Ford Performance Time TrialsFord Performance

Ford Performance Time TrialsFord Performance

8 Performance Vehicles 8 staggered start times 1 lap This is going to be so much fun We've got all eight Ford Performance vehicles here, and it's going to be crazy. Let's start this race guys! Here we go, start of the lap. Hopefully I can say out in front the whole way around. No one is going to catch me! My goal is definitely beating the Raptor here.

Amazing! We're off! We've got Rik behind us in the RS. Good start. The car's pulling mega. Let's see what we can do! About to go here.

Saddle up! I'm going to go catch these guys now. Here we go! This car is unbelievable. This is a race I definitely want to win, I can tell you. Wow! Look at that! Accelerating hard into turn one.

Get into the apex and get on the power. There is a lot of horsepower in this Raptor! It's so awesome. It really comes off the corners nicely. Nice and smooth turn in.

Oh yeah! A little help from traction control here. Use a bit of exit curve … Turn her in…. This baby, she's so nimble! Unbelievable that this is a road car.

It's got a lovely controlled grip. Woah! Nearly lost it. I think this car is better than I am. The torque is amazing.

From fourth down to second gear again, big on power. Behind me I can see the GT350. This thing just sticks like glue. If you don't like that, you don't like cool cars! Here we go.

Flat out on the straight line. Let's try to catch the others. 119 Miles an hour. Oh, yeah, hey they come.

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Here we go. This is getting dicey here. I can see the race car coming. Second gear, First gear.

On the power! Woo! Catching up now. Getting closer! I've got two Mustangs behind me, and the Ford GT! Oh look at this race! It's on. I don't know if I'm going to make this. Come on, baby! Give me all you've got! Sorry! And I'm through! Yes!.

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