Automotive Blog – Suzuki Vitara 1.6 GLX 4×4 AT Test Sr Review

Automotive Blog – Suzuki Vitara 1.6 GLX 4×4 AT Test Sr Review

We are with Suzuki Vitara. This car has been one of the most hotly anticipated and wanted one for a long while. I know this because you keep inquiring Why dont you test Vitara in your comments. Today is the day; Vitara is standing next to me.

Lets cut the story short and start analyzing. Come on. We start as usual from the design but before that I have to give you some details about its dimensions. As you know, this car previously was put on the market as Grand Vitara and was a compact SUV.

But in this new generation its length has been deceased as well as its length and its height lowered and therefore falls into small crossover class now. In other words, when all models have a tendency to growth, the Vitara on the contrary has tended to diminution and is now in the small crossover class. The new Vitara has more angular design than the Grand Vitara it replaced. In here there is a grill by big brand logo and with chromium details.

The headlamps are very chick but if you ask me what makes a great display are the LED daylight lamps along with this bumper. When you look at the mid section of the bumper this piece is detail to emphasize Vitaras crossover identity. The same manifest itself at the side with pieces on the fenders. You may remember this piece from the Grand Vitara anyway.

The same design language was also employed in the Grand Vitara but in here it does not amount to any thing and looks cheap but adds movement to the side view. There is a curl starting from the center of the door and raising towards the rear. The Vitara has a plain angular design from the sides. You can now buy the Vitara bicolor.

As far as I know, after you choose the body color, you have a possibility to prefer black or white roof. Come lets look at the rear of the car. This place also has angular form. If you ask my opinion, I like the general design of Vitara, but my dislike is to the rear because due to this wide windows the taillights are placed low and this does not appeal to me but you cannot argue about tastes.

I like the car overall but the rear is not very striking. What do you think about the design of the Vitara? I will be glad if you answer by clicking here. The reason I dont like the rear may be that the spare tire we are accustomed to be not offered anymore. Today many manufacturers are abandoning the spare tire that was used like this but when Suzuki or Vitara is mentioned, I visualize that late design.

When I look at this car I can say that this place is a bit bare. Anyway, that is my opinion, but you can leave yours under the video. Please dont hesitate. Lets look what kind of loading area is behind the boot.

This place offers 375 liters loading capacity. It does not look bad. There are places for your small items on the sides behind the wheels but more importantly this place is two parts namely, you can put small articles below and big loads to the top easily. Further more you have means to incline the rear seats in ratio of forty thirty and increase the capacity of the boot.

I have mentioned that the dimensions of Vitara has been decreased but I have to tell you that, yes this car is in the small class, small crossover class but the knee room here is much better than many of its rivals. Unfortunately, it does not display the same generosity in the headroom. That is to say, even though the roof is lowered due to the sunroof, as you can see my head is almost at the border and I am 1.78 Cm tall. I think the headroom is insufficient but the speciousness is better than many of its rivals.

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For the third passenger in the middle, it is not bad; I can fit my feet here. There is a small transmission hump but you can put your feet on top of it. But as always the reference will be for the side seats. Now I am getting to the front seat but before driving I will give you some details about the comfort specialty of the front seats.

Come on. The first thing that grabs your attention as you enter Vitara as it did mine when I took the car for a test is the gigantic multimedia screen. It is really huge because I have tested Jeep Renegade recently and it had a screen as big as a mobile phone, this hand span length and ten plus inches size really deserves praise. I thought it was a screen added afterwards when I first enter the car.

In other words, I thought if you are giving this car for testing why put a posting screen but when enquired I learned this is what is offered in Vitara. Very different, it is an Android base system works very well. You can connect to the navigation from here, which also works very well. Of course, the quality of the map can be debated but ultimately it offers you a navigation system.

Radio, phone connection with Bluetooth, reaching to music system and even features to play video is offered but most impressive is that this Android base system can open a web page. As you can see I have open the Carviser page in the Youtube for you and watching the Seat Leon test. You dont have to watch it from here, if you have not watched the face lifted Leon test yet, you can do so by clicking here. The system works very well and really deserves praise.

I dont know how much this will cost if you buy it from outside but there are lots of applications here and if I am not mistaken you can personalize it to your needs. I liked it very much and naturally it enriches and beautifies the interior but we have to talk about truths about the quality of the materials. Shiny as well as very hard plastic materials have been used almost at the entire cockpit. Normally, in many cars, relatively soft plastics are used on the top but here hard plastic is everywhere you touch.

This indicates that the cockpit is not high quality but I can say that if you ignore this than the interior of the Vitara is very specious and comfortable. The displays in our front are legible. The trip computer in the middle is quite good. The steering wheel fits to the hand very well.

Gearbox, and the small item cubicles and some such details will be dealt with on the road, I think it is time to hit the road. Come on. Before starting the drive of the Vitara, I will ask you something. Are you following the social media accounts of the Carviser? For example the Instagram? Facebook? If you are not, please click the links in the instruction parts in the video and start following.

Forget about my evading before, the Vitara is very generous about small items cubicles. Here in front of the gear lever there is an area for your wallet and mobile. There are two cup-holders behind the gear lever and a small place behind it but what is missing is armrest. When you want to rest while driving you cannot put your arm.

Also since there is no place with a lid you can put things only into the glove compartment if you do not want to leave around. Ultimately, even though the quality of materials is low in the interior of Vitara, I think it satisfies the expectations to the full extent and it is very good and comfortable. But I have one critic and that is this extra stitching in the joint of the seat and it bothers my back a bit. I dont know, it may be relevant with my height, may be shorter or taller people do not get bothered but I clearly got bothered.

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Let us consider the engine and the driving features of Vitara. It is sold with only 1.6 Liters petrol engine in our country. It is reported that 1.4 Liters turbo charge engine will come. But it did not come yet when I was testing this car.

But it may have arrived while you are watching this video. Therefore you can enter the Suzuki web site by clicking to the link under the videos instruction part and reach the information about the new engine if it was added to the series. In this car that I am driving 1.6 Liters naturally aspirated petrol engine, which develops 120 HP and 156 Nm of torque, is functioning and sold with only 6-speed automatic gearbox with torque converter. You are able to purchase the Vitara either as front drive or as 4-wheel drive.

This car I am driving has a 4-wheel drive system. We cannot say that the engine is very lively because it does not have the torque value we are accustomed from the turbo charge engines. It exhibits full-fledge naturally aspirated engine characteristic, in other words, the engine becomes powerful at high rpm and its traction increases. If you like naturally aspirated engines, I can say that this engine will answer your expectations in that way.

The engine works very harmoniously with the gearbox. For example, I am moving at 70 km/h at the moment and the engine is cruising at around 1500 rpm namely, as it sticks around at low levels, you are able to advance uneventfully. But you dont have much power under your foot; in other words, when I press the throttle it increased to 2500 rpm. It has reasonable traction.

But if you down-shift couple of gears and accelerate then as I have mentioned earlier, the engine rpm increases and sound of the naturally aspirated engine sounds pleasing to the ears. At the moment we are at 5500 rpm. I shifted to fourth gear. It accelerates quite well and I reached to 150 km/h.

In spite of the fact that I have said the engine is not very lively and very responsive it satisfies your expectations quite good. I have said that Vitara is 4-wheel drive but in normal conditions it advances as front wheel drive but if the front wheels skids or if the car lose power and then certain part of the power is transferred to the rear axle and the car moves as 4-wheel drive. You can if you wish, command the drive systems from the control element behind the gear lever. That is to say, when you turn it to right you select the Sport mode and to the left the Snow or Mud mode.

When you select the Snow or Mud mode and press the Lock button next to them, you lock the differential and the car advance as 4-wheel drive. During my test I have driven the Vitara mostly on asphalt surfaces but because of curiosity I have also tried the Vitara a bit on off-road conditions. Besides, Suzuki as one of the specialist brand at 4-wheel drive has produced quite good results in the Vitara. I can say that maybe not at very tough conditions but it is very capable off-road car.

Further more, incline assist system is also offered in the Vitara. Very important safety equipment is offered in the new Vitara. One of them is the radar break system. If you approach the car in front too fast system warns you vocally and visually and if you still do not break then it breaks and tries to save you from a possible accident.

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If your speed is too great then naturally the accident may be inescapable but it still, decreasing your speed will lower your inflicting damages to the minimum. Look, I am approaching at the moment faster than necessary and as you can see with the alarm sound red light has come on the screen to warn me to break. In my opinion, the system works quite well. Another safety equipment is the adaptive cruise control that we know and use in many models anyway but, as this is a small crossover, in other words a crossover in the B segment, to offer this system and in a very reasonable price range, deserves praise.

The system works like this, you turn on the cruise control on the steering wheel as usual and adjust the car to the speed you want. In here you have three different level of adjustment of the distance to the car in your front. After arranging your speed you are able to fallow the car in front very easily. If the car in front slows down or breaks, you do the same.

But if you want to overtake it, look even though my foot is not on the throttle, I signal to the left side and the car accelerates by itself and I am overtaking the car in front. I guess there is a question you would like to ask about this system, therefore I shall answer it before tiring you. This system does not stop and start the car namely if you are under 40 km/h speed, the system gives a warning sound as ping and disengages. When you get over speeds 40-50 km/h you engage the system and it continues to work successfully as before.

Let us consider the suspensions. They are a bit firm especially on rough asphalt surfaces as now; you feel the impacts from the road. When you drive over keystones in the city, you here rattle at the rear of the car. In other words, I frankly cannot say that the suspensions are comfortable but on highway drives you dont feel any bother and it gives confidence at high speeds.

The steering responses are not bad at all. It answers your wishes timely. Insulation is definitely not one of the subjects that Vitara is strong at because if you are on rough asphalt as now, even at low speeds you hear the road and tire noises in the interior. Apart from that, when you want to accelerate and reach high rpm, the engine noise can really be heard.

If there is anybody who had a test drive or purchased this car, I am curious about your opinion concerning the suspensions and insulation. I will be very happy if you leave your opinions as comment under the video. Finally let us consider the fuel consumption of Vitara. I have been driving this car for five days and have covered 175 km.

At the moment, the trip computer indicates to me 7.5 Liters fuel consumption averages. This value is in my opinion very good as we should not forget that the Vitara is a crossover with automatic gearbox and 4-wheel drive system. The reason for this value is largely due to Viatras light body weight. If I am not mistaken, the weight of this car is about 1185 kilos and quite low compared to its rivals.

Even though the turbo charge engines have better performance they have a potential to spend more fuel but this engine as it is a classic natural aspirated engine it has better frugal potential. Suzuki Vitara has it’s pros and cons but if you ask me it has more advantages than disadvantages. Especially the fact that it can offer so many features in the 79.000 To 99.000 TL price range, reveals that the Vitara is clearly a very good choice to evaluate. See you..

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