Ford Ka extreme make-over!

Ford Ka extreme make-over!

Hey folks! Great you're watching again! Behind me we have our great convertible But yeah… The Netherlands is not really a country for convertibles You see; ****** weather! So.. Yeah.. It's not finished yet..

There should be another seat But the fuel tank is there now We're curious how it handles I think it's a lot faster now I mean with all that rubbish we took from it.. That pile overthere and overthere.. And we only have one wheel left I have some doubts about the suspension.. It's broken..

An electrical failure, the fuel pump doesn't run anymore I've checked what it could be At first I suspected this one That's an emergency switch which disengages when you have an accident But that isn't the issue It's still engaged But we've placed our fuel tank overhere And that one pressed on the cable And unhooked the connector I could just put it back.. But that wouldn't solve this completely I'm going to cut this, solder it together, put some tape around and then it's solved for good and deflate the tire a bit and see how it drives then Let's increase the comfort That's better Well.. The suspension isn't everything.. Ideal! This saves a lot of space in my garage! I can say about this upgrade; This Ford Ka became a lot more uncomfortable Better don't drive when it's raining But you shouldn't have anyway, the roof was gone earlier The roadability..

Yeah, that's doubtfull But it's a lot better than a regular Ford Ka On appearance  this one scores 5 stars on 5 I hear you think; this upgrade downsizes the trunk capacity I disagree; look Maximal loading capacity! But you have to leave it home If you have a good name for this vehicle; put it in a comment and I will name it like that Next time we will test it tough, this was just a short drive So; keep watching and till next time!.

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