Ford Ka DIY convertible

Ford Ka DIY convertible

Another Ka! They're falling from the sky Right on the trailer! Indeed, I was driving underneath it, it fell; BANG, another Ka This one's a bit damaged It suffered a little Since the roof has been damaged and the weather is this good.. We should get rid of that roof and an operational clutch! Also! Wait, stop! Let's put important things in safety first! Indeed, we don't want to spill that Our cold water.. Since we don't have a fridge anymore The beer has morphed into a dog! That's a bad morph.. I preferred the beer, better it was the other way around Nice car..

Just another Ka It is a bit damaged.. Shall we upgrade it? I think so! Just like real! You can't tell the difference with real rims those hub caps Cool! A Ka with 5 wheel nuts It's possible those will sit there for 200 meters Hey.. For the spare tire? The other side! Oh yes, there's one missing It's looking like that other Ka It had also something like that It had also this color and the same logo So, now it's fast! That makes a difference of 30/40 hp For sure! Chip tuning is nothing compared with this With those flames it's like it's on fire, just like real! Just like real.. That car also had flames like this That's what happens if you have flames on your car You didn't get prettier Slobbering..

He's so excited about this car.. Yeah… Who isn't Look at that.. Those flames, that logo Yeah dude! Do you think you're cool with your Ferarri? We have a Ford Ka with flames Understood? Now that is material! And fast hub caps! But in the meantime nothing is happening and it still has a roof..

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Indeed! Lesson 1 building a convertible; you make those like this That's pretty quick now you have the sun on your head.. Maybe we shouldn't do it Let's put it back on Nice It's looking aerodynamic, it looks like a sportscar The tail lights are gone to.. And the trunk hatch Clears away nice Good That's done quick as you can see Ow..One little thing It's working and it's recording too It ripped off so straight It looks like it's cut Indeed! It's so sharp, but it went off with such a speed Another convertible! Ow.. Now we have 2 convertibles Then we should remove that as well I never expect that to happen..

Time for a test drive! We have to celebrate this! There we are again Now, so long for our styling.. Ow no.. We lost a hub cap! Hey folks! Thanks for watching, if you liked this video, give us a thumbs up See you next time!.

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