed with Koso RX2N. So…What kind of style is this bike actually? It’s more like…Scrambler, right? Yeah, it can be said like that Ok then. He said its more into a Scrambler I also not really understand because I’ve never seen about this kind of style and what it is like But its really cool and awesome Oh, and, by the way, it’s header has also changed into a customed one with stainless Its so tidy but it has no brand Has no brand but its very tidy, really Ok, let’s hear it’s sound first It was made reverse.

So the machine-on mode is upwards Whoa, it sounds really good! Its crazy… My bike may ‘lose’ compared with this one So, I ever had this Suzuki Bandit before, similar just like this one, but the color is purple I had that before I have my current CBR. But I hadn’t modify it at all, far from this one. This one is perfect For me, Suzuki Bandit like this is pretty good for beginner.

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Like, they don’t need to directly buy the 600cc or 1000cc I guess this bike is actually the best choice for a beginner Especially if you want to get it customized to make it looks cool, this one is good 400cc is good enough. Yes Wow! Crazy! I’m not brave enough to ride this in high speed, because an off-road tire like this is pretty slippery, right? Like, when you have a sudden brake… Its pretty slippery But if you use the rear break you won’t get the grip Oh, rear brake won’t get the grip…? Ok… But if you already get used with it, it will be just fine…

Is the speedometer’s needle a bit error? Yes Ok… Right now, if you want to see it directly from outer side… When its on the ride it looks really cool, isn’t it? The velg is similar like my CBR. It has that 3-lines Its very similar An oval bar end is indeed suitable for a bike like this, not a circular one The purpose itself is only to fit in with the bike, to make it looks bigger This bike is totally awesome! The voice is better than mine The exhaust made the voice sounds very noisy…

But, to be honest, an off-road tire feels not really comfortable when its on the ride It makes you feel like the bike is a bit shaking Like when I tried to ride in high speed before, the bike felt like a bit shaking He (Tirta) said that he once tried to ride it in high speed and had a sudden rear brake… The bike suddenly felt like it was sliding, like drifting A bit scary… *Joking time is about to come* What kind of bike is that, Sir? Supra X. Oh, Supra X.

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Ok Why is it’s sound like a car? Because it has changed into a car’s machine Changed into a car’s machine? Oh, ok What kind of car? Carry 1000 Carry 1000?! Oh man (LOL) Whoaaa, really, the voice is so awesome! But Suzuki Bandit that I’ve ever had before didn’t sound like this. It was a bit shrill/flat Meanwhile, this one sounds better and precise This bike is totally dashing! Old bikes are indeed the best option to be made (customized) like that Because whatever you want to do with it, it will looks pretty But when it comes to a new bike, say it like Z800 or else, wants to be customized into a Scrambler like this I think it will be a bit unfortunate… Not a bit but maybe really unfortunate… Like, my heart is heavy (LOL) Because this bike is basically an old bike, so, people mostly made it into a cafe racer, or Scrambler like this Riding an old bike is fun for sure Old bike’s spare parts aren’t really expensive.

But, if the bike is way too old or rare, might be more pricey Also, spare parts for old bikes are a bit hard to find Take my bike as an example. Even the speedometer itself is a bit hard to find Actually there’s an advantage for a bike like this The plus is, to build a bike like this you don’t need it’s original spare parts But my bike (which is originally an old bike) needs original spare parts Meanwhile his bike already all-customized The minus is…I guess none.  As long as you modify it right, it won’t look weird Take this bike as an example Honestly, even I confused about what kind of style is this bike, but I like it very much But actually it’s pretty dangerous if he suddenly go backwards or such things happened and he enter that spot (the one between the seat and tire on the back) Its like that one video that I ever watched on YouTube. I forgot where I found it The person on the video entered that spot between bike’s seat and tire Its also because this bike has no rear fender…

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That when its raining, sometimes the water can reach the tank Of course it will make the shirt dirty. Just look at him now, his shirt already got dirty Ok, that’s all for today’s video about Suzuki Bandit year 1996 that has been customized I don’t know what style of customization is that, but its cool Don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe See you again on the next video. Bye!.

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