Automotive Blog – Suzuki Ertiga review

Automotive Blog – Suzuki Ertiga review

Hello guys Welcome to MotoMobiTV channel We’re receiveing many requests about this car for long time Some even think that we’ve been paid by this brand. In this video it’s the first time we’re reviewing a car from this brand because to be honest, we weren’t interested by this brand This is the facelifted Suzuki Ertiga. By looking the outside of this car, it’s kinda answering why we don’t like Suzuki. Why? Because of it’s shape.

Not because it’s ugly, but because it looks ordinary. The Ertiga has the same platform as the Suzuki Swift More or less, the Ertiga is like Swift which has been enlarged and extended like chicken which has been enlarged into broilers. By reading from it’s name, it’s looks like that they’re trying too hard for the name Understanding Family (MengERTI KeluarGA) Or some says ‘R-three’ because this car has three rows of seats. This car competes the Toyota Avanza and Daihatsu Xenia very evident from what has been promoted.

Front-wheel Drive instead of Rear-wheel Drive like the Avanza & Xenia Front-wheel Drive and Rear-wheel Drive has it’s own pros and cons. But for city driving, of course Front-wheel Drive is more efficient because the distance between the engine and the driven wheel are very close so the energy loss are not as much as Rear-wheel Drive. There’s also a rebadge version from Mazda it’s called Mazda VX-1. Mazda are selling this car with luxury trims, like body-kits and leather seats but unfortunately, it’s failed.

In 2014, it’s sold less than 1,000 units They should just selling cars with SkyActiv names, no need to sell MPVs like this. A little history about this car The Ertiga is launched on 2012 and has been facelifted on 2015 That’s it. In this video we’re talking about the difference about the pre-facelifted model and the facelifted model. The exterior On the front there’s the most prominent difference The front grille and bumpers has been trying to look more modern Which one is best? For me, it’s still look just as boring as the old one but the old one is more simple and more handsome.

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For the GX trim there’s a chrome bezel on the fog light housing because according to research on Indonesian markets, more chrome equals to more luxury but for me, it’s kinda dazzling. On the back, the most prominent difference is this chrome bezel and like i said, it’s dazzling so it looks like a cheap aftermarket accesories. Maybe it’s designed to dazzling people that flashing their headlights. The interior They replaced the fabric trimming with bolder textures so it looks more luxurious.

But if you looking at it for too long, it’ll makes you feel dizzy and if you touch it, the textures are quite rough. Or maybe its just our feeling For the facelifted GX model, there’s a retractable wing mirrors cannot find in pre-facelifted There’s also some difference on color of the steering wheel and the instrument cluster. Maybe Suzuki assume that tweeters aren’t that important, so they’re not fitting it. For the pleasure of hearing the audio system, tweeters has a major role for high tone and vocals.

If the tweeters are mounted on the top of the dashboard, it’s like listening a singer that singing in front of us. If the vocals coming from underneath, it’s like listening a singer that singing on our feet. Now there’s a 12V power outlet on the second row, so nobody will fight over external battery packs. Now there’s an auto up/down power window on the driver side.

I don’t understand why car makers are skimp by gave us an auto down power window whereas the most important thing is an auto up power window. On the facelifted model, the third row seats is 50-50 folding. The engine is exactly the same as the old model which is K14B. 1,400Cc, four-cylinders, 16-valves with 92 horsepower and 130 N.M at 4,000 RPM.

Infact, it’s 3 horsepower less than the old model which they said it’s more economical. For safety equipments, there are Dual SRS Airbags as standard, but unfortunately no Anti-lock Braking System. When we asked the salesmen why there’s no ABS, they said on pre-facelifted model, cars without ABS are more salable So Suzuki thought that consumers don’t want ABS. Of course, cheaper cars is more salable than expensive cars but Anti-lock Braking System is a very important safety device.

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If the function of an airbag is for reducing injuries during impact. So, the function of an ABS is reducing the risk of accidents. Which means, using ABS is reducing the use of airbags Eliminating ABS is a big mistake. Moreover, we couldn’t find the result of Ertiga’s crash test or maybe Suzuki haven’t test it because they’re not confident with the result? Becaust this is just a facelift, the dimension is the same 4.265 Meter long, and the wheelbase is 2.760 Meter.

But the facelifted model is 5kg heavier, maybe too much on the chromies. Before we test the Ertiga, please stop this video for a moment and like this video, if you haven’t subscribe, please subscribe our channel. Because the facelifted model doesn’t have Anti-lock Braking System which increasing the risk of accident, so we’re testing the pre-facelift GX model. This is also the first time Om Mobi drives an Ertiga.

Unlike in India, for Indonesian markets we don’t have Start/Stop engine button but it’s feel like a must-have feature in this Low MPV segments which can’t be considered cheap anymore. Driving position This suits me even though it only has tilting steering wheel, but we like the distance between the steering wheel and our body. It feels good, but maybe a lot of people who don’t like this kinda driving position. Like modern European cars, if you lightly turn the indicator stalk there’s a triple turn signal very useful to change lanes on the highway.

I think it doesn’t have enough power but it is sufficient for city driving. If Suzuki wants to make this car more economical, please don’t sacrifice it’s power Because after driving this car, too bad if the engine lose power, even though just 3 horsepower. Although this car doesn’t have a CVT transmission, the gearshift feels smooth. The suspension feels quite comfortable.

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I think it’s the most comfortable on it’s class. Very soft and less body roll certainly, it feels more expensive than other competitors. Now, let’s see the practicality Sitting in the second row, while front seats on my driving position, it feels roomy and comfortable the seats are very long, so it supports my thigh. The headroom feels spacious, even though i’m wearing a helmet.

Because the seat is in the rearmost position, the legroom feels spacious. The rear doors are very long, for easier access to the third row and with posture like Om Mobi, it’s not as easy as turning your hand. It turns out if the second row on it’s rearmost position, there’s not enough legroom for me so the second row has to be on the most front position so the second row doesn’t have anymore legroom. It feels awry and dangeorus because people who sat on the second and third rows can fight over legrooms.

Maybe Suzuki wants to Ertiga felt expensive, so the seats are very thick. There’s a compartment under the trunk floor On the right, there’s
a place to put the jack If the seats are folded, you can camp here. The body of this Ertiga feels thick, unlike it’s competitors the attention to detail is very good for a car in this segment. Overall, this my kinda car if i’m looking for an MPV with seven seats, but rarely use the third row.

Feels good to drive, even though it’s not fast, and feels nice if you sitting on the second row Unfortunately, Suzuki are eliminating good stuffs on the facelifted model I can’t understand why they eliminating the Anti-lock Braking Syetem It feels like returning to the stone age All of this is my personal opinion i’m not paid or affiliated by this brand, or any other car brands. Don’t forget to subscribe to this channel if you haven’t subscribe. Thank You for Wathcing.

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