Automotive Blog – Suzuki Swift stuck in mudhole

Automotive Blog – Suzuki Swift stuck in mudhole

We are in our beautiful forest,  And we had put up a sign, hoping people would keep it clean. And leave no trash. But look what we found now. Somebody thought that he could drive through here, last night.

With his good car. But i think it is heroic. Thumps up for trying. What a mess,..

I think we should get it out, not? The owners have arrived. Yes, and they are going to get it out themselves. Nice! Good afternoon! We found a car. That’s possible, we lost one! They urged me a little.

They just told me that it was your fault it got stuck, so you can tie the rope. I can see you have good shoes on. Moment of truth, see if it will stil start after spending the night here. Trouser legs are rolled up, that’s a good sign.

If you step up the hood, you can get right in. I can do it like this. This is more interesting.. Oh, long legs, that will work.

The seats are really wet.. Yes, blow the engine.. I like that. Yes, it’s filled to the brim.

Hitting a nail in the floor so it can get out. You’re going to drive it dry? I’m going to see if i can get the water out. It’s a driving pool, and you are dressed for it. How are you going to drive it dry? Door open? Can you urge him again? Because we want to see it too.

I’m not going to do it again, because last night i got in trouble. We just voted, we saw that you can drive it dry realy well. So you can try it again. We are agreed.

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You think so too ejh? Ah, i like this. With the window open dude! This is a reconstruction of last night. Hey, last night he got further. Haha, ****! I think it’s sportive that you tried again.

That was some thick goo overthere! I couldn’t get the speed. Yes, help has arrived. That took a long time! What have you brought along thijs? Nothing is for free. It gets empty quick now.

That’s driving it dry again. You’ll stay busy this way. Now, we are going to make you happy with a logo, and see how happy they are. That’s the first logo on somebody else’s car.

That’s true. Like this i think. It really is better now. Hey, bye dude.

Success! Get home safely. One question remains, is it possible? So I’ll have to try myself. I say, show us! That should have been easy with a swift! Or not? Yes, or was that swift not 4wd? I ‘m not sure….

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