Automotive Blog – DUELBMW C650 GT 2013 vs SUZUKI BURGMAN 650 Executive

Automotive Blog – DUELBMW C650 GT 2013 vs SUZUKI BURGMAN 650 Executive

Hello Benoit, we are here today to compare the new Burgman 650 against the BMW C650GT. Both are GT scooters with an urban orientation. So to start, the Burgman 650 has been in the French market for more than 10 years where it has sold roughly 10 000 units. It has a aesthetic kinda similar to the older model.

Because, from the front view, there is barely any differences. But, the rear has totally changed. It is sharper and appears more compact than the BMW. In fact, the BMW is quiet massive compare to the Burgman which looks lower The BMW has a seat height of 790mm (31in) against 750mm (29.5In) on the Burgman.

So we do have a notable difference. Testing the Burgman, we are indeed a bit disappointed. Well the dashboard has been changed but there is nothing exceptional. It does conserves the electric mirror that can be shut when line splitting.

On this executive model, we have heated grip also equipped with an pillion back-rest. But it does not have the technologies and the extras expected for a vehicle after 10 years. The consumers probably wanted more than some aesthetic changes. On the BMW, we have a real onboard computer which has a detailed display and handlebar controls.

Like the Burgman, the BMW has an electric windshield and in term of wind protection, the BMW. Is not bad. Legs are less protected but the upper body and the chest are well guarded. Plus the windshield does not disturb nor move around.

So what you think about it ? Yeah, I was a bit disappointed by the windshield’s protection of the Burgman I find it a bit small, but the general protection is good. The parking brake has been moved from the dashboard to the side of the seat. For the BMW, the brake is linked to the side stand and will deploy automatically when we put the stand on. However, the only inconvenience is that you can’t heat up the engine on the side stand, you have to use the center stand instead.

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Now, perhaps we should check out their trunks. On the Burgman, it is still a large one we can fit 2 full face helmets without problems. But, it has a bit less storage now. On the BMW, It is also very spacious.

That said, we have to find the right angle to fit the helmets. But we do have the space. It may have a bit less storage than the Burgman. In fact, the BMW.

Only got 2 lateral storages made in some weird plastic. Especially the fuel door, it is fragile easily cracked opened and exposes on a unlocked cap. The Burgman has a easier approach, it opens on a lockable fuel cap. -Good, Shall we have a ride.

-Ok, let’s go. All right, we are on the BMW C650GT. The road oriented scooter from BMW. With its excellent handling for urban and low speed travels.

Even with its obvious point of balance. We still have to deal with its, somewhat rough, engine. But we have a driveability that is … Very…

Surprising for a scooter engine with a lot of vibrations an explosive character when we pump up the rpm nears 4000 tours/min. But when accelerated from a stop. At that moment, wit can makes the rear skids. Especially in a roundabout or on a slippery surface.

Fortunately, we do have a system that cut off the engine to simulate a traction control. On board, we are comfortable with a nice seat helped by it’s back-rest providing support. We gonna slowly accelerate. Also, rising the windshield to its maximum position.

It rises slowly. We arrives… At the roundabout and stops. And Voil.

It does not flinch; it absorbs. We restarts with in mind, the character of the 650cc engine around the 4000 rpm marks. So now we are on the 2013 model of the Burgman 650 We immediately find out the what makes this Suzuki is so successful. We don’t fell its weight, and despite its size, still a very agile ride which is very efficient in urban transit with its folding mirrors which Suzuki has kept.

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The engine is very smooth. We do notice, however, a slight decrease of vitality compared to the old model. Probably to decrease fuel consumption Suzuki decided to make a vehicle with a less hungry throttle, so when we go full on, there is an annoying lag around 4000 rpm. But, there is a power function which slightly increase the rpm cap to provide additional power.

Like before, the breaking power is very good. This Executive version is equipped with an ABS. Also, it has kept the same manual speed control. An artifice, more or less a gadget which isn’t that useful Let’s conclude with the comfort.

It is indeed a very enjoyable and comfy vehicle. Described as the Pullman of scooters by many And we can even adjust the windshield at the level that we desire. It is just a little short to provide a real protection at helmet level. We are well sited with the backrest.

Just lay back and your are in business. A review is also about the passengers Benoit, you were the guinea pig this time. So how were the pillion seats So, personally, I preferred the Burgman’s, because of the pillion backrest on this executive version on which we can lay back comfortably. The seat is very large, soft and flexible.

The handles are also well placed, easy to grab and not too far. And also my feet were comfortable not overly apart. We are really cozy, and feels no problem for driving kilometers or around town. While on the BMW, things are different.

It has a sportive definition with foot plates that are made taller and sightly more apart. The seat is not bad, but it’s tilted to the back and so hard to stick close to the driver and we don’t have backrest as standard. But we do have handles that are nice and comfy however, they are slightly toward the back with is a little less convenient than the Suzuki. I’d like to add that the presence of a pillion is more noticeable on the Burgman than on the BMW.

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Ah, a cool trick is, both of them, (standard on Burgman) have the heated seat for driver and passenger. On the BMW, we also have a heated seat but with 2 separated controls. The driver has his on the handlebars the passenger uses a switch on his side. Ok Benoit, time for the results.

So for me… Personally, I really liked the Burgman for urban uses but all in all, these scooters have their own purpose. I found the BMW excellent on freeways coarse and masculine. They both have the same price, the same weight, a bit more power on the BMW but nothing really obvious.

However, the concept and use are totally different Indeed, we really have 2 different worlds. I’m gonna put the Burgman in the world of sedans and GTs with its Pullman comfort that might as well called Burgman now. And the GT from BMW is more sporty in its soul, but the engine is not as fun as the Burgman and we can’t hide it. It’s a choice based on comfort and style.

Even with the same configuration, we do have 2 scooters that are extremely different. Generally speaking, the BMW is very nice. The Burgman, is for traveling… Hardcore traveling.

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