After An Argument With Her Husband, She Got Out Of An Uber And Did Something Horrid

We all argue with our spouses from time to time, but what this woman in Vietnam did to get back at her husband is unjustifiable.

Reportedly, after arguing with her husband, the young women took their two-month-old son and left in an Uber. When she returned to their home alone, the father went into a panic and immediately began searching for his son. Meanwhile, government officials at Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee in Saigon were puzzled by security footage showing a woman getting out of a car and calmly leaving a baby on their doorstep.

The tiny baby was discovered lying inside a cardboard box and crying frantically. Le Nhu Ngoc, one of the government officials who found him, said, “After he was taken inside he cheered up. He was so adorable that everyone was amazed by him.”

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Not knowing if the baby was stolen, missing, or abandoned, his rescuers posted a photo online, hoping that his family would come forward. Within hours, his father and grandmother arrived.

As of now, police are still trying to contact the Uber driver who witnessed the abandonment. The child has been released to his father, while his mother remains in custody.

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