Automotive Blog – Suzuki Swift vs Renault Twingo

Hey we know that one! This time it hasn’t ended up here by accident. What’s the plan? Does it need new MOT? Oh, it doesn’t have MOT anymore, the car can go. I thought we had found another car and it was the same one. But this time not by accident.

Perfect, it’s good there. Let’s customize the car first, that makes it faster. First wash it. Well go nuts.

And our trademark. The happy passenger. Close the door softly. Yes thats what i meant.

You know what, drive it out. We are going to remove the door. Its still on there! Its almost off. Missed again.

Just what I expected! That french banger starts to make strange noices.. Winner of the first round. Its not new anymore. It can take everything this car, i think we are going to try that..

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