Finding The Right Car

Finding The Right Car

Whether a first time buyer or investing for the second or third time, nothing quite beats the feeling of buying a new car. From the commute to work to running the countless errands that arise on the weekend; a car is a handy investment and can make life easier for many of us.

When first starting out on the road, many drivers are likely to purchase a second hand car. Inexperience and nerves can heighten the risk of bumps, scrapes and accidents and purchasing a second hand car can ensure that if nothing else, you arent left crying your eyes out over the repair bills you face! A year or two down the line however with inexperience now not so much of an issue and confidence improved drivers soon enough start to consider upgrading their vehicle.

If you find yourself ready to show off the experience you have gained or are finally ready to buy something a little better after many months of saving up; rewarding yourself with a new car is a fantastic feeling. Finding the right car however does in fact take some time and quite a lot of know how!

From mileage to engine quality and the driving capability of the vehicle; whether buying directly from a dealer or a local garage, below are a few points to consider in order to ensure then what you do buy, is the best for you…

What does the price include?

You might have come across what looks like a fantastic deal but are you aware of exactly what you are getting for the price? Before making any purchase speak to the dealer and discuss what the cost covers; from MOT to road tax to any delivery charges and even your number plate- ensure you know exactly what you are getting for your money or before you know it you could be spending even more than you had hoped for.

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Do your research

Buying a car is far from cheap which is why it is important to ensure that you have done some extensive research beforehand. From deciding what make and model will work for you best to looking at the best deals around and even reading reviews off dealerships and garages to be sure of the quality of customer service and satisfaction, knowing as much as possible will help to keep you protected and ensure that you make the best and most informed decision.

Resale Value

It is very rare for anyone to keep one car for the rest of their lives which is why, when it is time to purchase a new vehicle it may be worth considering the resale value. Does your chosen vehicle depreciate vastly? Whether you are going to sell on your car or exchange it, knowing what it may potentially be worth in a few years time is a great way to determine whether you are making the right choice. Certain brands and models are known to depreciate painfully including the likes of the BMW 7 Series and the Lexus RX to name but a few whilst others are known to remain incredible value. Do your homework in order to ensure that you dont lose out in the long run!

Are you about to buy a new car? Be careful and know exactly what to look for to ensure you make the best investment and arent left with an unreliable model that might cost you more in the long run!

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