Automotive Blog – Honda Hornet 160R Vs Suzuki Gixxer SF Vs Bajaj Pulsar AS150

Automotive Blog – Honda Hornet 160R Vs Suzuki Gixxer SF Vs Bajaj Pulsar AS150

So we’ve been riding the 3 bikes all
morning and we’ve come to the following conclusion which I will now
describe to you, let’s start with Pulsar because i think
that’s the weakest link in this comparison: So, I call it a the weakest link
but it does have its advantages let’s first look at it’s advantages. The
bike is very smooth the engine is very smooth, power delivery
is very smooth, Pulsars have always had that rough
power delivery which was enjoyable to some but it has changed completely with
the new generations’ AS 150. It’s actually so smooth that I
sometimes feel that it is like it could have been having a little bit more grunt
but talking about grunt a top end power is very good on this bike, really a nice package but loses out
on some aspects because it is comfortable; the wind production is nice because of
the large windshield which you can see, the raised clip-on handlebars as you
can see on the bike, they make your stay on the bike really
comfortable the seat’s nice but I feel it’s like a little bit too plush for a
motorcycle. Maybe a lot of people in India do like
that because it’s a commuter.

It’s supposed to give you a great performance in city and as I’ve said in the my review before, that it’s a nice bike to
hang out on the highway because of the wind protection the high-end power like the
top and is pretty strong it goes up to 130 km/h that’s speedo indicated by the
way so when you’re looking at the Pulsar
there’s like what doesn’t gel with me is like I’m sitting on top of the bike
I’m not getting into the bike.. I’m not really feeling connected with
the bike in the corners… The tires are slim you know they’re
really slim and what that does is it gives the bike less front end stability.
The rear tire is also thinner than the most of the, I mean the comparison bikes here. The two other bike the Hornet and the Gixxer, so what that does is it it starts
with a very nice bike chasis is ok I I don’t like the height
of the handlebars I find them a little bit too much up so i’m not a fan of the
ergonomics, could have reduced to comfort a little bit to have a little bit more
handling precision but it loses out on the tires brakes are somewhat ok these
are by brake calipers lot of feedback from them progressive but not that much in the
bite department.

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Still I’d say it’s good for a commuter bike what I just didn’t like
was that the handling initially liked it but when I rode the other bikes they’re
completely overshadowing it. So we’re moving to the new kid
on the block; the Honda Hornet 160R. Amazing brakes
on this, definitely beats the other 2 by a long margin because this bike has the CBS that means if you
use the front brake only the front brake will be activated but
if you use a rare break part of the front is automatically activated it’s
not a ABS but it’s it’s a good feature a safety feature especially for new
riders but even if you leave the ABS apart or the CBS apart it’s got the best brakes because the
only bike in this comparison to have rear disc brakes and it’s a big rear disc
at the rear end of the bike.. Nissin calipers, doing an extremely good
job and I’m really happy with the 276 MM.

I think it has 276 mm discs
up front and the performance of the break is absolutely stunning. I mean even
the gixxer owner, we have taken of feedback from all of the riders today
and what I find is on the braking department Hornet is a clear winner and
it’s a clear winner by a mile. Comparison of the 3 powers the
power comparison. Hornet’s doing about up to 100 km/h very fast and the
power is not that much there up to the 5000 RPM then it goes pretty strongly and it
reaches 100 km/h speed then it kind of starts fading out.

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Top speed is around 120 km/h per hour this is doing 130 that is doing 130 and
we’ve done a side-by-side testing that’s just not keeping up in the top speed, wouldn’t be
much of a problem because if you are cruising around a 100 km/h speed excellent bike to do that on. This bike
again excellent on the cruising… So when cruising is coming
forward there’s not much to choose between the 3 bikes. I’d say all the 3 bikes are evenly
matched these 2 have better aerodynamics…

So I’m going to give it to these two
guys. When it’s the cruising on the highway especially the pulser but when you want to talk about handling this goes to the bottom of the rank. The
gixxer I was extremely impressed by the handling but today, in the morning the Honda Hornet seems to match it and it doesn’t have the front end fairing weight so it’s more of a
balanced by the front end stability the coming into the corners, I was getting so much feel and feedback
from the front end that I could very comfortably sit there in the corner and
I had the bike really knows how to hold its line not talking about the Argonaut
miix best comfort second best comfort and probably the best comfort this is comfortable a lot more
comfortable if you’re looking at this I’d say reasonably good that one sporty but doable so not much to choose
between these bikes in the comfort Department this one wins in including
department also gets winning verdict but fixer is right up there looks wise you know we have to talk
about the looks a little bit corner for a ***** bike it looks glorious Jake says got the
fairing advantage and so it gets the best looking bike according to me harness really you know you moving
closer to the bike the bits and pieces the finishing is top
notch it beats the gixxer there but the jigsaw
you know if you’re looking from the far away or if you’re looking to spike on
the road the cheeks it seems to have more present
on it well closer up it’s prettier front part of its not bad-looking you can see
it for yourself but I think you still get the best books on it gets second and
when you’re talking you’re talking about the negatives of the bike chicks are gearbox and I feel a little bit like
there’s some sort of gaps in the finishing so fit and finish wise it has
a little bit of a problem not much but yes it is built on a budget
and in some corners you see that. Apart from that the bike’s great but the
gearbox let’s sit down the braking is not as good as the Hornet it is a good
braking system though, I wouldn’t say nothing bad about it hornet overall hard to find faults with
this bike from vibration on the right foot peg above hundred kilometers per
hour speed below that not much to find faults with this bike.
That’s the only thing bad actually we could find about this bike so I guess
we’d have to choose an overall winner and I would pick the Hornet because it
has got the balance of comfort, extreme handling in the corners, overall
good looks so it gets my choice but the Gixxer is right behind that the Hornet you know it takes it by that gearbox, the
smoothness, everything so I’d be taking the keys to the Hornet but the Gixxer is really, really that
close to it.

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