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Ford Mustang

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Welcome to Motomobi Channel This Is One of America's car Most popular and loved by American This is Ford Mustang Eco Boost And This is not just any kind of Mustang This is a convertible Mustang This is not your ordinary Mustang Despite the looks of Muscle Car, this doesn't come up with Muscle Car Signature engine, which is V8 This is 4 Cylinders but With Turbo We Like Turbo We receive news that this 4 cylinders is top selling in America
*it's Strange right ? Contrary for V8 5000 c version which being sold more in Europe The world became strange enough, since muscle car known for their V8 in USA. Perhaps it's an imminent signs of the apocalypse The Car is Sharp-Looking. Like A Symbol for American Mustang have long and deep history that leave some trace behind in some parts From Grill, Front Lamp and back lamp with three stripes, is just like signature of classic Mustang With it's own silhouette due to it's long "muzzle" The origin of Mustang name came from Fighter Aircraft, P51 Mustang Mustang's name symbolize like a horse in Cowboy Era that run free That's why Mustang logo is A Running-horse
*Since Standing Horse already used 🙂 This is a Mustang History Ford Mustang Fastback 1966 We never bored looking at this car.

It makes other car look dull This is a legend car and we reviewing it ! This car already been to restoration phases to maintain it's originality. Ready to use We can't comment much about the exterior since it's …..
Makes us speechless The brand new mustang doesn't look alike to one another since using different accessories This one have Air Scoop right at above air filter. So the engine could breath easliy To Meet the requirement of 4-barrel Radiator we mix it with gasoline Then we fill the fuel to 5000 CC that divided to 8 parts That V-shape.
In short, It's A V8 5000 CC. The engine attached to 3-speed Gearbox which Semi-Automatic Yes, it's only 3 speed.

Maybe 3 speed is enough already And this is the most beautiful gas cap we ever seen Characteristic of American car in that era is using frame less door *The frame attached to glass,
so it's not fully "Frame less" Red Interior. Original Seats without headrest. Back then headrest serve no purpose The reason might be people back then have stronger neck than nowadays Neck made of concrete There's no Seatbelt. The People in that era seems more mightier We Love the V8 Sounds.
Like a music to my ear Make us don't want to hear the audio.

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The sound of engine and exhaust is already enjoyable enough Then we do a test drive Already predicted that this car compared to modern cars is ….. Not comfy, and we were right But it must be good enough compared with the car in that era The suspension is hard. Since the steer restoration is done nicely, it doesn't feel like old car The brake have strong grip, since already using servo It doesn't soundproofed enough from the outside.
Compared with car in this era We don't quite care with how the car feels like, but we more concern with how proud feels like using this car So Proud driving legendary car Like we mention before, this have 3-speed gearbox which not full automatic So still shifting gears without clutch, and surprisingly fast when shifting American's signature torque in lower RPM is so delightful Even with 3 speed, at any gear we can still feel the torque combined with it's own sound We don't try the higher RPM because we being watched by the owner of this car 🙂 Then we try the backseat There's no legroom and headroom If you still small enough, guaranteed that you can fit in nicely Overall, we like this car. We don't care with discomfort and lack of space Please stop this video and give us a thumbs up.
Subscribe if you didn't yet Then 2nd Generation come in 1973 In this generation, Mustang became Smaller.

Ford want this car to be more efficient than previous one Because in 1973 there's an oil crisis that causing earth oil/crude oil rising in price from 3$ to 12$ per barrel Available in 5000 CC V8 and 2800 CC V6 And there's also 2300 CC 4-cylinders, because of Oil Crisis This car have same platform & design with Ford Pinto In 2nd Generation only available in Coupe and hatchback Mustang Hatchback *Weird Then the 3rd generation introduced in 1978 Design we detest the most in all Mustang There's so many option for the engine Inline 4 2300 CC with turbo and non turbo We Like Turbo Inline 6 and also available in V6 Even it doesn't look like much, this is still a Mustang. Also available in V8 The 3rd gen using Ford's Fox Platform, which commonly used in Ford There's 3 variant, which is coupe, convertible, and hatchback The Design doesn't changed until 1993 In 1993 introduced to 4th generation The Design is much better than the previous one. Only available in Coupe & Convertible Available with many engine capacity options,
but only for V6 & V8 That's why the next generation become more impressive This is Mustang 5th Generation The Design is more retro, aim to be more like the legendary ancestors We like this Mustang Design What we don't like from this is front windshield which feels small from the inside, just like looking entire interior of dashboard Available in Coupe & Convertible. Engine with V6 & V8 Variant The most Muscle-est car in this era is GT 500 the 6th Gen Mustang launched in 2013 in America Available in Fastback & Convertible Inline-four engine with V6 & V8 variant V8 come with Coyote and Voodoo in GT 350, with 526 HP.

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For This Red one, the engine is Eco boost with 2300 CC and 310 HP. With Torque of 434 newton meter in 3000 RPM. The Power is bigger than the V6 And of course, it's more fuel-efficient since it's lower CC. This due to it's Turbo We Like Turbo The Engine attached to gearbox with 6 speed and automatic Entering this car feels like …….

Very Mustang. It's so sporty But as a whole, the quality quite not good enough. There's several parts using hard plastic There is a tailoring-looking parts which it isn't Well at least this is not a plastic mold, but rubber mold We like these particular switch, have a classic look, just like racing car for entertainment side is complete enough Ground speed is written In Instrument cluster, just like an aircraft Just add a airspeed Gauge, and voila
it's An Aircraft We like the middle multi-information display That Can Be Customized in Steer Button and also can become Boost Meter Then We try the backseat. This is clearly not for size like Om Mobi Seems more suitable for Child To access the backseat, the front seat need to be folded, but the lever only enforcing the backrest.

Seatbelt position also need to be placed where it belong, so make it easier for front passenger when using it Opening the trunk just like a secret button, which located under the bumper The trunk is very spacious for a convertible sports car There's also extra space on the trunk's roof We eager to drive this car. But First, let us open the roof so we can feel the wind blows So proud to drive the pride of American's car First impressions feels … Empty American sports car that feel oversize and can't feel the V8 sounds But the engine have more than 300 HP which is not shameful 0-100 km/h achieved in 5.8 Second It's Fast Enough But we feel how "flat" the power is above 4000 RPM. No matter what, this is just 4 Cylinders Engine, that used in big cars The suspension is a little bit stiff, typical sports car But this Ford Mustang is improving it's suspension with fully-independent suspension * It's not a technology, but previous one don't even use fully-Independent But the handling not like typical American car, which better at cornering rather than straight road Turning is so stable, the brake is sufficient enough This Mustang from Price point is quite expensive Compared to Europe car with the same price Can get more faster & splendid cars But This one Is Different.
This is A Mustang Overall, we supposed to don't like this car Too Expensive compared to what we get With 1/2 Engine, Which A Mustang Supposed to have a V8, not a Four-Cylinders The Design and title of it, Mustang, makes us like this car Ford Mustang We hope that local Distributor of Ford will import this car, either Fastback and convertible This All My Personal Opinion.

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