Automotive Blog – Suzuki Swift 1.0 Boosterjet TEST POV Drive & Walkaround

Automotive Blog – Suzuki Swift 1.0 Boosterjet TEST POV Drive & Walkaround

Hi, Bartek Urban AUTOWIZJA.Pl. Lets test the new Suzuki Swift 2017! It’s the sixth generation of Suzuki Swift, which sold over 5 300 000 copies Over one million cars have been sold only in Europe, which makes it one of the most popular cars on the market in this class The latest release presents a completely new style The car has been designed from the beginning and it has to be admitted that it looks very nice The Swifts previous generation was a 5-door or a 3-door car The latest incarnation is only available as a 5-door though with cleverly hidden door handles, the rear doors it cannot be seen at first glance What is slightly surprising is the fact that the car is a bit shorter than its predecessor Only about 10 mm but still Today, most manufacturers are enlarging next generations, losing their sense and falling outside their class Suzuki went in a slightly different direction Swift is 10 mm shorter, but the wheelbase is 20 mm larger In this way, the manufacturer spotted a bit more space for passengers as well as for luggage: the trunk increased its capacity by 54 liters, which is a quarter the size of its predecessor  now it has as much as 265 liters In the trunk there are no shopping hooks, and under the floor you will find either a spare wheel or a repair kit as in the tested car The new Suzuki Swift is also 15 mm lower and 40 mm wider Such changes have contributed to lowering the center of gravity, but lets talk about it in a moment Now, lets focus on the amount of space in the cabin On the back even being 186 cm I dont touch the roof with my head or the driver’s seat with my knees I have literally a few centimeters of fee space but thats enough Unfortunately, there is no armrest on the back Te front is definitely more comfortable where most people will find a comfortable position behind the wheel which is adjustable in two planes I also have to praise the seats, which have a very good side hold as for an ordinary city car However, the biggest change of Swift was inside, where the manufacturer served us with a brand new dashboard with one of the nicest steering wheels in the city cars Besides, the quality of fitting has improved, nothing creaks The materials are of average quality, although in this class we didnt expect anything more In addition to the new steering wheel, the upper vents have changed and are now circular we have an optional 7-inch touch screen display and clocks mounted in separate tubes Between the clocks we have a 4.2-Inch color display which offers us a wealth of information All in all, there is  too much data, because beyond the moment or middle fuel cosnumption rather no one in the city car is interested in side loads, the amount of available power or momentary torque, and how strongly press the dampers or brake Going back to the touch screen: iIt works very smoothly, although the manufacturer could slightly improve the touch response which is not always detected The screen itself has a very readable four-part menu: audio, phone, navigation and applications from our smartphone. Straight and clear Time to ride. Under the hood of the tested copy, there is a new turbocharged BOOSTERJEST three-cylinder engine with a capacity of 1 liter The unit generates 111 HP and 170 Nm and let you spurt to the first hundred in 10 seconds The feelings are much better, and Swift accelerates nicely Here it may be due to a very light body  the new Swift in the basic version weighs 840 kg, which is 120 kg less than the predecessor And this makes difference.

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This has contributed positively to driving, performance and combustion. But if you are not a fan of small three-cylinder turbo units, Suzuki still offers the reliable 1.2 Naturally-aspirated DualJet construction that generates 90 HP. As you have probably noticed the tested Swift has an automatic gearbox Each of the engines in the base has a 5-gear manual transmission, but as an option we can choose the automatic one For the 1.0 Boosterjest engine there is a classic 6-gear automatic transmission, while for the 1.2 Engine the manufacturer offers a CVT. I only drove with a classic automatic transmission and I have to admit that it is good It is not a speed demon, but it works very well for a regular or even a bit more chilly ride The new unit transmits a bit of vibration to the cab at slow speed – it is very cultural and quiet While accelerating from the exhaust we hear a whirr characteristic of three-cylinder cars Each of the engines, either 1.0 Or 1.2, Is available in the hybrid version SVHS, where we have an additional 2.3KW and 50Nm electric motor This is not a classic hybrid that we can move without sound at the electrical power only In Suzuki we have a combined function of alternator and starter, plus an additional lithium-ion battery This solution provides a better and faster start-stop system and provides more current The energy is collected during braking and theoretically added during acceleration, increasing the power of the entire car In practice the difference is imperceptible…

As for combustion, the car with SVHS is supposed to burn 0.9 Liter less in the city, according to the manufacturer Unfortunately, we have not checked it, but we feel that the profit will be around 0.5 Or less As I mentioned, the car weighs less, has a lower center of gravity, and offers a small turbo engine Such combination gives a lot of driving pleasure. In addition, the manufacturer reduced the bend radius by 0.4 M, making it even easier to maneuver down the narrow streets I’m looking forward to the Swift Sport variant, which will probably have a 1.4 Boosterjet engine (1.4 Turbo 140 HP) Looking how the regular Swift is riding, Sport will be a great go-kart The new Suzuki Swift will be produced only in Japan, not as in the previous generation in Hungary or India On one hand, it is probably good news, looking at the precision of the Japanese (although most are already mechanized) but on the other hand, unfortunately, it means increasing the cost of transporting the car to Europe And so the basic Swift with a 1.2 DualJet engine costs PLN 47 900, while the previous model with the same engine and 5 door cost PLN 46 900 However, it is a deceptive difference, because the old Swift had a lower level of equipment, so in the general sense the new generation is a bit better, though still expensive for this class It is worth noting, however, that the competition is cheaper but usually has much weaker engines The new Suzuki Swift is exactly the car we expected Small, nice, responsive with quite good driving characteristics and the option of really lively 1.0 Turbo engine However, if you are not a fan of three-cylinder engines, the manufacturer still offers an old and proven unit 1.2 Good city car! THE END..

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