Bad News: These 25 Things Will Probably Kill You. Watch Out For #7… Every Single Day.

As humans, we have to accept that at some point, we will exit this mortal coil. Dying is a certainty. However, what isn’t certain is how we will die. Chances are, one of these 25 things on this list will kill you. The odds of you dying by dog bite, bee sting, flood or gunshot wound is a lot higher than you may initially think. After going through this list, you may just be inspired to stay indoors for the rest of your life (but you’ll still want to watch out for #7).

1.) Fireworks: About 10,000 people in the US are admitted into ERs due to firework-related injuries annually. Your chance of death is 1-in-615,488.

2.) Tsunami: It varies on your location, but your chance of death is 1-in-500,000.

3.) Asteroid: We THINK our chances of death are 1-in-500,000. It’s hard to be sure.

4.) Dogs: Your chance of being fatally mauled by a dog is 1-in-147,717.

5.) Fire: Many deaths caused by fire are actually due to smoke inhalation, but your chances of dying in a fire are 1-in-1,116.

6.) Guns: Generally, your chances of dying via a gunshot wound are 1-in-325.

7.) Stairs: Stairs are a leading cause of injury-related death among seniors. Your chance of death is 1-in-20.

8.) Suicide: Every 40 seconds, someone commits suicide. Your chance of death is 1-in-121.

9.) Car accident: Motor vehicle accidents kill about 50,000 Americans every year. Your chance of death is 1-in-100.

10.) Accidents: 30 million ER visits are because of “accidents.” Annual lives lost due to accidents are 100,000. Your chance of death is 1-in-36.

11.) Stroke: Your chance of death is 1-in-23.

12.) Drowning: According to the World Health Organization, drowning is the 3rd leading cause of unintentional death worldwide. Your chance of death is 1-in-8,942.

13.) Floods: Your chance of death is 1-in-30,000.

14.) Bees: You’re twice as likely to die of a bee sting than being attacked by a dog. Your chance of death is 1-in-100,000.

15.) Lightning: 250,000 people annually get struck by lightning. Your chance of death is 1-in-83,930.

16.) Airplanes: Don’t let the numbers fool you, this is safer than driving. Your chance of death is 1-in-20,000.

17.) Heart Disease: Many experts believe this is the leading cause of death in the WORLD. Your chance of death is 1-in-5.

18.) Electrocution: This claims approximately 1,000 lives in the US annually. (The statistic includes lightning strikes and capital punishment.) Your chance of death is 1-in-5,000.

19.) Tornadoes: Your chance of death is 1-in-60,000.

20.) Earthquakes: Your chance of death is 1-in-131,890

21.) Natural Forces: Your chance of death is 1-in-3,357.

22.) Bicycle Accidents: These fatal accidents usually involve a motor vehicle. Your chance of death is 1-in-4,717.

23.) Cancer: Your chance of death is 1-in-7.

24.) Electric Chair: Unless you live in China, North Korea, Yemen, Iran or the US, you can’t be legally executed. Be that as it may, your chance of death is 1-in-58,618.

25.) The Hayflick Limit: Even if you don’t die of disease or violent death, your cells could only divide a finite number of times anyway, known as the Hayflick Limit. The current maximum life span for a human is 125. Chances of death? 100%.

So there you have it, everything is probably going to kill you. It’s about time you start binge-watching Netflix and never planning on leaving the house. Via: Ebaumsworld Help out your loved ones by sharing this list. They need to know just how much danger they are (probably) in.

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