Automotive Blog – Suzuki GSX-S 750 Test Drive

Automotive Blog – Suzuki GSX-S 750 Test Drive

Hello to everyone, we are in Spain to test the new Suzuki GSX-S 750, enlarging Hamamatsu’s ***** family as you can see the design is totally new, it’s more aggressive. The front light is new with a main light and two position lights on its side. The sides are narrower the rear end is smaller with a full LED stop light. There’s ¬†anew exhaust which is half black and half chromed It usually comes as optional, but on this Suzuki the sporty tip comes as standard the 5 double spokes rims are new, reminding the ones of the Suzuki GSX-r 1000 Moving to the front we can notice the new radial Nissin 4-pistons brake calipers and the new discs.

The suspensions can be setup in the preload with a gold finish the cockpit is fully digital, similar to the 1000cc version, there’s fuel level, engine temperature, fuel consumption and Traction control level level 3 is the most invasive, for a rainy road, while 1 is for a sporty ride, it can also be deactivated. The brake lever is axial but it still brakes good and it can be setup on different position. The handlebar has a wider diameter which is stiffer this bike will be available form March in 3 different colors: Black and blue, total red and full black with matt black. The price will be of 8890 euro and 8990 for the black version here we are.

I’d like to show you the easy Start system. You’ll just have to touch the start button. The sound is very nice Suzuki has installed a rev enhancer in order to allow easier rides in the traffic the street is pretty twisty, unfortunately it has been raining. The engine is very smooth and linear, making the ride fun.

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Suzuki has cancelled the on-off effect. Talking about the Traction Control, there are 3 different levels. I’m using level 3, which is useful but never too invasive. If you need to switch the level, you can do it from the handlebar the ABS comes as standard together with the 4-piston brake calipers.

It’s never too invasive thanks to the Bridgestone tires the setup is well balanced and it’s very fun to ride. It’s fast and light on twisty roads and precise on fast runs. The setup of the suspensions is good but when going fast, having the chance to chance the setup would be better the riding position is good. There’s a lot of space for the leg and it’s never tiring.

See you soon!.

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