Actress Stacey Dash slams O-care, ‘Hosurance’ in ‘Red Eye’ debut [pics, video]!/greggutfeld/status/400459963950055424


Actress Stacey Dash dazzled “Red Eye” viewers with her debut appearance last night.!/greggutfeld/status/400459341863464960

Wait … what about crispy critters?  The out-and-proud Hollywood conservative shredded 404care in an analogy that left **** and Jane a bit crispier than they were.

When automotive companies produce a car that explodes on impact, they normally recall the car, stop the ads immediately. Now these people are continuing to try to sell us a car that we know is going to explode, trying to convince us that Jane and **** are not going to be crispy critters. But, indeed, we know they are. So now they’ve resorted to “Get Obamacare. It’ll get you laid.” Uh … no.

No, indeed. Here’s a clip of the segment on Obamacare and those absurd Colorado Hosurance ads:

Perhaps even more delighted than “Red Eye” viewers? Fox News correspondent Rick Leventhal:!/RickLeventhal/status/400448765699436544

More pics:!/PatrickMillsaps/status/400439104271581185

Viewer verdict: more Stacey!!/Layeo_Menace/status/400535920182452224!/Slammer8865/status/400537567608979456!/hibernianhilble/status/400545354761785344!/GeeeeeeKay/status/400553630601736192

But the best part of Dash’s trip to NYC? This:!/REALStaceyDash/status/400657367164940288


If you have time, here’s a longer clip, courtesy of Steven Laboe.


Star power: Stacey Dash poses with (three of) ‘The Five’

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