Automotive Blog – Suzuki GSX-R150 Test Ride

Automotive Blog – Suzuki GSX-R150 Test Ride

Hello everyone, this is 13N. Today we are test riding GSX-R150 I just rode from the city to the canyon Having ridden for a while, I’ve got a better idea of how this bike rides This is a 150, techinically a 147c.C. I believe it is a proper sportsbike given its riding position low clip on. There’s another street version called S-150 From the side view this bike might look big but once you get on it, you realize it’s pretty narrow since it’s only a 150 It’s actually more narrow than my Z125, which has large tank plastics for better thigh grip this only extends up to about here from the triple tree you can tell the clip on goes under that’s why it’s a proper sportsbike the dash let me turn it on the dash looks very clean and pretty it actually follows the same style of other Suzuki’s line us ok, start the stock exhaust sounds pretty bassy and full alright, let’***** the road it also has gear indicator and a shift light on the right to be honest, I haven’t tried other Taiwanese 150c.C.

Bikes so I can’t really compare them I guess I will… Since I ride a Kawasaki Z125 I will compare this against those mini bikes right off the bat the cornering stability of this bike is way better than the mini bikes, duh I am the most impressed with its power with 150c.C., When you hit the redline a lof of times when you want to be a bit aggressive it quickly reaches redline the power sort of feels like… So I test rode another bike, Honda CBR250RR. In comparison, 150’s redline feels a lot like 250RR’s 8~9000rpm.

(250RR has red line at 14000rpm) with that RR, the power at 8~9000 rpm is plenty for the city street don’t even need to redline that bike and this bike has 18 or 19 hp you might wonder if it’s odd to ride at red line all the time not at all, the red line is at 11000rpm revs very quickly and hits limiter why is this guy signaling left while pulling to the right wtf, he wants to U-Turn shifter lights on! Yup, it’s on comparing with other single cylinder bikes you might feel the red line vibrates a lot this bike also vibrates but it feels natural to go with the power on the top and the buzz quickly fades away in your mind I am really satisfied with the power of this 150 bike especially that I ride a Z125 not even comparable in terms of power (well, they are different type of bikes) XI am scared of dogs on the street Although I said it’s natural to ride at high rpm but the vibration is still there I can really feel it in my crotch my **** is numbing a bit but you always have the urge to push for more so you wouldn’t think about it all the time ok, let’s talk about my first impression  when I picked the bike up last night not sure why, maybe because I was riding in the city with a lot of stop and go traffic I really find the riding position uncomfortable I thoroughly enjoyed the power but riding it was making my neck sore and hurting my **** this seat is uncomfortable at the moment, I told my wife that I rented a very popular 150c.C. Sportbikes but riding it back home… I really wanted to like the bike, but it just doesn’t feel right It’s until I took the bike to the canyon road then I feel much better with upper body no issue wth cornering and body movements  no change to the **** area though. Still not comfortable as for brakes, I think it’s more than enough for such a light weight bike but the braking feedback…

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How do I put it? It’s pulsing a bit not smooth even though it brakes fine this bike has ABS. So it’s good to have such safety equipment so when you ride out here or in the city if it starts raining or roads become slick the safety equipment will really come in handy. A must have too bad the braking feel is quite disappointing it doesn’t inspire confidence even though it can brake hard some people might think it’s alright for its price point since it really is a bang for the buck Somebody mentioned the build quality isn’t as good as they have expected I think parts, rear suspension, could have rust issue? This bike is still pretty new. Only at 2000km I don’t see anything wrong other than that it’s dirty from all the rain riding if you are looking to buy this bike.

Do more research see if other owners have other issues to share read both positive and negative review I was just riding uphill earlier even if it’s just a 150 as long as you keep the rpm high how do I put it. I recall somebody said this bike makes you fee like it wants to go fast obviously it’s not that fast but as long as the rider feels the quickness then it’s all worth it it’s actually quite nice getting the feeling of going quick but actually not breaking any speed limit (okay, maybe some) not bad According to the spec, what was the mileage again? 40Km per liter or something? Let me check and share on the video This bike has 11 liters of fuel capacity in that case if it can go about 400km per fill up. That’s quite something Xmy crotch hurts if you corner hard and move your **** constantly then you won’t have issue with the bike probably wont tire you out like this but if you ride casually or commute my lower body feels crunched you might say that’s the issue with all sportbikes not really. CBR250RR I test rode the other day the sitting and riding position was comfortable all around I don’t feel exhausted at all you might wonder if the windscreen is doing its job if the wind is deflected properly honestly, I didn’t do any top speed runs according to the manager, he pushed to 125km/h in casual riding speed I don’t think there’s any issue with wind frankly, if you want to tuck in to speed it’s not possible.

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There’s no room front and rear suspension are non-adjustable rear suspension is multi-link when riding, the front fork feels quite nice and firm In this type of setup I think it’s quite stable as for the rear suspension stability as a whole when cornering well, sportbike has most weight in the front when I ride it, I am not quite sure what the rear wants to do. Not criticle probably small bike’s common issue with rear end. Can be fixed with upgrades this bike is equipped with LED headlight. Very bright and clear at night it kind of flickers at idle speed like a lot of smaller scooters no flickers when riding though, so that’s good.

I really don’t like how this brake feels when you pull the lever if you are not braking hard you feel a little bit of pulsing, not sure if it’s the ABS. Probably not ok, back to city street like I said, 18 horsepower more than enough for some fun ride up in the mountain easy to ride. Not a problem with uphill. And definitely plenty for the city street with this power output you can leverage the torque that comes on at 7000rpm to help you pass other vehicles really usable power up top it’s quick for its size unlike the mini bike like Z125 or MSX.

Even though they are fun to ride with, they are limited in terms of power you will often feel the power isn’t enough. Not enough up top too so if you find those lacking power not enough grunt then look at these 150s of course besides this R150 there’s also S150 if you mostly commute you can consider S150 with more comfortable riding position on city streets the buzzing in high rpm is more noticeable especially during stop and go traffic for instance I kind of want to pee right now the buzzing is making it worse…Lol like I said earlier when I was riding in the canyon you’ll soon forget about the buzzing when pushing the bike becuase all you can think about is squeezing out the power I think shifting 1st to 2nd gear..Ummm well, I am sort of acquainted with the bike shifting harder helps with shifting when I first rode the bike I often misshift to neutral pretty awkward at a stop light not sure if I have videos for it as soon as I move, the engine screams with the bike barely moving…Ah..Neutral this tranmission is much sharper and precise than the mini bikes that I have ridden. Like MSX or Z125 As for the keyless entry feature I understand its convenience for city riding but I still think it’s a gimmick for a 150c.C. Motorcycle its main purpose should be about ease of maintenance simple mechanics with keyless entry that’s one more thing to go wrong as you can see, the gas cap still requires key to open I’d thought the gas cap could be keyless too might as well come up with full keyless feature not just for ignition it’d be nice to have a switch to open gas cap without the key ok, I rarely talk about side mirros when test riding because I felt mirrors are not worthy of reviewing however, this bike’s mirror has excellent visibility the angle a lot of bigger bikes have bad mirror positions that cannot be fixed this is placed just right.

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I can see everything behind me nothing is blocked by my elbow the handlebar as you can see below is narrow so that also helps otherwise a lot of mirrors on big bikes are easily blocked by shoulders if you want a small sportsbike with great value that can be ridden hard GSX-R150 is a great choice let me think How do I describe this bike If you love being quick, but not actually going way too fast for the street then this GSX-R150 is great good thing it also has its twin brother S150 if you really find this GSX-R150 uncomfortable then you can pick its twin alright, that’s it for this video if you like it, you are welcome to subscribe I’ll see you next time. Thanks guys (looking for direction) (still looking for direction… *** **** it, where the **** am I..

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