Automotive Blog – Suzuki S Cross 1.0 Boosterjet 112 cv Test Drive

Automotive Blog – Suzuki S Cross 1.0 Boosterjet 112 cv Test Drive

We can learn from motorbikes how small sized engines can go everywhere. Also Suzuki noticed that and imported this idea in a four wheeled vehicle. Dont you ever ever think Suzuki did a car as rude as an off road motorbike , the only things this car shares with this kind of bike are the low weight, the user-friendly attitude and the small displacement of the engine. But this car is also as comfortable as only a suv can be.

The Japanese Company has recently restyled its new sport utility, and got into the downsizing engine cars market. They also paid attention in making it more practical and useful, instead of express it showy and trendy like the cars which belong to the same class. The result is a clean and simple but pleasant look. Hi everyone, welcome to automobilissimo.Com, we are now testing the new Suzuki s cross 1.0 3 Cylinders with 112hp.

Lets talk about the interiors the instrument panel is well manufactured, theres a big touchscreen in the middle, which is an optional; the materials are pretty old school and a bit hard to touch, except for the central part which is softer, but substantially they are well assembled The air conditioning system works fine and its able to keep punctually the temperature at the desire value. The seats are comfortable, and they are able to soften even the biggest bumps on the road like this one It seem like they paid more attention in making the seat accessible than sporty in fact the side sustain is lower than the one we found in the seat ateca, but the seat is softer and more comfortable, like the philosophy of this car. A thing we didnt like is the seatback regulation, because it moves step by step, and sometimes you cant find the right position Theres a lot of space. Im pretty tall, but I still have space for my legs and for the head.

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Suzuki has never been too much complicate in his design, and so he did for the s cross All the parts are simple and well mixed. The most visible parts are very well done, honestly there are some imprecisions in the hidden ones, but they all work correctly Commands are easy to use, and the dash tells you everything you need to know, without being redundant. The infotainment system is fitted in the middle of the dashboard The screen is 4 blocks divided and its very easy to use. Theres the digital radio that you can tune and regulate the volume with the touch screen Just two click and youll be back to the homepage, where you can set the nav.

You can insert all of the info  it needs in a single page (like city and address) and then start the navigation very quickly. Just a click on the homepage and you can connect your smartphone via Bluetooth, and youll be able to call or use the apps on your mobile device Theres also a reverse gear camera, which combine with park sensors allows you to park easily. Many steering wheels positions are possible The rear seats are comfortable, but, differently from the front ones, you dont have too much space for your head if youre taller than 1.85. The boot is big, and you can also lay down the seats, and this makes this car even more practical.

The car feels good while driving The ride height is huge. The visibility is very good, windshield and the windscreens are wide. The engine is a 3 cylinders petrol unit, with a 5-speed gearbox Lets talk about the clutch, its a little particular, right? Yes it is. Because it has a pretty long travel but it engages in a not very gradual way.

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You need to get used I found it very soft and not tiring for your leg, and thats good. Yes, if you get used it also stops to shake your car during the travel The engine: its very particular, 3 cylinders, turbocharged, and with a very small displacement, how is it? The engine allows you to drive relaxed but it also can be pushed a little bit. Its comfortable, and it has a particular sound. If we accelerate we can notice that the noise doesnt get too much inside the car Obviously this kind of engine will never have an exciting sound, but its not that bad honestly.

The suspensions work very well in damping every single vibration coming from the street. The ride height helps. Yes, it does. Nothing can annoy you inside here.

I think this is the best part of the car, its ability to isolate you completely from the outside. Now we are on a very bumpy road but our ride is still very comfortable. It vibrates a bit but just because this street is very bumpy. Such a small engine, with so much power, 112hp per liter, is there any turbo lag? The engine is promptly ready; you cant expect it to accelerate like a sport car, but you have enough power to overtake without problems.

Unfortunately the gearbox has only 5 gears, wed rather have it with 6. About torque? Yes theres enough torque. You can accelerate from low revs And the gear ratio? Its good Lets see the acceleration I can hear the engine when revving high. Yes but it never annoys you, its good Yes and it doesnt vibrate too much, thats the important thing.

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Lets talk about brakes. The brakes are pretty powerful, the can easily stop the car, and also the car doesnt dive that much The ABS worked well, the only problem is that you need to apply a great force at the pedal to exploit all the braking power you have. You have to stomp on it. Important thing is that the car dived a bit, but the rear remained stable.

And its important because in a such high car this is not easy to achieve. The fuel consumption is very low, even if the engine is pretty powerful Being lighter than 1.3 Tons makes the car accelerate faster and use less fuel. The fuel consumption of this car seems the one of a diesel. The price is very interesting, our version costs 21490 For that you can have a very good amount of gadgets, active road safety systems, and also some device for the entertainment The sat come as optional, but it costs just 300 .

At the end we can say that this car gives its best while driving slowly and relaxed, but it also can be sporty and a little bit funny, thanks to its engine. Brakes are fine, theres a lot of space, and its very practical like a real Suzuki..

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