Carvana VS Dealerpinch

Carvana VS Dealerpinch

October 8, 2015

Lauren Rose

There has been tremendous strides made in the car buying experience. Now, you no longer need to be subjected to the negotiation process and dealing with a salesman who is just trying to make a buck. There have been several websites developed to provide you with a stress free car buying experience. Whether youre looking a a new or used car, there is a website out there for you!

If youre looking for a used car, Carvana is one of the websites here to do the legwork for you. Carvana promises buyers at least $1,500 in savings, delivery to your door, a seven day test drive and total transparency throughout the process. With Carvana, you simply save money because you arent going to the dealership. Dealerships have overhead and hidden costs and can add up very quickly. Once you pick out your car, Carvana either delivers your car directly to you, or you can choose to pick it up from their car vending machine. Your car will be in pristine condition – It goes through a 150 point inspection, cannot have any accidents on the Carfax report and is put through a thorough detail. Along with a seven day, no questions asked money back guarantee, you also get a 100 day/4,189 mile worry free guarantee. Carvana has a customer satisfaction oriented sales model AND they also provide transparency through the entire process. One of the most irritating parts of the car buying process is the feeling that youre getting jerked around and Carvana has helped resolve that issue.

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In comparison, if you want to buy a new car, DealerPinch has created a customer friendly, stress free buying process. Simply pick out your car and name your price. You anonymously submit your bid to all of the dealers in the DealerPinch network and you let them go to work for you. You receive a response within hours, either accepting or countering your offer. All negotiating takes place from the comfort of your own home without a salesman. Once the dealership accepts your offer, you schedule your pick-up within 48 hours. The best part? You dont have to worry about a possible bait and switch. Your car and your price are guaranteed once your deal is accepted. When you arrive at the dealership, you get to bypass the vulture-like salesman and go straight to the finance office to sign the dotted line. It is guaranteed to be the quickest and most enjoyable new car buying experience that you will ever have!

With all of that to keep in mind, you can rest assured that your next car buying experience does not have to be a miserable one. Whether you want a new or a used car, there are websites like Carvana and DealerPinch that are here to cater to your needs and make your next car buying experience a great one!


DealerPinch is a service committed to making your next new car buying/leasing experience as simple and enjoyable as possible, from the comfort of your own home or office. Use our unique process to make a smart offer while protecting your identity and your credit with TransUnion and ACRAnet. We eliminate the stress of negotiating with a salesperson at a car lot and provide you with comprehensive data and reviews to help you make an educated decision. Simply pick your car and options, make an offer, and let our dealership network take care of the rest!

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