Hello friends I have not uploaded video versus long. Oh, do not forget I say many thanks to all friends who have subscribe on this channel. And now 1000 outstanding subscriber. EXTRAORDINARY.

Although my video is very much lacking when compared with other channels But hopefully be a reference for all friends And better in the future for the video quality Maybe I’m a bit late to discuss a video about this ignis car But it would not hurt me to review this car and in pairs with the class as a city car at the price of 150 millions Namely Honda BRIO. Ok friends without much stale again let’s discuss the two cars Suzuki Ignis is a subcompact car manufactured by Suzuki between 2000 and 2008 Replaces the Suzuki Cultus and then as a small crossover starting in 2016 As a result of a joint project between General Motors And Suzuki began in 2001 Ignis is also sold under the name CHEVROLET CRUIZE. Cruze is sold throughout Japan as Chevrolet, with the Australasian market under the name Holden Cruize Starting in 2003, Suzuki Europe adopted the extended Cruze as Suzuki Ignis In the same year, Subaru also adopted this car with the name Subaru GX3 Justy exclusively in Europe alone HONDA BRIO. Honda Brio is a car type hatchback subcompact 5 door Which Honda produced in India and Thailand This car was introduced in 2011.

Honda Brio launched in Indonesia in August 2012 In August 2013, Brio began assembling in Indonesia with the presence of a named LCGC version BRIO SATYA. Please stop this video for a moment, click on the likes and subscribe button If you like this video, ok let’s continue Ok friends for the next we discuss or I show the videos From start exterior, interior, engine, safety and others Can be compared to any better, better that according to all friends Ok, thanks for watching this video do not forget click like and subdcribe to build this channel And can make me more passionate about video, and do not forget to comment, share knowledge Sharing experiences, thank you and GOOD BYE..

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