How to FULLY bypass security in your GM car and drive happy foreverafter!

How to FULLYHow to FULLY bypass security in your GM car and drive happy foreverafter!

Not sure why, but everybody around seem to keep calling “VATS Bypass” a simple resistor to install under your steering column or on the TDM’s connector. But the problem with that is it will only bypass the key and the lock cylinder, while the entire core of the security system (the TDM or Theft Deterrent Module or anti-theft module) still remains in the loop! That resistor trick was born just to add a remote starter or fix a broken wire, but today it makes little sense. Today is the TDM that is causing tons of problems around! It dies systematically with the age of the car – even way before her 10th birthday. That’s what happened to my trusty Buick and is happening to other tens of thousands of unfortunate people in North America. Lots of people are even junking their cars since GM discontinued the production of the TDM back in Jan 2009. But now there are lots of cars that can be saved with this! And you can save yours by yourself.

A terrible nightmare for me and my Buick

It was back in 2006 and I didn’t even know what a VATS system was and I didn’t care about it until I found myself stuck on a Walmart parking on a Saturday morning. My 1995 Buick LeSabre would just crank, the engine would start for 1 second and then die. I spent 50$ for towing the car to a mechanic shop, then another 100 for diagnostic and the problem came out to be a fault in the security system (also called VATS system or Pass-Key system!). That guy at the shop was smiling at me! I will always remember that sadistic smile he had on his face. With that smile he told me the dealer was the only one that could have it fixed… Oh yes! For just a tiny slightly less that 1,000$! At that time our struggling family budget was just enough to eat and this lovely Buick LeSabre was our only car – it was all we owned actually 🙁 . We simply didn’t have those money, not even in a dream and, satirically, the problem was just security! The car itself was running spectacular otherwise; never had any problem and we loved it – and now it was dead.. So, after the initial nightmare, I remembered something! It was one of those things that suddenly come to your mind when you are in panic: Hey, I’m an electronics engineer and that thing is nothing else than electronics! So I decided I could do it and I spent the weekend digging on that security system inside-out to understand what it was and how to kick it off my car. And I want to remark: MY CAR, not its car!! I’ll tell you, on Sunday afternoon I was a sleepwalker, but with THE solution in my hands: a full bypass module that would bypass the key, the lock cylinder and the TDM! – Think about it, it took me just a weekend to break the system. How can they call this thing “security”??

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And before it was too dark… That beautiful engine was ROARING AGAIN!
Author is an electronics engineer. One day he accidently found how to GM Vats Bypass and save your car from throwing into junkyard.He runs his own website and gives advise to car owners on this.

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