Automotive Blog – Suzuki GSX-S 1000

Automotive Blog – Suzuki GSX-S 1000

You’re completely insane I almost **** on my pants. I was at 200 km/h and you passed as a rocket But, youre old !
Hey, im talking to you ! Do you hear me ? I dont hear you Get off your bike, hurry up ! What did i do ? Its not me. They passed me at 300 km/h These young kids are so noisy I want to test that bike Darling, someone for you *******  ! What can i do for you ? Is it possible to try that bike ? Yes, off course.
This new Suzuki GSX-S 1000 is awesome Look at the design, the beautiful curves This beautiful exhaust with a Moto GP Sound And the powerfull brake.

Even if it rains a lot, with the ABS and the Traction control, youre safe. Everything is under control. However, be careful with the engine. Its very powerful and send mash potatoes ! Hum, for you, mash potatoes is not so bad, isnt it ? Its a very good bike.

Alas, its not recommanded for bedridden ! Sorry, i wanted to say elderly people. Off course I suppose its for your grandson ?  Come with me. For how long does you grandson get his driving licence ? He asked me if i have my licence ? Look, after sales service is very  important at Luc Motos Shop Here is our brand new workshop We follow K2000 standards. The most advanced technology.

With the best engineers Hey ! ****, my bike ! Boss, look at what ive found ! Show me ! What is that **** ? Hey, i know that guy ! Damned, theyre at Nevers. Lets go ! The bike is there ! Dont touch the bike ! Dont touch it ! Ho my *** ! Move ! Youre crazy ! Give me that car ! Were going to catch them Damned !! Now, go away from  my car ! Crazy grandma ! We lost them ! Im tired Boss Hey, here he is !
We are going to catch him Slowely Go ! We caught him No, the bike !! Its gone ! This is your fault ! No, its yours.  Youre the boss Boss.

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