He Knocked A Bottle Of Water Against His Car And It Froze Instantly. Here’s Why.

Now that we’re stuck in the dead of winter and the cold is deep in your bones, it can be hard to find joy in the freezing temperatures.

Luckily, science is here to save you! Whether you’ve got kids or you’re just into some DIY experiments, there’s something super cool you can do to take advantage of the cold while we have it. All you need is a plastic bottle of water and some time. Here’s how it works.

John M. Hoyt left a regular bottle of water on the front seat of his car all night long. Its was 24 degrees Farenheit that night, which made the water “supercooled,” or still liquid but below the freezing point.

By tapping the supercooled bottled against the car, the water inside instantly froze and became slush. Amazing!

You can watch him perform the whole experiment in the video below.

Youtube / John M. Hoyt

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Youtube / Sick Science!

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