She Left Her Son In The Car For Just A Second When She Discovered Something Horrifying

Most parents have probably left their child alone in the car for a few moments at a time, with no problems whatsoever. This isn’t one of those instances.

Katie Deas thought that taking her two-year-old son Jaxson to the pool would be the perfect way to have some fun in the sun while trying to stay cool in the Australian heat.

After a long day enjoying the pool, the tuckered-out mother had placed her son in his car seat while she went to take care of some last-minute tasks before heading home. When Deas returned to her car, though, she made the grim realization that she had locked her keys and phone in the car with her tiny son.

After securing her son in her car after a day at the pool, Katie Deas left him for just a few moments. But when she came back, she realized she’d locked him in the vehicle with her keys!

The temperature outside had dropped as it was early evening, but inside the car, it was still hot enough to make anyone uncomfortable.

According to Kidspot, Deas’ ran to the pool’s reception desk in an effort to find a contact number for her partner. They unfortunately didn’t have his newest contact info.

When she returned to the heated car, Deas could hear her son screaming, “mummy, here,” as the boy pointed at the driver’s seat, completely unaware of what was happening.

As the boy began to realize what was really going on, he began tugging at his seat belt and pleaded with his mother to let him out of the hot car. The boy’s reaction sent this mother into tears.

More than 15 minutes after initially locking her son inside her car, Deas was surrounded by a crowd of concerned parents and pool patrons who were frantically discussing the best options for rescuing her young boy. As sweat poured down the boy’s face, they made the decision that he couldn’t remain inside any longer.

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An employee ran to the pool’s utility closet and returned with a hammer.

Deciding that breaking the front windows would be the safest option, it took the man just a few swings before he broke into the vehicle.

With her son now in hysterics, Deas reached into the shattered window, unlocked the door, and rescued her son from the hot car.

When an ambulance arrived, the paramedics initially thought Deas had intentionally locked her boy inside.

They considered calling the cops, but discovered that it was simply a horrible mistake.

After the stomach-churning experience, Deas hopes that by sharing her story, she can make other parents think twice before leaving their child alone — even for a second.

(via Kidspot)

If you’re touched by Deas’ horrifying story, consider sharing it with friends and family as a reminder that leaving your child alone for even a second can be dangerous.

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