Automotive Blog – Suzuki Baleno Hybrid SHVS Test Drive

Automotive Blog – Suzuki Baleno Hybrid SHVS Test Drive

Anew study says that people spend more than 5 years of their lives driving their cars we also know that we spend a lot of ths time driving in the traffic, cueuing at a traffic light, or driving slowly in the town and a stop and start kind of drive can increase drammatically fuel consumption right now there’s no solution to this problems, but the factories are trying to solve it in many ways the Suzuki’s solotion is this one The new Baleno Hybrid Suzuki’s hybrid sistem is very similar to the F1 Kers when you’re braking you’re car waists a lot of energy. The SHVS system saves some of this energy for to be used again when needed How? When you brake in this car, you’re not slowing down your car with just mechanical brakes, but you’re exploiting also a generetor the power generated recharges a battery the generator works also as electric motor, and it helps the enging during the acceleration eploiting the energy stored during the previuos braking the battery weights just 6 kg and it’s under the driver’s seat, good for the vehicle dynamics and for saving space this system saves energy that otherwise would be wasted by brakes as heat this system works better when driving in the traffic, when braking and accelerations are frequent. In a motor way it does nothing the Suzuki Baleno’s interiors are very simple the bridge has a very clean desig, but it interates all of the buttons there are many gloves compartment, and all of the buttons are very close to the driver the buttons on the steering wheel are very easy to use, also the air conditioner is very easy to use the display of the air conditioner is not thateasy to read because of his angle the infotainment system is the Mirrorlink that we have seen in the Suzuki S-Cross test, you can find the review in that video there’s also the reverse camera, that makes really easy to park to everyone the matherials are very good like in the other Suzukies, but they are lacking of a finishing touch in the hidden places like the moquette under the pedals, and the fuel tank inlet the car trunk is of 300 liters, but you can expand it till 360 anyway you have to deal with a high step this car has a practical double deck, but you need a little tutorial to use it just bend it, pull it, incline it… And it’s out the passengers on the rear seats have a lot of place for the legs, even if the one who’s sit on the left may have some problems beacuse of the battery the main problem is that there’s no room for your head if you’re taller than 1.8 There’s a reason for this.

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The roof is made like this because it’s more aerodynamic the cx is of 0.3 And for a 4 meters long car is very good some years ago the rear seats were more comfortable, because when gas was sold at 0.9 Per liter not beating your head was more important than aerodynamics now things have changed talknig of gas, also the engine is very intresting, not only for the lectric motor but also the petrol engine is very well engineered it has 2 injectors per cylinder, so they can be placed closer to the intake valve, and so the petrol gets in the engine colder there’s also a egr cooling system and a high swirl intake duct, so this engine can reach a 1:12 compression ratio this is good for fuel saving, without knocking someone did his homework at Suzuki and if we consider the weight of the car that is under 1000 kg and the low price of the system, we can understand the suzuki’s plan Suzuki didn’t use the hybrid system as a marketing startegy, using it on a tank of 2 tons, and tried to convince you that it has low fuel consumption because it’s an hybrid engine here the aerodynamics, the low weight and the well engineered engine work together with the electric motor to real make you save fuel the result is 20 km/l in the combined and 17 driving in the city this solutions for to save fuel is one of those who work better now that you know everything, let’s see our driving vlog hi everyone, now we are testing the first ever suzuki’s hybrid car The Baleno Hybrid the car is very smooth, even when driving at low speed with a high gear this car has a 1.2 Liters naturally inspired of 90 HP but it feels like a much more powerfull engine, especially in acceleration yes beacuse one of the electric motors’ characteristics is to have a great torque at low revs the seats are comfortabel, we like them they don’t support you very well but they are very stiff, and stiff doesn’t mean necesarily uncomfortable. For example in a log trave a softer seat can hurt your back, so in this case i think that addisng stiffness is adding comfort the comfort is good but the seatback regulation is step by step, and it’s not that good the car’s equipment is good, there’s the stop n start system, the infotainment system and the automatic air conditioning that works very well and… And a very rare gadget on a car of this price… The heated seats in a day like this, foggy, under zero degrees temperature, they are very useful they can warm you up while you’re waiting for the main heater the car comfort is very good yes it’s very isolated from the outside the noise coming from outside is very low the only thing i can say is that you can hear the gravel beating on the wheel housing we were in a parking, maybe the tarmak was dirty and you could hear that noise, but…

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Not that bad, i won’t consider this as an annoying thing let’s talk about the damping the set up is very soft, so it’s very comfortable to ride through pot holes and bumps, and your back give thanks to this so this car is very comfortable also in the city where there are cobbles or speed bumps i think is also the right car for the city because of his size and his engine, like we said before yes because the engine is very good at low speed, but it’s not that powerful to be the one for long travels you can do long travels, but it’s not the best way to use this car the lenght is under 4 meters and the SHVS advantages you only when you drive in the traffic if you want to use this car for long rides, we suggest you to go for the more powerful 1.0 Boosterjet also the gearbox is ment to be used in the city, in fact i saw you using very high gears for the speed you where driving at yes, the engine allows you to trave in 5th gear at 40 kph and it’s good, there are no vibrations coming from the engine or on the steering wheel and driving with high gears helps the fuel consumption to stay low i saw you just driving without accelerating, the engine was at his minimum and the car just walks with the traffic flow the gearbox set up also helps the acceleration. Especially at low revs obviously not a sport car’s acceleration, but very smooth, so you can shft less, unless you’re trying to overtake, in that case you’d better shift down the gear lever is very soft and also this helps a lot whle driving in the city the clutch is very soft but it engages almost at the end of it’s travel so you risk to start revving up your engine it seems like to be a Suzuki’s characteristic this one, because we found also this in the S-Cross yes but we have just tried 2 cars from suzuki well, two on two till now! The steerng wheel is good, even if it’s not well shaped, but it’s not a sport car the steerng wheel is soft, but pretty direct, you can always control the car correctly even when you where doing some slalom i didn’t see your hands movin too much on the steering wheel, so it seems to be pretty precise you can do every kind of turn without moving your hands from the steering wheel exept for the hairpins or the roundoabouts let’s do a little brake test, to understand how powerful this brakes and how’s the feeling of the pedal 60 kph sadly the worst part of this car is the pedal, because it’s particoular and it doesn’t feel that strong the brakes are powerfull, tha car keep going in straight line, but but the feeling is not that good, it seems too soft, like the padal lever was bending and it doesn’t feel that safe the main objectives for the brake system are to lock all 4 wheels and keep the rear axle alligned with the front one and this car reached both of them here we found a problem with the feerling ot the pedal, maybe they tried too hard to make the pedal soft The Baleno Hybrid is a very well done experimet, a mixture of solutions that makes you really save fuel this car is also very affordable, it starts from 18.000 But suzuki is now giving it away for 3000 less there are some sharp edges, but it’s a good start for a new hybrid cars breed it’s ment to be used in the city, but.. We would like to see also this kind of Hybrid and this “light weight” philosophy also in a sport car for us it will work, and for you Suzuki?.

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