Automotive Blog – Mazda CX-3 Maxx VS Suzuki Ignis GLX

Automotive Blog – Mazda CX-3 Maxx VS Suzuki Ignis GLX

We like small SUVs because they are compact
yet still practical. The Mazda CX-3 is currently the most popular
choice with buyers, yet smaller still, easier on the wallet and arguably more funky, the
Suzuki Ignis is the latest SUV to join the party. Does it have what it takes to challenge the
might of the CX-3? Telling a pretty compelling value for money
story, this GLX variant is the top of the range Ignis model and currently available
for a very sharp driveway price. We are pitting it against the Mazda CX-3 Mid
Range Max, which represents around half of all CX-3 sales.

Thats a fair difference in cost at this
price sensitive end of the market, so what are you getting for your dollars? Well its under the bonnet where the biggest
contrast lies. The CX-3 is powered by a two litre petrol
engine with idle stop, which is paired with a six speed automatic transmission. The diminutive Suzuki Ignis on the other hand
has an equally diminutive engine. Its little four cylinder 1.2 Litre petrol
engine is matched to a continuously variable transmission.

While this is not a challenge of power and
torque, on paper there is a significant mismatch here. Cast aside your assumptions about how the
Ignis is going to perform however, it may be the underdog in this comparison, but there
is plenty of go in its engine, and its very frugal too. We think the Suzuki Ignis is going to have
really broad appeal. Obviously at the price point its going
to appeal to P-Platers, new drivers, maybe somebody that is commuting down to university.

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We also think its going to appeal to families
that are looking for a second or third car or perhaps a station runner. You wont find much to beat it in the manoeuvrability
stakes either, its got a tiny turning circle, which means its perfect for around town
driving. Behind the wheel of the CX-3 and it does feel
more substantial, its more composed on the road, and you can definitely feel that
extra weight. The extra power for the Mazda comes in handy
if you head into the open road.

The Mazda also offers greater flexibility
for carrying passengers too, as its a five seater compared to the Suzukis four seats. Its also got a more conventional car like
feel, so you get the practicality of the SUV. Body style, without compromising on feel behind
the wheel. Both cars are well equipped with plenty of
included technology, including reversing cameras, satellite navigation and touch screen displays.

The Suzuki comes standard with Apple Car Play
and Android Auto, while the Mazda features the MZD Connect system. Each vehicle is equipped with six air bags,
but its the CX-3 that wins the safety game, with blind spot monitoring, rear cross traffic
alert, and low speed autonomous emergency braking available as part of an optional upgrade. The Ignis delights with its packaging, while
its over 50 centimetres shorter than the CX-3, it will offers the same boot space by
volume, fold the seats forward, and its the Mazda that has more space. But were impressed that both will carry
large loads with ease.

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The Mazda CX-3 is the most popular small SUV
for good reason, but as sharp price city cars go, we think the newest kid on the block is
the winner on this occasion. It drives well, offers exceptional fuel economy
for city drivers, and the inclusion of satellite navigation, Apple Car Play and Android Auto,
at this price point, makes this car a bargain..

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