Automotive Blog – Suzuki Hayabusa Review Ownership

Automotive Blog – Suzuki Hayabusa Review Ownership

Initially, I was a bit apprehensive about
riding the Hayabusa. No, the 200 odd bhp didn’t scare me after the BMW experience which
you have already seen on my channel. It wasn’t the acceleration either that I. Was worried about, or the top speed which is electronically limited to 299 km/h.

It was the weight and the sheer size of
this motorcycle, sportbikes are meant to be light sleek and flickable but then, the Busa enters the picture and all of that goes away. I mean it’s more than 2 meters long and has a wheelbase of
1480 milimeters dollars and then at 260 kg, I’m not even
sure if Suzuki even thought about the weight reduction on this motorcycle. It’s also the widest thing between my legs in all these years. So it’s an early Sunday morning with the
temperature rising by the hour but at least the tires are up to temperature
and I’m going to ride the 1340 cc Hayabusa for the very first time and
what is the first question that comes to my mind? Does it corner? The Hayabusa gives a very bulky and stable impression but I always thought that it would be a poorly in corners I guess I
was wrong The Hayabusa doesn’t go into corners with the usual eagerness of a liter bike it has to be led into it smoothly but the mid corner stability is just amazing.

I know that this long sweeping corner favors the motorcycle and tight hairpin bends or chicanes won’t be easy on this motorcycle. Especially, picking up the motorcycle from left and flicking it to the right side would be difficult because of the weight. The front end gives so much confidence on this motorcycle, it’s just amazing… Power is also delivered very smoothly of course I’m on C mode for the cornering test and I will talk about the power modes later on in more detail.

Suspension setup is also perfectly soaking
up the slight bumps within the corner without unsettling the bike. Overall, the motorcycle is so composed in handling these curves that gives the rider a great confidence to push the the motorcycle. I would see that handling far exceeds
expectations on this bike. I would like to point out one thing, however, the turning radius on this bike is ridiculously large, especially with the
clip-on handlebars.

You feel the weight of the motorcycle the handlebar doesn’t turn
much as well, if you are ever test riding one just make sure you don’t tilt the
bike in the slow-speed maneuvers… The cornering test was done with satisfaction and I decided to get back to my bike and let Arnab da show me how he rides the bike. The Hayabusa is a different type of motorcycle. The abundance of cubic capacity really affects the power delivery of this bike.

The top end
powerband on Japanese liter bikes is not present here. Actually, there is no Powerband there is power everywhere and it’s strong but comes in a very smooth way. This gives the mtoorcycle the characteristics of
a cruiser it has the torque to match the equation equation as well. Riding fast bikes slow, is kind of irritating to me, the Busa is an exception to that.

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Even on a relaxed cruise at 80-100km/h the bike felt, great to be on. Being a large motorcycle, the balance point is huge and while riding the bike on straights it felt like the motorcycle is on auto balance
as it didn’t require any input from me. At all. The suspension also gobbled up the bumps but there wasn’t a huge suspension traveled and the bike maintained its
composure which is great for our Indian road conditions that with the legendary
aerodynamics what you get is a stability which is comparable to a car.

The big engine means that you don’t need to go really hard at it… I call it, mid-range monster because I’ve never felt a mid range stronger than this, on any motorcycle In 2013 the motorcycle got Brembo MonoBlock discs and an ABS system. This being an older bike still runs the Tokico brakesand doesn’t have ABS the only feature it has is the, Suzuki drive mode selector oe SDMS. If you see put the mode C, it is very okay with city rides and all…

I was happy with the Hayabusa’s poise, the stability it offered and the strong yet relaxed power delivery, it had for me. But the Hayabusa has a manic side as well and for that I had to turn the bike to A mode… And unleash the beast within… This bike is way to fast and its also unrestricted in the lower gears that’s kind of free at one point of time I was only on 2nd gear and I was somewhere around 200 km/h and I still  had a lot to go It sounds almost impossible to some people that a motorcycle can go to 200 km/h (almost) only in 2nd gear.

It’s just amazing for me because, I have never taken any bike to speeds like that (in lower gears I mean) but the engine feels so relaxed and i felt confident, I never felt I was damaging the engine by overrevving it, even in those RPMs. The way this motorcycle builds power is just amazing. And the most astonishing thing is that there’s fading off the power even at 200 km/h
just keeps rising in the exact same way… 150 To 200 usually bikes have a tendancy to fade after that but here it”s like 150-200, 200-250 it’s the same you just never know which speed you’re on which gear you’re on.

Its just building power wherever you are you just have to twist and it goes.
I’ve done a little research it seems the, bulbous fairing is not just a
designer’s whim, it’s there to give this bike this phenomenal wind protection and
straight-line stability and aerodynamics. At one point of time there was a slow truck, changing lanes, right between the highway.
And I had to break down from a very high speed. It is a heavy bike with a lot of momentum and usual 2 finger braking took a bit more effort to slow down the bike
but the bite and progressive breaking from the dual Tokico (310mm) discs up front, really phenomenally helped me there.
The latest 2016 Suzuki Hayabusa which is being assembled in India it has the Brembo monobloc
calipers and an ABS system, so the breaking on that will be a lot better I
guess but even these, these brakes have practically saved my life there so I’m
a big fan of these as well. The rear brake, I would not ask you to use it because the moment you start going at it loses its composure so the rear brakes are breaks pretty useless at least on this version and with that fast part coming to an end we just settled down for a chat and I started looking at bikes’ other aspects like
styling and its ergonomics the hyper performance of the Busa comes packaged with a very comfortable ergonomics actually makes the experience completely stress
free on your back and wrists which is the most tormented part on a sportbike
even while cornering you can get a good amount of grip from the seat and the
fairing has very nice recess for the knee even without stomp grips, I had a
lot of confidence going into the corners I would say it has the perfect ergonomics, if they ever upgrade the Busa I want the economics to remain the same.

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Speaking of upgrades The clutch is hydraulic and it’s really nice for such a big bike it’s a very light clutch and you have to ride to feel this.The aerodynamic stability and the wind buffeting is just so less on this bike. You predicted from the wind, situation makes you beautiful luxurious
but speaking of upgrades I think the Busa is due for one its 2016 now and the
last major upgrade was in 2008 I look like the lead but it is possible A traction control system is always welcome such a big motorcycle the rare brakes are pretty useless under hard braking, perhaps they can be improved a bit. Apart from these 3 points nothing to change with this beautiful motorcycle. The Hayabusa is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Its bulking mass, low-speed difficulty
to maneuver and reduce flickability in corners may not appeal to all. Beginners
to Superbike world would be intimidated by the heavy weight and the gut wrenching power… But to the experienced rider this can be the
ultimate mile-muncher on the highway. So, after avery hectic shoot, 40 degrees out here so you can understand how dehydrated we all are mad power on the Busa so it’s even
enjoyable in this kind of weather so what do you think it was before you have
gone to Puri going to me so yeah your previous bike was the Yamaha r1 2009 a
think for the last five years so three years okay so what is the difference
that you felt when upgrading from there are 12 the 1300 Cece Harper ok actually
has a list problem has a huge event with a top
speed like 299 an aggressive sitting for sure but as a bike do you write this
within the city yeah I do write in the city also I like I was very very definitely feel
like it’s ok I love a long ride along with the center for the long days you
need a bike ride throughout the day with 700 800 images yes I said it’s what you
know but any any difference between this are
done this to buy some very very similar I would be talking about service costs a
little bit of despite these people want to know who already seen your touch me
cuz sport bikes have no strength of a surrounded this thing up its usual I
think a lot of doing that but tell us more about the service costs that’s a
very important to listen we’ve heard from this we are not getting the proper
because there is no me up operations against you know so we have to being a
response from ten to fifteen thousand more as an outsider apart from the
service was an enormous discussion with government support from the C you need
to say so tired you need to spend $25,000 a two-day you need to change
after that if any running hard compounds on the softer option by life will be
even more reduced I think the stock may currently be released and strongly
currently has the 2014 onwards more broadly get there take billions on this
offers you cannot because I cannot take that for the most part yes very much I like all of the Superbikes
because that person is dead nodes nose on angle is much more than a bike as you
can see it’s not that tired i’ve known it’s just a little tipsy so apart from
your height and weight could be around my hood $5.78 Tonight but as the
Saturday night of the week new writers would be offensive that’s
because controlling despite crappie are filled with this much of which I just
picked up by 600 800 one it’s not a bad thing actually but
it’s kind of deceptive like I was going over 200 unless I look at the
speedometer i don’t realize it to that because that’s my point of view was
based on an israeli Steve good speed up to six years so I think this is a
positive thing but yes the same experience must be the other way because
I was feeling that I am so maybe after a few days you get used to you know that
you are going that fast because when I.

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Was on the bike I thought maybe I wasn’t
150 160 look at this we don’t need regular 200 I know I’m going to have a
story about a slow down there and that’s it backing up for today if you like this
review such great direct withdrawal and like this video and share this video so
I guess that’s it for this is a hyper by gets 1300 cc. It’s one of the best
things really and we’re signing off today with the very popular Arnab Da…
Thanks for the opportunity for letting me right pieces of GI Busa and software
development please is a very good person and he’s a very
good reviewer also. Thanks! Thanks for that. We are rolling off today! See you soon, thanks
for watching! Again all that interruption….

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