Automotive Blog – Suzuki Swift GSX-RRTest drive

Automotive Blog – Suzuki Swift GSX-RRTest drive

This Suzuki is dedicated to MotoGp Pilots, like Espargaro and Vinales. This one is the Suzuki Swift GSX-RR. How do we know it’s a GSX-RR? Well from the Blue, red and yellow colors. I don’t really like the front lights, since day lights are still halogen, while high beams and low beams have a xenon technology it’s 3.9M long, 1.70M wide and 1.5M tall and there’s keyless entrance How do I fit on board? Comfortably, since I can adjust the seat and the steering wheel.

I’m not going to show you how I fit on the back seats let’s take a look at the rear, there’s a red extractor, double pipes and this is the trunk, with a load capacity of 211L, which is very small and 892L with lowered seats but  this isn’t a car thought for weekend trips, it has been thought for having fun We are now driving a Suzuki Swift Sport. It has a 1.6L engine with an output of 136Hp at 6,900Rpm and a torque power of 160Nm at 4,400Rpm. This car has to be driven at high Rpm let’s say it, it’s very fun to drive, it follows MotoGp ideal of fun the shift is good, but the lever is a bit too long. The Steering works very well and nice.

The pedals are in a good position. IT’s very fun to play with it, thanks to the good acceleration let’s slow down and test the noise: between 73 and 75Db, which isn’t too bad, considering that the noise is nice to hear I would have expected a better noise, thanks to the double pipes the suspensions are stiff but not too much, on bumps it’s fine even though a bit of noise comes in. I like the seats as well, they look very nice but if the end of the test you’d like to have an happy ending, here you go! Only a few car still have this kind of seats this car is a bit old style, it’s beautiful and everything but it’s a bit basic. There isn’t an infotainment or other electronic systems let’s take the acceleration test, let’s go! The rev counter red zone has the power limiter at 7,500Rpm.

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Let’s now brake. Ok, it has a good braking, despite the suspensions aren’t too stiff, so it moved a little this car reaches 100Kph in 8.7S with a op speed of 195Kph we did feel the bump and while braking  I really had to push hard on the brake pedal in order to use the ABS. Talking about the dashboard, it’s the same as the standard Swift, with hard plastic everywhere and it’s almost impossible to keep them clean from the dust but they have a good texture. Japanese like plastics that can last for many years the infotainment is very basic, with radio, USB and Bluetooth, the big problem is pairing the phone, but we ended up doing it after looking at the manual.

I must say that the speacker has a good sound there isn’t the start and stop on this camera, the air conditioning system works well the fuel consumption is 15Km/l in town which become 16.5Km/l at 110Kph and 14.5Km/L at 130Kph so it’s a fundamentally a city car with a very sporty attitude in front of me there’s the rev counter, water temperature and speedometer on the right. In the middle there are some info, such as the gear, but you have to click here to change info. Talking about the pick up, despite not being so ready at low RPM it has a great power at high range RPM, with a good sound the passenger is comfortable, thanks to the glovebox which isn’t too forward and I can move backwards what is funny about this car is that if you lock the side windows, even the driver can’t use them what I don’t really like is the the passenger’s seat that it doesn’t have a memory, so when you move it to allow the rear passenger to get in, it won’t go back to where it was there isn’t much else to say about this car, there are only xenon lights but unfortunately there aren’t LED led day let’s talk about the price, the base version of the Swift has a starting price of 13.550 Euro, the Sport version costs 18.200, While this one is only available from the web site and it costs 16,900 Euro I really like it, despite buying online you won’t probably have a discount from the retailer well Suzuki has been nice to dedicate this car to its pilots. I would have probably bought it if I had been 15 years younger since it’s a fun, nice looking and not so expensive car even the Standard Swift is good looking, follow us on our networks and see you soon!.

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