Automotive Blog – All New Honda CBR250RR Test Ride Review

Automotive Blog – All New Honda CBR250RR Test Ride Review

Hello riders, wherever you are.. Welcome back to OtoRider Channel We would like to thank you for your attention thank you for all your feedback Many request that come to us for test ride review of All New Honda CBR250RR. Many requests come to our desk, to make a review about this bike Now, the bike is here, this black CBR250RR. This is the highest variant, with ABS.

There is one colour option that is more expensive than this one. This variant is sold Rp 69.15 Mio (USD 4,836) The racing red color is sold Rp 69.75 Mio (USD 4,878) How’s our impression on the bike? Also, let’s take a look closer on details, many features implemented by Honda. The design is also supercool. We gonna try this bike on road, we are riding around Jakarta and Serpong to feel the impression of this new Honda sport bike on public road.

We will try everything, including three riding modes this feature is new for 250 cc sport bike in Indonesia Let’s go.. Honda 250 cc sport bike is not a new thing in Indonesia because in 2011, Honda released the first of CBR series, its the Honda CBR250R. Maybe, you can still remember the CBR with single headlamp. Then, in 2014 Honda launched the facelift model with a pair of headlamps The design is different, but the basically it’s the same bike.

Now, it’s totally new. Honda gives real sport bike features. One of which is the new engine, the engine is 2 cylinders, compare to the old 1 cylinder. The engine produces 36.3 Hp and 23.3 Nm of torque the biggest in its class at present time.

Plus another components, such as the inverted telescopic upside down fork. And an aluminium rear arm. Body is compactly designed thus, it can give you better control of the bike not only at straight roads, but also at high speed corners. This new engine, not only has more power thanks to DOHC configuration with 8 valves Its also sophisticated, because Honda is implementing throttle by wire There’s no mechanical linkage between handle bar and throtttle body in the engine Throttle twitst gives electrical signal to electrical motor in throttle body.

Please be carefull if you already have this bike, don’t get too excited when you wash the bike especially with pressure washer don’t spray at throttle twist extremely as it’s feared to flood the electical and caused to harm the throttle by wire system. The electronics also equipped with riding modes. Electronically, the bike will change settings to fuel and ignition maps according to your preferences. There are 3 riding modes, Comfort, Sport and Sport+.

You can change it with a switch on the left handle bar. Although, I think the position is a bit odd. Because, this is usually the position of passing lamp switch. So, don’t get it wrong when operating it.

You cannot activate passing lamp here Passing lamp switch is integrated with high and low beam switch. Just press down for passing lamps. Selection of riding modes can be done while riding, but you have to close throttle, to finish the riding mode change sequence. If you open throttle, and the change riding modes, it will not change immediately.

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ECU will wait until throttle closed and then change the riding modes. The instrument cluster of Honda CBR250RR is full digital. Along with speedometer, there are tachometer with 5 shiftlights There are also temperature, fuel indicator and clock, riding modes indicator and gear indicator below it. Not to mention MID, that displays odometer, tripmeter A and B, real time and average fuel consumption, and also residual fuel in tank.

The cluster also have clock and backlight adjustment. How to adjust? Press select and set simultaneously at MID odometer position (TOTAL) It will flashes.. You can press set to adjust hour and press select to change the number. Select again to change minutes and then backlights.

The setting is looping or continous. You can also set the tripmeter ‘ON’ Done. Balancing this fast engine, for sure, you will need good brakes. Because you need great brakes to stop.

At front, there’s disc brake, also at rear, with ABS. Also available variant without ABS. Well, you can choose between the two variants. Beside that, tyre size composition are no different than previous model.

We have 110/70-17 inch at front and 140/70-17 at the rear. Other than that, as you can see the body is supercool. I can say, this is a revolutionary design of CBR. Because, it’s really different than before.

Viewed from the front, maybe, it still have the same aura as the CBR150R. There are two pairs of lamps, full LEDs, front and also rear. All the lights at front are white. Upper lamps are DRL (Daytime Running Lights) Below are headlights, low beam.

The DRL can change to turn signal You can see the left signal blinks, and then the right one. And then, below, there are also high beams. You can see high beams beside the low beams. You can also see LEDs at rear end, rear lamp, brake lamps and also turn lamp.

Beside that, Honda also provides accessories. Example, other than this little winglet here, you can buy a bigger carbon winglet to put here. There are also original carbon accessories such as carbon front fender. Or maybe, you can change this already cool rear fender with a smaller fender for this rear end There’s something unique at this rear end.

You can detach this small fin leaving only the fender bar, but, actually this fin has a function, to prevent water spills to your back. The rest…Are cool. There also tyre hugger, and double muffler design. But, it looks like you have to add something if you want to use paddock stand.

Because there is no hole in here. Talk about accomodation, this is obviously a sportbike, You cannot carry anything in the bike. Yes, there is only a tiny space under the rear seat. You can remove the rear seat using key from here.

Pull, and the seat is instantly removed. The space is so tiny. There is no space left below front seat, because there are electronic components. To remove front seat, you’ll have to loosen two bolts first, to open this red cover And then another two bolts to completely remove the front seat.

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Under the rear seat, probably you can only store tool kits or maybe cloth to keep the bike clean. There are questions about this leather strap, lets try…Install the rear seat again. If the rear seat is mounted with this strap outside, this is typical to big bikes, to move the bike onward or backward. It’s safer to move it onward or backward this way compared if you do it by grabbing this end.

Switching on this CBR250RR is still the same as other sportbike Still have to turn conventional ignition key. Nothing special about the key, no safety feature. One difference is, ignition switch is merged with cut-off switch. Compared to older CBR, this CBR250RR has leaner riding position.

For sure, because different handle bar position. Now, handle bar is underyoke. The result is, sportier riding position. Its much better to feel sportier sensation of this bike.

But, a bit weary for long distance riding. Moreover, heavy traffic in Jakarta makes faster sore as we have to brake often. Adding load to wrist, back and shoulder. Sporty suspension, feels really stiff at first time riding But later, its more suitable to say steady.

We can’t say comfortable, but, the 37 mm upside down fork can absorb shocks perfectly. Pro link suspension at rear is moderate not too hard, with the second softer adjustment position form the five position available. More fun, because the bike is slim Thus, it feels lighter. Even though the weight is roughly the same, still below 170 kgs.

Fuel tank design seems to have big influence, because it’s narrower at the back. Whereas, the size is not that small This metal tank with plastic moulding on top is able to carry 14.5 Litres of fuel. With this design, rider can tightly squeeze the tank and still have the freedom to change position for cornering. The lightness feel of the bike is also eases to slip into traffic.

Moreover, seat height is ideal for Indonesian average posture. Narrow tank also eases rider to step on the ground. As a sportbike, for sure has a lean forward riding position. This CBR250RR is nothing like before, Because the handle bar is put below the upper tripple clamp.

With this underyoke bar, riding position is more lean forward than other 250 cc bikes in Indonesia. As you can see here, my seating position is quite comfortable. Seat height is quite low. No big deal, as the bike feels light.

Many questions came to us, As I’m 185 cm, tall enough.. How’s for Indonesian average posture? Now, I wanna call one of our crews. His name is Angga Marsanto. Angga is 170 cm tall.

He’s also gonna try to sit on this CBR250RR. Well, this is Angga’s seating position. You’re 170 cm tall, right bro? His leg still bent a bit Probably, because of the narrow tank, feels nice to squeeze it. And then, how to you who are below 170 cm? We gonna call another OtoRider crew who’s approximately 160 cm high.

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Zikaa… How you doin’ Zika? Try to sit here, okay? Allright, Zika is 160 cm tall, It’s a little tiptoe for Zika But, she still have control of the bike. You know, Zika can also ride.. Wanna see? So, if you are 160 tall, Don’t worry, because Zika, you’re 160 cm tall right? She can still have good control of this bike.

With this double seater type, how’s the seating position for passenger. Lets try I’m gonna call Zika again.. Zika, let’s try the back seat.. So, this is typical to sportbike, passenger sits higher than rider.

This is what it looks like. So, if you are bringing your girlfriend along, or maybe your wife…Thats fine. But if you’re not that close enough…Beware… Now, how’s the performance? Turns out, this 2 cylinder engine is really strong The sound is screamy than older CBR250R.

Or even compared to other 250 cc engine in its class. At stationary, more bass from the double muffler On the opposite, it’s really screamy above 8,000 rpms. Moreover, redlines reach 14,000 rpm. Sweet! Not only sound tunefuel, the engine performance is also cool.

Measured with Racelogic Performance Box, we reach 0-100 kph only in 6.3 Secs. That, we use Sport+ Riding Mode. Then, with Sport and Comfort Riding Modes, engine charachter is less ferocious. Acceleration is smoother, especially in Comfort Mode.

Please refer to our test results Acceleration in Sport and Comfort feels a bit restrained. Example, acceleration 0-100 kph in Sport Mode is 7 secs then in Comfort Mode is slower, only 8.6 Secs. The bike is more fun to ride with sporty suspension. Showa upside down front forks and pro link rear provide excellent handling.

This bike is great for cornering. The IRC tyre 110/70-17 at front and 140/70-17 at rear provide enough grip to the road. For you who are familiar with 250 up bikes, will surely love the maximum power of this CBR250RR. Because engine potential is perfectly extracted at Sport+ Mode.

In our opinion, Sport Mode is enough for daily riding. Because the engine is not that twitchy. Thus, minimizing tireness. While for rainy condition or for you who are new to 250 cc bikes, we recommend Comfort Mode, because the engine is more gentle.

Surprisingly, fuel consumption is similar for the 3 Riding Modes. With the same eco riding style, we noted approx. 30-32 Km/litre. But, if we ride aggresively, fuel consumption can go as low as 23 km/litre.

Thus conclude our review of this All New CBR250RR. This bike is super cool! OK for daily rides, but, a bit weary for long distance riding. Don’t forget to click like if you like this video, also leave your comments, we love to hear from you. Thanks for watching OtoRider, hope this video is entertaining and also provide information about this new Honda sportbike.

Seeya next time!.

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