Automotive Blog – Suzuki V-Strom 650XT 2017

Automotive Blog – Suzuki V-Strom 650XT 2017

Hello to everyone from Spain. I’m here to show you a very appreciated motorbike. Since 2004 Suzuki has sold 164,000 units of the V-Strom 650XT. After the 2011 restyling, in 2017 the V-Strom has changed its design and engine, here it is The front is totally new and similar to the 1,000cc model, it’s more aggressive, reminding the DR Big which has raced in the Dakar and then sold in the DR750 and SDR 800 versions this is the XT version which has aluminum spoked rims, allowing to have tubeless tires, at the front there are 310mm discs and the reflector which is now mandatory by Euro 4 laws There’s a traditional front fork with a 150mm travel This is the yellow version, a classic Suzuki color, like the Cross bikes which have raced ion the 80’s with De Coster or in more recent years with Everts the muffler has been moved to a lower position in order to allow to have bigger bags, which are now made in plastic and not in aluminum anymore.

They have a load capacity of 18L and 21L. The tank has a fuel capacity of 20L but it’s narrower, there’s a low mud guard and the braking system has a standard ABS which can’t be turned off On the XT version it has hand guards and engine guard when testing motorbikes we usually just talk about them, but today I’d like to tell you something more about how we dress up for the tests Today I’m wearing a perforated Tucano Urbano jacket with protectors on elbows and shoulders. I have a back Spidi protector, sometimes we wear Airbags. Protecting gloves and a full face helmet I have reinforced pants and specific boots the design is totally new.

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New front, new tank, new seat. It’s comfortable but it’s a bit low for tall riders, 830mm from the ground. There’s an optional seat with an height of 850mm, otherwise is perfect I’ve tried it as a passenger. The foot pegs are low and the the rear seat is extremely comfortable.

This bike is more comfortable than many 1,000 cc bikes. It’s suitable for beginners but also for experienced riders who want a good bike at the rear we can notice the low muffler and the tail which is the same as the 1,000 cc version there are new switches and there’s a new cockpit. It’s well readable, there’s an analogical rev counter and two LC displays there’s a gear indicator, speed, outside temperature, clock, fuel consumption and battery charge the finishes are well done but unfortunately the handlebar has a too much “road” look. It’s a bit too thin the engine is very regular at already 1,500 Rpm, it’s not too loud and it has a pretty sporty soul there’s still an aluminum frame but there are 60 new features for the engine, new camshaft, piston and cooling system, reaching 71Hp at 8,000 Rpm, +2Hp from the older model and with an improved torque There’s a 6 gears shift with cable clutch.

Suzuki has declared a fuel consumption of 25Km/l which, thanks to the 20 L tank, give to this bike a fuel range of 497 Km there’s the Traction control on this bike, which can be setup on 2 different levels or turned off and there are Bridgestone A40 tires Here we are on the V-Strom 650 XT with spoked rims this bike is comfortable even for short riders but also for the tall ones. The riding position is road oriented with the low end of the handlebar. It’s comfort on road but not so much riding off road. It’s comfortable for the passenger we don’t feel any vibrations and there isn’t any heat coming form the engine.

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The cooling system has been improved, just like the braking system the new Bridgestone tires have a great grip even on wet grounds. The front rim has a diameter of 19 inches and the 17 at the rear with a wheel size of 110 at the front and 150 at the rear the riding position is comfortable for everyone, even though it’s a bit too low for tall riders. It’s very comfortable for the passenger the shift is perfect, it’s well spaced We’re at 110 Kph at 5,000 Rpm, while at 130Kph we’re at 6,000 Rpm, the engine goes up to 10,000 Rpm this V-Strom is very agile on twisty roads thanks to the weight of 213Kg and 216 for the Xt version and the engine has a good soul even after 6,000 Rpm. The engine is very smooth, perfect for touring After 8,000 Rpm this bike becomes quite aggressive the aluminumframe, which was thought in 2004 for the 1st V-Strom allows this bike to have a good handling together with this engine On twisty roads this bike is great.

It’s very stable even at high speeds, while the windshield protects well up to 140Kph on the low position even for tall riders and it can be setup on 3 different positions. The accelerator doesn’t have any on-off feeling, it’s very smooth, just like the clutch. The engine is fun to ride for touring The front fork can’t be setup but even when braking hard it’s fine the travel is of 150mm, so it’s not made for hard off road but only for some easy tracks where it’s very stable even when braking the rear suspension can be setup in the pre charge and I’ve tighten it to have the bike a bit taller, it’s perfect now I’ll show you how the engine behaves at low RPM. I’m at 40 Kph in 6th gear at 2,100 Rpm and it’s unbelievably smooth this engine is a bit low but it has been revisited.

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Suzuki doesn’t change it’s bike often but it improves its models The cockpit is well readable while turning this bike is very precise and this motorbike is very comfortable. The ABS works well The fuel consumption is low, considering that we’ve driven pretty fast, with an average fuel consumption of 6l/100Km but it’s easy to improve it the Bridgestone A 40 have a great grip in every condition this V-Strom 650 is perfect for beginners but it’s still suitable for bikers who have experience but who would like to have a motorbike for traveling. This Suzuki has a starting price of 8,390 euro, while the XT 8,990 euro. That’s it for now, see you soon! The roads are marvelous, but keep in mind: don’t ever cross the white line on turns!.

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