Automotive Blog – Suzuki Ignis 2017 Test Review Fahrbericht Motor Woche

Automotive Blog – Suzuki Ignis 2017 Test Review Fahrbericht Motor Woche

Welcome to MotorWoche! Today we test the all new Suzuki Ignis! The new Suzuki Ignis founds a new segment. The Mikro-SUVs. Now the small crossover comes on the market in the third generation on the 14.01.2017. This becomes lighter and shorter.

Only 3.70M long it should offer enough space for 4 people. The design of the small SUVs is held very puristic. The big Headlights lights the street with LED-Technic. Starting in the Equipmentline Comfort+ .

In addition rather small wheels, a high roof line and many edges stamp the design of the small one. Suzuki promises a high degree of comfort, by the high seat position, for his size
spacious interior and better handling this is also reached. The trunk catches 260 litres the back bank can be shifted about 16.5 Cm and when you fold down the backrest, you extend the boot on 1100 litres. An important aspect for Suzuki with the new Ignis is the security and the connectivity.

you can connect your Smartphone with the Ignis by Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Three assistants, an emergency brake assistant, trace hold assistant and the tiredness alerter
get a new camera technology support. You get the Ignis only with the 1.2 Litres  petrol Engine, which always has 90 HP optionally this is in
an automatic four-wheel drive with a Visco coupling coupled or
to a mild-hybrid system which support the acceleration. We drive the front-powered 1.2 Litre, the road performance is surely quick with a torque of 120 nm .

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The maximum speed is 170 km/h and he reaches 100km/h in just 12 seconds. Suzuki declares 4.6 Litres fuel consumption. There is the Suzuki Ignis from 11,900 euros even with full equipment he does not crack the 20,000 euros The interior of the new ignis is very clearly arranged You will find everything where you expect it Lets start with the materials. We find here, because of the price, a lot of hard plastic.

But it isn’t very bad. The plastic is well processed. You can everywhere touch it and you won’t here any bad sound. That’s really good.

The steering wheel and the gearstick is covered by a sort of leather. That makes a better feeling Between they used a carbon film which looks sporty. On the steeringwheel you  have on the left side the multimediaoperator. Below there is the Telephone control.

And on the right side  the classical Cruise Control The Speedo is very clearly too. In the middle you see the big speedometer on the left the rev counter and right the bord computer. It shows the Current consumption, Average
consumption, the fuel range. The average speed and the driving time.

In the center console you find the multimedia system. We have the normal radio, with usb bluetooth and CD. You can also have a 7” touchscreen with navigation ..

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