Automotive Blog – Suzuki Vitara S Test DriveReview

Automotive Blog – Suzuki Vitara S Test DriveReview

Hello, friends! Welcome! Today, those from Suzuki offer us the new Suzuki S, 1.4 Boosterjet. And like all good reviews, this starts with me being a little skeptical. Even from the start, when I took the car, the gentleman from Suzuki said that this car will amaze me. I said: every mother praises his baby.

I wasnt very confident, but after I drove it I came to another conclusion. Suzuki Vitara isnt the pretty car we all know. Now, it has some design elements which make it a little more aggressive. For example: the front grille of the car, the headlights which are more aggressive and the daytime LEDs.

Lets see what-s behind the front grille: meaning the engine. In our case, 1.4 Benzine, turbo, Suzuki BoosterJet: beautiful name! It has 140 HP. It may not seem so much, considering the fact that this car has 1200 kilos. So, we will have fun today! The interior of the new Vitara is a beautiful place where you can be.

Honestly, Im a little amazed because it seems to me that looks very good despite the fact that the materials used dont have a premium quality. Here, on the board is plastic and also on the door. This band that looks like the most beautiful polished metal is also plastic. Leaving this behind, I am very delighted by this interior.

First of all, I was impressed by the chairs, which arent the most soft from the world, but they seem sporty. We can notice this lateral support, I would not have expected this from such a car: a city Crossover. A very important element of the interior and also functional is the steering wheel. I like it very much because it has the right size to drive a little sporty.

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Also, to increase the sporty characteristic, we have here some red accents. We all know that red is the color of the speed. In terms of the connectivity, down here we have an USB connection and a 12 V snuff. I like very much how Suzuki chose the Infotainment system.

First of all, we have a screen which looks much better than many other screens from other cars with the same price. All gives the impression of smartphone, tablet. Now, we enter in Media: we have the radio, but clicking here we can enter in iPod, USB, Bluetooth or SD card which is up here. We came back to Radio.

As you can see, we have quick commands to navigation, phone and to the connection of a Smartphone. Or, we can press the button Home and we have again the four main tabs. Here, is the navigation: we can navigate very easy, we can add new addresses, here are addresses already added and the favorites ones. Its very easy to navigate! Home again! Here is my phone, which is connected.

Here can be connected a phone using Android Auto or Apple CarPlay. Lets talk a little about Allgrip system. Here, the whole system is controlled through this little wheel and this button. For example, if its snow, we select snow and the car controls automatically the ESP to help us in the desired environment.

On the sport mode, the car is a little more responsible when its accelerated and even agile. The Lock button locks the differential of the car: 50% on the front, 50% behind, so we can drive on off-road, but up to 60km/h. And the middle button resets the car and puts it in the Auto mode. But, how it feels behind? Well, here passengers have plenty of places for their knees and heads.

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It is really a spacious car! There are plenty of storage spaces: we have one here, here there isnt. (I dont know why, it could be two).Chairs, like Ive said before, are confortable and are made from this ecological leather with terry inserts. These are quite comfortable, a little hard, but comfortable. Here, we can fold the seats to obtain a loading platform of 710 liters.

Enough! While driving, the new Suzuki Vitara amazes. Why? Because those 140 HP, although not seem to be many, are more than enough on a car of 1200 kilos. And if we count that here we have a sport button that I press right now, the car has a push, showing you it has more couple. If we accelerate it, the car goes much faster.

I have to admit that its driven almost like a little hatchback, like a Clio much faster, like a Suzuki Swift. Because it’s handled very well and stands in curves like a hatchback. The suspensions seems well set because shocks are well absorbed and if you want to take a curve with a higher speed, the car doesnt skid and in the same time the rolling is kept to minimum. The driving position is quite high in Suzuki Vitara, contrary to the sportive character, but this thing is good because I have a good visibility: I can see well in front, to the left, to the right, especially behind.

Almost, we do not even need a rearview camera that comes with this fitted car. The low weight of the car doesnt help it only to its performances and to the position in curves. But, it helps it to a very important characteristic for Romanians: the fuel consumption. Now, we have 8.2 L/100 km, but the consumption still decreases and you will see the final result in our article on eBlogAuto.

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Now, lets talk about an unpleasant thing: the price. Our car: Suzuki Vitara S, 1.4 Boosterjet, 140 HP , wheel drive 6 speed manual transmission and the system of integral traction AllGrip: 20050 euros. Well, what you can buy with 20000 euros? A spacious crossover with a large trunk and with an impressive dynamic because this car impresses me when I change very fast the speed and how fast it is. I think its ideal for the city! If you like our review, give us a like, if you dont there is a button for this.

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