Automotive Blog – Pulsar AS 150 vs Suzuki Gixxer SF vs Yamaha Fazer V2

Automotive Blog – Pulsar AS 150 vs Suzuki Gixxer SF vs Yamaha Fazer V2

150Cc motorcycles are entering a new era as companies want to position their bikes as tourers. Case in point being the Yamaha Fazer which started this trend, being followed by its Japanese rival, the Suzuki Gixxer SF. Now Bajaj Auto has launched the Pulsar AS 150, which carries Adventure Sport in its very name. Being priced upwards of Rs.

90,000/- Which motorcycle is worth your money? The Pulsar AS 150 and Yamaha Fazer are semi-faired motorcycles while the Gixxer SF is a full faired machine. In these MotoGP colours, the Suzuki comes across as the most attractive looking bike of the trio while the Fazer comes second. The AS 150 looks big for a 150cc as it draws styling inspiration from its bigger siblings. But where the Pulsar lacks is fit and finish as the Japanese bikes feel better put-together.

The Gixxer SF comes with the most loaded console that also has a gear position indicator. The Fazer misses out on a clock and a second trip meter which are present on both the Pulsar and Gixxer. Like it has always been the case, the Bajaj offers the most features. The Pulsar AS 150 gets a projector headlight, backlit switches and a 4-valve engine.

Meanwhile the Fazer is fuel injected while the Suzuki really doesn’t have much to boast about except of course that gorgeous full fairing which was wind tunnel tested in the same tunnel where the Hayabusa was made. But when it comes to performance, the Gixxer shows who is boss. It is the fastest of the trio in both acceleration and top speed but the AS 150 is quicker to reach from standstill to 60 km/hr. The Pulsar is faster than the Fazer but the Yamaha has the best refinement of the lot while the AS 150 has the highest redline of 11,000 RPM.

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In spite of being the most powerful bike here, the Pulsar loses out because of its lower torque and higher weight. The Suzuki’s gearbox is the best here and the Gixxer is also the best sounding motorcycle of the lot. Even though the Pulsar misses out on an Eco mode indicator which is present on the Fazer and Gixxer, the Bajaj is the most frugal, followed closely by the Yamaha while the Suzuki comes in third. The Pulsar 150 AS has a superior perimeter frame but that doesn’t make it the best handler of the lot as its suspension is too softly sprung, the tyres are small and the wheelbase is long.

That does benefit its ride quality as it has the best ride of the trio, followed by the Gixxer and Fazer. In terms of handling and stability, the Suzuki is the king while the Fazer comes in a close second. The Fazer has the best brakes, followed by the Gixxer while the Pulsar has powerful anchors but the smaller rubber doesn’t give it adequate traction under hard braking. The Yamaha Fazer is the most expensive bike of this lot and doesn’t really stand out unless if refinement is what you are after.

Priced Rs. 2000/- More than the Gixxer SF, the Fazer comes across as very expensive. So between the Bajaj and the Suzuki, which is the bike to buy? The Pulsar AS 150 has a lot going for it, it’s the most powerful bike here, is also the most comfortable both in terms of ergonomics and ride quality and is priced Rs. 6000/- Cheaper than the Gixxer SF.

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But the Suzuki Gixxer SF offers the most fun, it has a punchy engine, has the best handling here, top-notch quality and just look at it, the styling is itself enough to seal the deal, it is therefore our winner in today’s shootout. Make sure to like, share, comment and subscribe to the MotorBeam channel..

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