Automotive Blog – Product Suzuki 250hp Four Stroke Marine Outboard Motor BigWater AdventuresMark Davis

Automotive Blog – Product Suzuki 250hp Four Stroke Marine Outboard Motor BigWater AdventuresMark Davis

I’m Mark Davis with BigWater Adventures. I
want to talk to you about my Suzuki two fifty Four Stroke. I’m sitting here on my own private,
personal boat. Sometimes you’ll see me filming BigWater Adventures on it, but this is where
I spend a lot of my time.

When I bought this boat, the twenty four center console Blue
Wave, I could have put any motor on the back I wanted to. After talking to all of my friends
who have Suzuki Four Strokes and a lot of people who have read up on them, I heard nothing
but great things. I have guys who had put literally a thousand hours on them and had
nothing but good things to say about them. Everyone I’ve talke to going into it said
the Suzuki four stroke is the most maintanence free, reliable, dependable, really quality
motor that you can put on the back of a vessel.

I’m glad I listened, because as you can see,
sitting here on top of mine, I’ve had it now going on six months and I have nothing but
great things to say. Its quiet, the maintenence after I did the original oil change at ten
hours, operating hours, you don’t touch it again for another hundred hours. You don’t
have to worry about putting oil into it. That was something I was glad to finally get rid

Even more so, when I’m offshore with a single engine like this, I can’t stop and
be thinking if I’ve got a crew in the boat and we’re about to film BigWater Adventures,
or if I have my family in the boat, I can’t be thinking if I run twenty five miles off
shore, what happens if my motor dies or what happens if I can’t get back? The Suzuki two
fifty Four Stroke gives me the piece of mind to know that I’ve got a piece of machinery
on the back of my boat that will get me where I need to go, when I need to get there safely,
effeciently… I haven’t even talked about the gas pump yet… Without breaking your
bank because this thing sips gas like no other motor I’ve seen. There’s a reason I put the
two fifty four stroke on my own personal, private boat.

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You might want to look into
them the next time you’re in the neighborhood for a motor, or looking to re-power a boat
that you already had..



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