Automotive Blog – Suzuki Baleno Hatchback 2017 first impression review

Automotive Blog – Suzuki Baleno Hatchback 2017 first impression review

Hello everybody, welcome back to AutonetMagz, and we can see here there is a Suzuki Baleno and there is the Suzuki Ignis Yes, this is a car that is under Rp. 200.000.000, But the dimension is wider compared to the Ignis Ignis is 3.7 Meters long, the Baleno is 4 meters. The Baleno is 1.745 Meters wide, the Ignis is 1.69 Meters. How is the Suzuki Baleno? Let’s see it in this video.

So it has the exact same engine with Suzuki Ertiga and the old Suzuki Swift And the bad news is, the Suzuki Swift has been discontinued It is not being sold anymore, because it is replaced by the Suzuki Baleno. That is priced more reasonably. The sales said, it is priced RP 175.000.000 For the manual transmission RP 185.000.000 For the automatic transmission. But if you want  to make sure, you can see it in autonetmagz.Com Because the engine is identical with Ertiga, the Swift has 92 PS and 103NM of torque, seems that we don’t have to discuss further But what can be confirmed, it uses a 4-Speed automatic transmission.

Not AGS like the Ignis. And we can see the headlights, it uses projector and HID. And the grill here is connected to the inside of the headlight casing. In the buttom there is also an LED.

So at noon, it will be on with the engine. Under, there are foglamps and the bumper is a 2 layer bumper. Because right here, there is the main bumper and under, there is a some kind of diffuser Grey coloured It looks okay If we see it from the side, it using grey coloured rims (Ignis uses black) It doesn’t use 2 tone colour but grey to look sportier with the size of 16 inch so it is bigger using Apollo tires from India because it is imported from India The sidemirrors are the same like Ignis’ by design And this car has a wheelbase that is quite long 2520mm Very long for a car under RP 200.000.000 We can see here that design isn’t everyone taste Looks like the flow of water, but seems not for everyone.   It already uses chrome, and the ignition is keyless like the Ignis.

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Same as the front bumper Looks like a 2 layer skirt There is a grey coloured panel And here there are these black door guards with chrome It already has keyless entry And the keyless system is identical like the Ignis. We are given this accessories Now we see the back Here there is a spoiler Honestly, it is kinda stuffy Like this chrome that isn’t so important And there is this black part Because, the highest model of the Swift in India, it already has a reverse backup camera. But, because it isn’t given here, so it’s just made black. If it’s given a reverse backup camera, it will definitely be better.

There’s a defogger, rear wiper and the rear bumper.. Honestly Is kinda complicated by design. It wants to look sporty, but it is not holed It is plastic, and here there’s the same 2 layer bumper like the front. Then, this is kinda rare It has 4 reverse parking sensor, it’s plenty.

Let’s open the trunk, It’s electric but not power tailgate. It’s already given a privacy tray as a divider And the trunk is very spacious Seems for a car under RP 200.000.000 It has the biggest one. But my complain is that the bumper is too high So it is kinda hard to put things inside. It uses a spare tire, a full size spare tire but uses an alumunium wheel But it is not a problem.

It already has LED brake lights So now, let’s get inside. Before getting inside the interior Should be noted, that Suzuki Baleno that is imported to Indonesia, is using the body and wheels used in Baleno RS. Where the Baleno RS is the faster version of a standard Baleno that uses a 1.000Cc engine with a turbocharger. But in Indonesia, the one that is imported is the 1.400Cc, same with the Suzuki Ertiga and Swift Even though in India, Suzuki Baleno uses the exact same 1.200Cc engine like the Suzuki Ignis with a CVT, not an AGS.

Now we are inside the Suzuki Baleno This is the key Same like the Ignis and SX4 Let’s start. It already has keyless ignition like the Suzuki Ignis   And if we take a look the interior it is not as catchy as the interior of Suzuki Ignis It is somewhat bland But I think it is nice If compared with Ignis and because it has a higher price I feel that this car is more spacious, wider, has a bigger interior The seat also feels bigger and it already has height adjusters So we can adjust it And the steering wheel, has tilt and telescopic adjustments The wheel itself looks like Suzuki Ignis’ steering wheel and SX4 Has leather also, the bluetooth here is functioned to accept calls and audio But this audio system is a Suzuki genuine accessories not the standard headunit. So the standard isn’t a touchscreen.   But if you don’t like the headunit we can replace it with an aftermarket one.

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So hot here. Why the AC is direction to my feet?   What is highlighted inside the Baleno is on the Speedometer. It has an ordinary design, but there is a big full colour MID.   We can see some information Like KM/L with an “ok” animation,   KM/L based on time Driving time then our average speed, clock and also torque and power meter.

So we can see how much torque and power that is used. Looks catchy Like BMW and Mercedes Benz but usually the meter is integrated with the iDrive   The features, let’s see… There’s a push start stop engine button, manual levelling headlamp, Parking sensor for the rear The standard headunit already has bluetooth, but yet it hasn’t have rear backup camera eventhough there is a baseplate for the camera This car has a good visibility but the pillar feels a bit big On the right, it can be an armrest on the left there is none But we have got a small console box that is fitted with leatherette cover, that can’t be used as an armrest The transmission is identical like the one in the Ertiga also with the engine The AC is digital Complete with auto function but the screen here, is poorly visible in bright sunlight The materials are okay for a car priced at RP 185.000.000 Here there is an A+ writing for the best car showed at the showroom. For the consument, I don’t know Or what’s this? Hopefully it isn’t like the Ignis.

Here there are 2 lamps those can be turned on individually but there is no “door open” light It is only available here. Overall, there are no complains It already has day and night mirror There is only mirror on the passenger visor Overall… Not bad. For storage, it also has more comapred to Ignis there are here and there big cupholders, with another storage space Complete with electric mirror control, with electric retractable mirrors Here there is a glovebox with a decent amount of space.

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Let’s go to the backseat. Now we are inside the backseat Wow, founds out, that this car is very spacious This is my driving position and there is still plenty of legroom Then, the headroom is still available but not much. Can it be reclined? Nope, that’s it It feels too upright But, it’s not a problem Because the legroom is very spacious There is an armrest high headrests Here there are doorpockets and cupholders Here there is a 12 Volts power socket can be used for charging a phone. I think that’s it.

But this car is very spacious for it’s class. Ok, so that’s the first impression of the Suzuki Baleno Well, Baleno isn’t like what it used to be. It used to be a sedan, but now it’s a hatchback. I think this car is more spacious compared to the Suzuki Swift.

Has more features eventhough it’s design is not for everyone But with a same engine as Ertiga and has a better price I think it has higher value for money compared to the Suzuki Swift Just see how will it be when we test drive it. That’s it from AutonetMagz don’t forget to like and subscribe This car is a showroom car But there is no intervention while reviewing this car Thank you, and see you on the next video. Bye                  .

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