Ford GT Claims GTE Pro VictoryLe MansFord Performance

Ford GT Claims GTE Pro VictoryLe MansFord Performance

Le Mans is Le Mans, its the Super Bowl of sports car racing. Feels extra special to be part of this Ford return. Everybody's raring to go. You try, you want to win and you do your best and see what the outcome is.

50 Years on from the 1-2-3 finish in 66 and were back for another crack. A lot of teams the first year here just try to finish the race. Well we show up at the race track every day to win. Ultimately wed like to win with one of these four Fords we have here.

The Vingt Quatre du Mans will start behind the safety car. I'm trying to remember the last time we had a start that was this wet. Tricolor is going to be waved by Brad Pitt as we watch the 67 Ford going into the garage. Thats not a good sign.

We are racing. The 84th running of the 24 Hours of Le Mans is underway. First couple laps are under safety car conditions just due to the heavy rain. I think the weather fronts going be cleared out here shortly and then we should actually go racing.

The Ford still in the pits and so now theyre going to form up at the end of the pit lane and join the back of the crocodiles. We had the problem at the start with the 67 car with the shifter so its a couple laps down right now, but you know, its early so well run that on a different strategy. It looks like were probably getting close to the race start. The rain has stopped.

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I wouldnt be surprised if the next time around we go racing. Officially the first racing lap of the 84th running of the Le Mans 24 Hours and we are racing. It is go. 69 Ford is running second right now with Westbrook behind the wheel.

The lap times are good. Theyre probably the fastest cars on track right now. Conditions are still pretty tricky. Still a bit wet off-lines.

Lots of focus at the moment. So far its rained, its dried out and here at the 68 car were about 20 seconds back from the leader which is our team car the 69. I was leading the whole race in the beginning like after the safety car. Thats why we decided to do one more lap to be safe.

In that moment we lost a little bit of time because we came in too late on our rear tire but, the pace was super quick. I love the car. Let's go after them. The number 82 Ferrari, Matteo Malucelli is going to lose the lead.

Seven hours in and performance is really good. Were first, second and fourth. Everything is running pretty well right now. People are all excited and we seem to be doing well at this stage of the race.

I would only suggest to everyone that we have a long way to go. Well right now its Ford and Ferrari but of course that could all change at a moment. So right now Im just focused on getting through the race. This is the leading Ford in GTE Pro, Dirk Muller.

Toni Vilander is in second place, hes 16  seconds between them. The night in Le Mans is really interesting. The drivers are now into a rhythm and we have to make sure they stay in that rhythm. We look good.

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The Ferraris have been up there. The Astons have been up there. Anything can happen here. Its going to be a long night.

They got really backed up in a safety car procedure a couple of hours ago. We lost two minutes and the lead with it. Were battling through right now trying to make it back out on track. We had the number lights go out on the 66 car, had to stop twice to do that.

The 69 car just got caught with safety cars. (Radio) Information to the pit lane, drive thru penalty on car 68 for having the engine running during the refueling. We just had a steering wheel problem on the 68 car and we couldnt shut down the engine during a pit stop You know, we have more than 6 hours to go. Were running second, third and fifth but we still have a lot of time to make it up.

The Ford GT and a Ferrari, battling it out for the victory in the GT class and there is nothing to choose between them. Its just like good old times isnt it? Here we go. Here comes the pass. He goes to the outside.

We were able to catch him and finally pass him. Well try to stay out in front of him right now. Theres three seconds between them. Itll be a dog fight to the end.

Youre definitely going to take more risks to try and win this race, because if you ask me who finished second last year I have no idea. It's just a spin I hope. That is the racing competition Ferrari. Same place as Kobayashi.

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That gives Ford the upper hand. Now that the Ferraris made that little spin, and given us a little breather. Im sure the 69 is on him to try and bring in a 1-2. 34 Minutes to go, and were running one, three and four.

I think were about a minute ahead. We just need to keep putting in some good laps, and we'll be in good shape. Any mistake throws the whole thing away. Its very nerve wrecking.

When we approved this program we did it to come race here at Le Mans. I think we proved it was the right decision. This is as good as it gets. The reason the car was created was to win this race 50 years after the infamous 1-2-3, and we did it.

I think the pictures talk for themselves. Many emotions rushing through, and such an honor and a proud moment to be associated to that awesome program and to represent Ford. I feel great! I feel like we did what we came here to do. We did it for our employees and our families and everybody who loves sport.

I hope they are proud of us. The cars a success. The whole operation is a success. The Ford GT is a success.

We are One Ford and we accomplished that goal and we won. Its just amazing. Well Im going to go up to the victory stand now and collect the trophy, and after that well probably have one **** of a party. Congratulations to all the teams a Le Mans 2016.

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