Automotive Blog – Suzuki Gixxer SF Review Road

Automotive Blog – Suzuki Gixxer SF Review Road

Hey, this is Rahul with ridewithrahul.Com and welcome to the Suzuki Gixxer SF review. This is definitely the most stylish
looking commuter 150cc on sale in India today. What I like, in this  motorcycle is the attention to detail, take for example, the stubby dual output exhaust. The tip has been capped with chrome
which certainly looks unique.

The fairing is chiseled with sculpted lines going
all over it and the same theme is carried over at the fuel tank. The overall look of this motorcycle gives it a bigger displacement feel the aerodynamic front
end even gets a short windscreen and some say that the look has been inspired from
the Suzuki Hayabusa. The mirrors, look good but the fit and finish was slightly
off the mark. I love the minimalist look of the alloy wheels though and the very
MotoGP inspired paint scheme really adds to the young and vibrant feel of the motorcycle.

Apart from the speedometer and tachometer the console displays gear
position shift indicator and even a clock. The ergonomics is pretty relaxed
with an upright seating position and easy to reach footpegs. The handlebars
have been lowered so you have to reach for them a bit. This makes the Gixxer SF
have a slightly sporty stance without getting overly aggressive.

The rear of
the bike gets a decently sized 140 section tire from MRF which completes
the look. But that is not the reason why I would ask you to buy this bike…. I would ask you to buy this motorcycle
The Gixxer handles like no other commuter bike I’ve written before the
frog dead real big setting up the bike into glorious all easy and once you’re
in the more cycle holds a slight decrease did lead makes you want to push
harder and harder with the IRC but this definitely reminds me of the young Mar
15 budget set a benchmark Italian the 12 PC cluster the MRF tyres are definitely
doing their job and the brain is just a brilliant complement which makes the
spike such a great handling or recycle and it’s not just the long sweeping bill
surveillance once she leaves for dodging traffic mishandling makes a very good
case for buying this motorcycle over the others on streets the bike heads will
the suspension gobbles up any small bumps quite easily could dig the weekend
shot trip on this motorcycle even with your significant other the engine can hold cruising speeds off
around 200 km/h easily and the relaxed ergonomics keeps you
comfortable over the long periods of time just don’t expect the wind
protection that you get from the traditional dance not really a fan of the acceleration it
has 40 20 years of power on people but Lord under a bridge it feels a bit
hollow the bar deliveries Lydia and thanks to the shorter during kidding the
limiter in dog years is easy I managed about six seconds on the serbs 60 km/h
mark and maybe more skilled riders can do better course adding the ferry dude
increased Ave toward the ***** chick sir that may have led to loss of
exhilaration the higher gears have a dollar ratio and the more cyclicals to
120 km/h after that dispute are reluctantly rises
to bow 227 km/h work with just a dog breed of more cycle you have to stop the
break up fights strong risk of bricking forces defeated greg is also good
trumped-up break but initial bite is lacking I still love the break from by
break which is doing a good job at the front to rear of the motorcycle gets a
drum brake which agent have that much time to use for those who are looking to
write to up I would say that two billion comfort is good and the billion doesn’t
transfer much weight to the writer due to the upright seating position of both
the right and the pillion the pillion seat is not too high either so short it
does not have too much trouble getting up on the seat we do recognize that this
bike in the city complete without city riding the health
or feels very late and you can filter quite easily more cycle is easy to steer and doesn’t
cause rider fatigue if it’s just like any other good from you queens of mileage of Earl 42 kilometers
per liter in mostly City use which is a decent number we can put out two day
test of the season kicks RSF with the verdict that it’s the best commuter
motorcycle offered so far as an unbiased review my job is to bring out the fault
of our cycle on this bike it’s definitely hard and clunky gearbox
shifting is not smooth at all and Suzuki should really work on it I’m not much
impressed with the bar as well especially with them which is important
in the city but the worst single has been for mileage and the results are
pretty good on that account up next we covered this for cycle with
the budget is 150 but before that full review of the Avenger 220 is coming so
stay subscribed and stay connected to RideWithRahul thanks for watching and I’ll see you very very soon… This is Rahul, goodbye!.

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