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Hello, welcome back to OtoRider Channel You must’ve been waiting for this bike Yes, this is the new Honda PCX 2018 It’s comming very fast to Indonesia Because it’s just recently launced in Tokyo Motor Show And now, here it is.. Honda announce that next year they will produce this PCX in Indonesia. With specific specs only for Indonesia. Let’s have a closer look.

With the appearance of the new PCX, older model is no longer available. The sales is stopped by last November. Took quite a while for Honda to prepare producing PCX in Indonesia At last, this premium scooter can be made by Indonesians. The direct effect is a more affordable price.

What’s the most interesting part? Firstly, it has new design Looks exaclty the same as PCX showcased at Tokyo Motor Show. Althoug Honda is not bringing the hybrid version, but the 150 cc engine option is still interesting. Pretty similar as the older version. But, this version has all round LED lights.

Either at the front or back, the lamps are beautiful. And the price is making it more interesting. Because, although there still no fixed price from Honda. But they only mention the approximate price range, from the two variants of this PCX.

There are the CBS dan ABS variants The two variants only differed by the braking system. As you know CBS is Combi Brake System. And  the ABS version has Antilock Braking System. The price is around Rp 27 Mio (USD1,988) for CBS version and around Rp 32 Mio (USD 2,356) for ABS version.

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So, what do you think? Interesting? Maybe, because this scooter is produced in Indonesia. This scooter’s specs is specific for Indonesia. Actually, at the same day, Thailand also introduce this scooter. Honda Thailand also unveil the same bike, but with different specification.

Honda says, FYI.. For Thailand, there is no license plate holder at the front. For Indonesia, maybe still not present in this scooter.. But there will be a license plate holder, maybe above the headlamp.

And another one spesific for Indonesian market, is rear disc brake. This is the difference from older model that uses drum brake. And also for Thailand, they say also use rear drum brake. For Indonesia, this scooter has rear disc brake.

But the system applied for this white coloured ABS variant is only one channel, that is only for front disc. To make it more interesting, it use wide tyres 100/80-14 front tyre. And 120/70-14 rear tyre. Wider compared to older PCX.

Not only has beautiful design, All new PCX also equipped with latest features. The most visible is this digital instrument cluster. Digital speedometer, along with fuel meter, odometer and MID. Accompanied by an array of indicator lamps.

Another feature is Smart Key System also known as keyless. We still haven’t receive enough info about this particular feature but the ignition switch seems similar to Honda SH 150i. The lamps are all LEDs. Not only the headlights, rear lights and turn sign lights ar also LED.

Then, inside the left glove box DC output is available for gadget charging This outlet has 12 watts capacity but you still have to provide car charger, because this is not USB port. Meanwhile, luggage compartment is quite spacious. It can accomodate one full face helmet plus extra stuff. Now, the footstep for passenger can be folder upward.

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Thus, when folded will blend with the body design. You can also find another features at the right handle bar. They are Idling Stop and Hazard Lamp. The engine of this All New PCX seems similar but if you notice, actually it has many differences.

The muffler may look different because it uses new cover. But, apparently, the CVT box is also different. Now, there is a rounded shape with Honda logo inside. Diferences also noticed by specification details.

Now, the displacement is 149,3 cc Smaller than before, 152,9 cc. It is because of different combustion chamber. The bore is now 57,3 mm, smaler than before, 58 mm. While the stroke is mantained 57,9 mm.

The full specification, with max power and torque is not yet published by Honda The performance impression can be pretty similar, but it can also be tottaly different if CVT is also changed. Premium scooters really are interesting subjects to discuss. Eespecially in this 150 cc class. Because, just a few days before the appearance of this PCX, its rival, NMax was being given new features although the design is still the same.

Don’t miss the fun and stay tune to www.Otorider.Com for news about motorcycles. This scooter is really interesting, right? Take a look, our fellow journalists are still curious about this scooter. Because, we can not try it yet. Maybe, we can call this as a soft launch.

Because there will be another ceremony. Maybe next year we can do test ride, or maybe first ride.. But, for now, this is all the info… And, if you really are waiting for this scooter, you can come to the nearest dealer to order one.

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