How To Choose A Good Private Driving Instructor (PDI) In Singapore

How To Choose A Good Private Driving Instructor (PDI) In SingaporeHow To Choose A Good Private Driving Instructor (PDI) In Singapore

If you have decided to learn from a private driving instructor instead of a school driving instructor from BBDC, CDC or SSDC, good for you! You would have saved an estimated $800 to $1000 just from that decision alone!

However, the catch is that you have to choose a good instructor, or else you would be wasting your time, money and effort. Remember, if you happen to hire a lousy private driving instructor, do away with him immediately. Don’t waste any more time and money on him.

Hiring a good private driving instructor is not hard at all, neither is it that easy. I would say that there are 5 yardsticks to determine if a private driving instructor is a good fit for you.

1. Attitude/professionalism:

Is he professional? Is he willing and enthusiastic about teaching you? Is he receptive to your ideas and doubts? Or is he more interested in chatting about stocks and mundane stuff over the phone and forcing stubborn ideas upon you? I would say that this is the most important quality the instructor must possess. This quality is definitely more important than driving or teaching skills of instructors, since almost all of them have more than 10 years of teaching experience, so their skills should’nt be in doubt. The question should be are they willing to teach, and not can they teach.

To ascertain this quality, you arrange a lesson with the instructor, or gather opinions from online websites/forums and even ask for recommendations from your friends. No matter how skillful an instructor is, if he is more interested in scamming your money than in teaching you, don’t hire him.

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2. Clarity of instructions:

This should not be much of a problem, but steer well clear of instructors whose instructors you can’t decipher properly. Firstly, your speed of learning would be reduced, then you would have to take more lessons and hence pay more money. Secondly, all instructions while you are in the car come from him. A slight misinterpretation can lead to unimaginable scenarios, such as accidents or damaging of the car.

3. Teaching flexibility:

Is the private driving instructor able to teach according to your speed of learning? Are you able to request training in certain specifics, or he is stubbornly forcing his ideas upon you? Some instructors teach slowly so as to increase the number of lessons and subsequently, get more pay. Beware of these crooks. Since you have paid for the lesson, you have a right to request specific training. However, don’t always insist that everything be done your way.

4. Timing flexibility:

This is a very important consideration for busy people or people who are working 9-5 jobs. As good driving instructors usually have a lot of students, it would be rather difficult to schedule regular lessons out of office hours with the instructor. It is important to have at least one lesson every week, and if you can’t achieve that, you might want to consider switching instructors, or even hiring multiple instructors, which isn’t really recommended. However, never settle for a lousy driving instructor just because he has the time slots to suit you.


Remember, you do not have to hire the absolute best private driving instructor, rather, choose the one who can suit your needs the most. For instance, timing and location. And change instructor immediately if you feel that he is not right for you. If you need more information in choosing a good private driving instructor, you can check out the reviews of private driving instructors in Singapore at PDIreviews. It will help you make a very informed choice.

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