He Was On A Sidewalk With His Son For A Disgusting Reason That Got Him Arrested

I think most parents would agree that they’d sell everything to help their child, but how about the other way around?

We’d all like to believe that nobody would ever think about making their kids victims of human trafficking, but unfortunately, it happens every day. Two to four million people are bought and sold every year, and half of them are thought to be children. A five-month-old baby in China recently came close to joining these numbers, and his father was completely responsible.

On January 12, a man with the surname Zhang was arrested in Linyi while he was waiting to meet a stranger who had agreed over the internet to purchase his infant. After officers saw him and took him to a police station for questioning, he admitted that he was going to use the money to buy his wife a car.

He said that his wife wouldn’t agree to a divorce unless he got her a new vehicle, so he decided to try to make money off of his innocent baby boy.

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He was fortunately spotted in time and detained, but others aren’t so lucky. Please share this story to raise awareness about the worldwide issue of human trafficking.

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