Automotive Blog – Suzuki SFV650 Gladius Ride Review

Automotive Blog – Suzuki SFV650 Gladius Ride Review

Alright well so today what I wanted to do is a Review On the SFV650 Gladius and you know,  I’m extremely happy with this bike all-around I mean I have a few minor complaints but
all around this bike its A Pretty darn good bike couple things I want to start with We will start off with the main point 650cc ninety-degree V-twin  engine got a roughly about 70 horsepower and 45
pounds torque peak thats roughly, It might be up or down a
couple points but plenty enough to have some fun on man. You can do clutch up wheelies in second gear way the engines designed as Oil sump, I would not hold the wheelie out but.. Can be done ( Display of Power ) So yea, its got Plenty of Power… And the really cool part about this bike is
like I said in a couple my other videos is it is an intermediate bike
that the power is not real peaky.

If you’ve
never ridden a super sport but you’ve driven a
turbocharged car. The power delivery of a
Super Sport is it feels like a turbo spool up.  It
builds and builds and builds and then it’s sets your *** back. Man, for a new rider it’s terrifying be
honest with you.

The power delivery on
this bike I really enjoy it it’s nice and Lanier, Its smooth from 4000
rpm up to 9000-9500 rpm is really its sweet spot its just a gradual pull. The transmission One of  the best transmissions I’ve
ever fell to be honest with you. Its butter
smoothie.  So yeah overall engine and transmission very very very good! One of  the other things about this bike.
The factory exhaust is way to quiet Its got a nice exhaust note.

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But it’s so quiet and I don’t like the
way it looks pretty friggin awkward be honest with
you Bump in road. Ouch………………………. That brings me to the next (ouch my nutz) One of the only other Cons to this bike. The seat.

Its a torture rack.. It sucks.. Their are definitely way more
comfortable seats out their It has no Padding… (Foam)None…

What so ever.. 0 Pading the braking and suspension on his bike
is Fairly good in my opinion
the rides pretty comfortable as far as normal everyday riding you know stuff like this except when you go over bumps like that.   Suspension I mean. It’s pretty good it’s not a super sport but you can definitely get her down (fast paced riding) and interestingly enough this bike
actually has a close to  500lbs  (GWV)
Growse Vehicle weight Carrying capacity Thats not including the bikes WET weight.

Total 900lbs+ you can carry on The Gladius close to 500pounds it’s a tiny bike but amazes me how
they can do that safley the instrument cluster is actually
pretty well laid out i like the fact that has the analog rpm and a digital mile-per-hour Speedo. And two trip odometers and a clock but I really do enjoy the Gear indicator. That’s pretty cool and it’s
nice to be able to see no everybody’s had those times where
they’re not entirely sure which gear there in.  Or they go to shift into another gear lol your in sixth, and try to shift to seventh..

Instead of doing that. You can just look down real quick. The only thing instrument cluster oMG
does not have is a fuel level gauge.  It has a fuel light that comes on.
The tank has a 3.8 Gallon fuel capacity for US Spec.

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The light will come on when there is
one gallon left then it’s so   This bike gets about anywhere between
fifty and sixty mile per gallon depending on the riding conditions. And
whether you’re two up or not you can get down into the forties but on average this bike has a range of
about 200 miles which is pretty good . If there were three things I would
change about this bike there is quite a bit of Wind     I took and the wind issue with this.
Beforehand the wind was hitting me above waist level and I was trying to pull me
off the bike. You know which  is fine.

For commuting 20 miles to work and back Or quick trips. But when your going 100 200 300 400 miles you know 100 miles+ in a day it gets quite tiring constant push back . So what I did you alleviate that was I
bought the Puig   hadiuken! Windscreen for ***** bikes. It is  high-quality fits very well.

And now the wind hits me at about here   Motovlogging, wile riding. People passing me  looking at me funny .. Are probably thinking ZOMGWTFBROLOLWTFBOOM.   As far as Cons goes with this bike seat wide protection muffler need a muffler! All in all this is an amazing Bike it’s great for beginner to
intermediate ride   it you’d never been on a bike before I
would not recommend this bike starting off if you’ve got some type a motorcycle
experience Took a Safety coarse and did well.

I would say deffenitly start off on a SFV650 Gladius As far as an Intermediate to Advanced Rider   This Bike is going to keep you happy for a wile! This bike doesn’t excel at any one
particular thing but it is a great all-around bike
reliable as the sun. That 90-degree v-twin engine that suzuki makes. Legendary reliability. Keep your
maintenance up you should be fine so if your look to purchase one   GOOD! Get it got it good! Ride it! Enjoy it!.

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