Ford F-250 Super Duty 2017 Review

Ford F-250 Super Duty 2017 Review

Over 3,000 pounds payload, more than 17,000
pounds towing, a Diesel engine putting out an insane 900+ pound feet of torque and a
price tag over $65,000…Well those are just numbers. But it's what you can get done with
the all-new Ford F-250 Super Duty that'll have truck lovers most impressed. Climbing the ladder of Ford Super Duty trucks
begins at the lowest rung with the F-250 XL. Priced from around $33,000 and plateaus at
the F-450 Platinum with a starting MSRP closing in on $80 grand.

Regular, Super or Crew cab,
various box lengths, 2- or 4-wheel drive, and a gas or diesel engine are the beginning
foundations for building your dream rig. So here I am with an F-250 Platinum Crew Cab
with a bed measuring six and three-quarters feet and powered by the optional 6.7-Liter
Power Stroke Diesel engine and TorqShift 6-speed automatic transmission. A  ton truck like
this practically demands a brawny diesel, but the standard 6.2-Liter gas V8 can get
a lot of chores done, as well. This Ford-designed and built compression-ignition motor was reengineered
for the 2015 Super Duty when it gained a larger turbo, sitting between the engines cylinder
banks in this unique reverse-flow layout.

For 2017, Ford has tuned it for even more
output, cranking the torque from 860 pound-feet to a whopping 925 while maintaining its 440
horsepower. In its first-ever major redesign, the Super Duty rides atop an all-new, fully
boxed frame that is more than 95% high-strength steel and up to 24 times stiffer than the
previous frame. And then, following the lead of the F-150 is its new aluminum-alloy body,
providing engineers with more leeway to fortify other components while also reducing overall
weight by up to 350 pounds. The result is an enormous and highly capable truck that
drives with much of the simplicity, comfort and refinement found in a Taurus.

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The engine
and cabin are so quiet that theyll have you forgetting theres a mighty diesel under
the hood. Fed by a 34 gallon tank and returning about 14mpg, this F-250 4X4 can jump when
pushed, unleashing a low end grunt on par with the power of more than 2 Mustang GTs.
The adaptive steering makes cranking the wheel easier at low speeds and when off-roading
the 4-wheel drive has 2-wheel, 4-high and 4-low settings along with a locking rear differential.
The powertrain is as smooth as this Brunello Leather, guaranteed to alter your opinion
about the characteristics of a big diesel truck. Not unlike the Winnebago I tested, this F-250
is rife with switchgear so edifying yourself about its numerous features is imperative
to getting the most of ownership. This truck is focused on making towing safer and more
confident with a bevy of technologies including a high-def camera system delivering a 360-degree
birds eye view, Trailer Reverse Guidance providing visual cues and tips to help ease
backing up a trailer, a segment-first in-cab trailer tire pressure monitor and a blind
spot information system optimized for Super Duty to include the length of a trailer up
to 33 long.

A multitude of configurable electronic options, a selectable engine brake
with automatic mode and trailer sway control fortify Fords obsession with making this
truck the towing king, whether its a conventional trailer, gooseneck or 5th wheel. What is does
not have however is the F-150s Pro Trailer Backup Assist which makes backing up a trailer
as easy as turning a ****. The Super Duty is tall, so having a tailgate
step is a welcome addition, providing a lift into the cargo box replete with a Spray-in
Bedliner, LED lighting and other clever features such as the configurable BoxLink securing
system. So its work resume is strong and the thought
put into its smart features is evident.

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But I assume the guy buying this Platinum model
is using it for more than just driving to the worksite. This is undoubtedly a luxury
rig, blessed with high tech features to make both work and family life easier. This engine
is amazing with its combination of power and refinement and the ride quality on uniform
surfaces is spectacular. It's big alright but manageable even for everyday use…If
you have such lofty needs.

This cabin is luxury grade with executive
sedan features such as heated and cooled massaging front seats, SYNC 3 infotainment, switchable
ambient lighting and rear seats with more leg room than a German limo. Who needs all
of that in a Super Duty you ask? Well, Ford says its high series trucks like this Platinum
model account for 71% of sales as customers crave high-tech, luxury features. So enjoy
your panoramic roof, inflatable rear seatbelts, heated rear seats, remote start and brilliant,
signature LED lighting  these trucks are pulling double duty these days and Ford positions
the Platinum model as an all-in-one kind of vehicleas long as your driveway can accommodate
its size. The only bummer is that my testers 2 USB ports dont work thus leaving me without
Apple CarPlay and the heated steering wheel doesnt go either.

And with an as-tested
price of nearly $76,000 I would hope Ford dealers would step up their service game  when
I took this truck to my 2 locals for the aforementioned issues I was far from impressed with their
treatment. Big boy price tags require more polish from store personal. The new Super
Duty not only looks super cool but is super smart with everything a big truck owner could

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