Automotive Blog – Suzuki MotorsTodos sus modelosReview Honda Civic

Automotive Blog – Suzuki MotorsTodos sus modelosReview Honda Civic

Hello friends Im Sergio oliveira. Eduardo Vargas. How are you lalo? Were going to talk about- Brands-Suzuki with a little added for Honda. They told us we forgot the Civic, they love the Civic.

Even if they had mentioned a car that isnt very loved its a failure on our part, so we apoligize for forgetting the Civic well, the score that i would give the Civic would be an 8 on average, if i could separate the Civic Turbo from the normal Civic i would give the turbo a 9 and a 7 to the normal one. Why? Because the turbo has very good handling even with the CVT box, the turbo behaves appropriately, its fast nice, and even fun as Civic has not been so in a long time, but not the normal one but the normal one is not and its expensive and for the price you buy it at you could find more interesting things in the market an Elantra seems more interesting, better price/value ratio or a Mazda 3 S, with a better price/value ratio and way more fun than a Civic for a similar price, so its a 7, and maybe even a 6, but lets leave it at 8 on average and i hope that with that we pay back our debt. They also mentioned the Sandero RS. The Sandero RS.

The problem with the Sandero RS is the price it costs 250,000 pesos, it has a normal motor 150 horsepower, its very good, its fun, its nice it has little space, poor finishes, and it costs 250,000 pesos you put 270,000 and you buy a Golf. Before the Golf came out, it costed as much as a Golf it used to only be a 10,000 peso difference in price, now its 20,000 but even still, its too small of an amount for a car that also has 150 horsepower, 150 real horsepower that does not lose strength with altitude, and it also has 7 airbags, better resell value it has better finishes. You could say its not meant to compete with the Golf, and it isnt but if you have 250,000 pesos and you want something that will run well, your goign to do much better with a Golf than with an RS, so even if you want it for racing, which its not made for that, the Golf is still better than the Sandero RS. And its also prestige won over by the Golf, you cant just say oh i have my Sandero yeh, well i have my golf.

Youd have to be very into Renault, its not a bad car, but its much more expensive than it should be, that car at 230,000 i would say great. But not 250,000 I dont like the poor versions of vehicles, like the Fiesta which they will then try to bring up, but i no longer feel like my money- I understand that but i do believe there are versions that are worthwhile, i just dont think that the RS is one of them because the price gets into territory where you find better things. Well, lets get Started with Suzuki Swift I was hoping to see the new Swift in Paris, but it wasnt there and that is Suzukis problem, they take 43 and a half years to change the mirrors, and when they do sometimes they just make it worse and that was the case in Paris, not the car, Ill explain in a second, the Swift is a good car its fun to drive, its nice, and the design is still hanging on despite having been out for 9 years on the market, but its a car that has some defects that dont appear to be justified , for one to make it have more rear room suzuki took away some trunk and now the trunk is rediculous, you can fit two bags from the supermaket if theyre not full thats what will fit in there. Secondly, the basic versions in Mexico only have 2 airbags and the more equipped versions with 6 airbags are way too expensive, for those prices you find cars with more power better finishes, ect.

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Like for example a Kia Rio it costs somewhere around 240,000, or even some versions of Ibiza, ect. Thats the part i dont like about the swift, and then you have the swift sport, which suffers from the same thing or a similar thing as the Sandero RS, its a car with more power, its more fun to drive ect. And this one is safe but the price is once again too high and you say buy this or a Golf, and then there isnt much to think about, the Golf wins by a long shot thats why they dont sell, you wont see them on the streets for any reason there are less Swift Sports out on the street than trophies in the trophy case of Atlas wow, thats pretty funny. Thats around where things are.

What abuot the score? The score, it gets a 7 now Ciaz, im looking on their website and they jump around a bit then lets follow that list so we dont get lost. Kizashi it seems like a pretty car to me, less so now than when it was first launched, it looks a little chubby now like men who got married and got chubby, as we are able to understand its a very boring car, with a 2.4 Motor, CVTbox with 0 emotions it has good finishes, its has a good level of security, its durable, and it looks good Its a good looking car. Yes, it is. I know its good looking but i dont know if its good.

Its a good car, but it doesnt go very car, its so slow, slow, slow, slow poor car, its so slow, but its a good car, its durable, ect. So i would also give that one a 7, lets go to a cut? Well go to a cut and be back with the S-Cross. Were going on a short, break, dont leave.         Were back boys.

Were back, and we were about to talk about the S-Cross and it was a 7 for the Kizashi, the S-Cross, i will start with the grade before getting to the car 5, and i think thats being very generous do you know the frustrated feeling when a new car is worse than the previous one? Just as what happened with the Sentra, the Current Sentra is inferior to the one from the previous generation the Sentra was a good car and they transformed it into a bad car, the same thing happens with the S-cross, the SX4 was a very good car, the cross over just as much as the Sedan, good handling, good looking, fun, pleasant and the SX4 crossover was made in conjunction with Fiat and in italy it was called the Sedici, and the headlights were based on japanese kabuki masks, it was a pretty car and then you get the S-cross which is ugly in my opinion for me it was extremly ugly and the new one was launched in Paris, and they managed to make ugly, hideous Just no. Its so slow if the kizashi is slow, then the S-Cross is the next step down it makes lots oof noises, it is not durable ita a truck with mlots of any quality issues, lots of people say so i have family members who bought one and just regreted it, my father in law had an SX4, he bought the S-Cross because it was the new version and it was worse its also not cheep, 274,000- thats right, if everything else wasnt enough, its expensive so its a 5, possibly a 4. Yeah, your doing it a favor with that ammount of money you can buy other things. The next one is the new vitara.

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The new vitara, the most equipped version is the only one that would be recommendable because of security, it has 7 airbags but the basic versions only have 2, and they are all very slow not as slow as the S-Cross, its a bit lighter but its still slow, and it makes alot of noises, it shows very poor building quality as well as a weak platform it doesnt seem like a good product to me, and apart from that, its expensive Vitara gets a 6 because there is a version with 7 airbags, otherwise it would get a 5 like the S-Cross here on their website it says the next one is the Ciaz and then the Grand Vitara. Ciaz, its hard to help suzuki when they cannot help themselves, the only one that is more or less buyable, and being a reasonably intelligent decision would be the basic one how much does it cost now? It used to be a little under 200, but i dont know if it surpased- 214,990 the Glx Tm version say you buy that car with 101 horsepower with 2 airbags for 217, you could buy a Kia Rio with 6 airbags and 137 horsepower for 202. So its more expensive. Of course, knowing that, seeing someone in a Ciaz or in a Kia Rio who would you consider to be the intelligent person? Of crouse.

That is why the Ciaz gets a 4. I think another part of the problem is that people look at it, like it and the salesmen sell it when someone older goes like your mother or father or people like that they dont know. Yes, i understand that that can happen, if those kinds of people didnt exist they wouldnt sell any but our job is to tell them not to buy it because they have better options and im not saying it a bad car in terms of its going to break down easily, when i say a car is bad it just has a bad score, because i always get that guy who says that his buddy has one and its been really good, it doesnt break down and- A car that doesnt break down is not necessarily a good car, for a car to be good it has to have good interior space, finishes, safety durability, and value for your money, when you see the price be able to say that for that price there was nothing better on the market, so i grade a car as good or bad when there are or are not better thing in the market for that amount of money, and for the price of the Ciaz, there are better things in the market for example, the Kia Rio, Hona Fit, Seat toledo, Nissan Versa they could even be inferior in some aspects, the finishes on a Ciaz are much better than on a Versa but why am i recommending a Versa or  a Vento? Because they are much cheaper they give you better value for your money and that is the big problem with Suzuki. The Grand Vitara.

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The Grand Vittara seems to me that even though its old, its Suzukis best product, i give it a 6 because its old its still rearwheel drive, and that is good for a sporty Sedan, and in a sporty coupe but that doesnt make alot of sense in an SUV, but it is a good truck there are exceptions, you had a very bad family experience with the Grand Vitara. My sister has one and it costed what it says here 360,000 and they resell for 150,000 within two years. But in general its a truck with good finishes, durable, and it still looks good in my opinion but for the price they ask for it, there are better options I wanted to clear up, that the truck didnt break down or anything, it wasnt bad, but what i got mad about was that she lost 200,000 pesos in 2 years. So a 7 for the Grand Vitara.

And i was looking at the Kizashi, its 370,000. So the prices really do not help them, they do give that level of quality but You buy an Accord, a Mazda 6, or a Kia Rio for 363,000 pesos you can buy a Kia Optima, not a Rio, you have a Kia Optima which is the second one from the bottom up, it has leather, it has memory seat, it has alot of front space, a motor with 184 horsepower GPS- but- rear camera How do these brands subsit? Do they have other markets where they sell cheaper? Where they are the only ones? Thats a topic for a whole other show. Well, thats it for Suzuki. Thank you and goodbye Hey boys, you should subscribe Greetings to my Puerto Rican Friends If you enjoyed the video give it a like, if you want to see more videos click here..

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