Test Drive Honda Mobilio Indonesia – Interior & akselerasi Mobilio

Test Drive Honda Mobilio Indonesia - Interior & akselerasi MobilioReview Honda Mobilio Indonesia by AutonetMagz Now we see the interior of the Mobilio Ready,..? Yes, come on… You’re right, the door feels a little flimsy First thing, the rubber seal are thin so when you feel it, its quite soft and its not a baloon type rubber but for me its still ok If in Honda Brio, this side still shows its inner steel body if it was covered, then its better than Brio And if you enter inside, the interior is so Brio Very look a like, starting from its material, except this part a little bit different plus if this Mobilio Prestige, the head unit is already touch screen but too bad for the button placement is quite far to reach this side is still similar, thin plastic and here are the legendary dashboard its not even and the AC vent in here try to open your mouth,…Aaaa see…Looks a like isn’t it haha,.. This one also similar with brio the steering wheel too I hope the update version have a steering switch audio button because its difficult to reach the button so adjusting the volume is easier on the steering wheel The key also similar with old generation of CR-V. But the speedometer is more nice But I still prefer Brio speedometer which already have the ECO indicator if we start the engine, the inner lighting is glowing its white, if only they displayed it in blue, it would be cooler in Honda Brio they use orange color, so it looks sporty the MID is only displaying km/liter, km, and trip only 3 mode similar with Brio And when we see the seats, we could feel the inner frame this side if you pinch it, you could feel the frame, because the foam is very thin and headrest is static The sliding is quite far,…Until this far..

This is the fartest the steering already tilt but too bad no height adjuster on its seats and the seatbelt doesn’t have any adjuster for Suzuki Ertiga, it already have a seatbelt height adjuster for the AC setting, there are options for head and for feet Other cars usually have fog lamp button in here in Mobilio, the button is located here for Mobilio Prestige, audio is much more better no bluetooth yet, but already supporting, USB, Aux, CD and DVD. Head unit placement is too slant, difficult to read if in the afternoon, it will be too bright, if on night it would be good to look at This audio, for me only have one flaws, no tweeter for the bass is quite ok, but more of a middle sound than bass or treble so the mid is too dominant If only they add twitter, it would be better WTF,..?! Hey,..Hey….Why we could hear the sound from outside What, you could hear it from outside, it wasn’t maximal volume yet what?!…How come? Hear this, you could hear it up to the rear section Oh..That means the soundproofing wasn’t good enough If you speak outside, we could hear you inside You could hear our music right? Oh man…. -_- That is the reality of Mobilio audio So if you want to upgrade, just add the tweeter Ok, we also want to see the other, AV-in, iPod, Tuner, Disc, USB and no Bluetooth besides that it also have parking camera when you put it on R position, see the display….. What the **** are he doing there, lets ram him! Hahahaha,….

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Now we already seat at the back, my height 170, he is 180 cm Hey…He is 178 cm! Ohh..178 Cm, sorry The headroom is very spacious, the most roomiest on its class an it rear seat has 3 sted reclining adjustment 1,.. 2,.. 3,.. Can it be more reclining? And this middle seat could it be more advanced Yes it can, because the foam is very thin, so have plenty of room Do you want to move the seat to its most rear position? Here, its already reaching the limit still spacious enough at this side but frankly, why this part are spacious, because it is using a thinner foam see, only one finger length on the front its designed as a bucket seat with bucket seat, the seat contour is thinner I see, its very thin If we press the front and rear part, the thickness is only about 5cm So if we put Toyota Avanza or Suzuki Ertiga seats into Mobilio, it will be quite cramped? Yes, it will be similar, to become more cramped thats why this vehicle is more spacious So if you want to enhanced the Ertiga and Avanza spaciousnes, just installed this thin seats right? Yes, you could do that But i still like this car See, if we sit at the rear, it’s like having an armrest fits your arm right? Yes, its true, in here we could see the cup holder and mobile phone storage, and also the seatbelts That round form, is it the speakers? Yes, it is the speakers The headroom in here is quite spacious, but because the suspension travel is quite short and with his driving styling, we still could bumped our head hahahaha…**** you! And there is a warning tag, beware when closing the seats, beware your feet  Now we see the bootspace Wait…What is this? Why it have to be like this? Oh…This one, consider it as a hidden storage…

So if you want to stash secret small stuff, you could put it there, like a secret storage.. See, you wouldn’t find a boot space this size on its class even if you compare it with Toyota Kijang Innova, looks like its even larger still could put a lot of bags and we have this storage like Innova, so it looks neat It looks neat, but the plastic feels and looks cheap.. Ahh..You are too much criticizing i admit it, this side isn’t neat enough If in Avanza and Ertiga, this side is for lower and open the spare tire in here they just put a round rubber to concealed it see the thin seats…. And its very easy to close it, just pull the lever, and the seats will closed here are the lever, you just pulled it and the bootspace will become larger re-opening the seats is so easy just pull this one and pull it again, similar with Avanza seats very spacious isn’t it? This is Mobilio advantage compare to other rivals Try to open the engine bay so the engine is the new generation of Honda engine, not the old L15A.

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But L15Z1 a lot of differences, for starting is the use of material for examples in the intake manifolds now are using plastics no metal anymore its not bad, because it have their one properties using plastic make it more lighter and it already use the newest generation of VTEC, so not only good in high rpm, at lower rpm its already kicked in that’s why at lower rpm, you could feel the engine power the max power only 118, while L15A is 120HP. And its weakness is the battery bracket is very narrow, so its going to be difficult to upgrade it And what dissapoint me most are the finsihing, and the sealing if you owned not the silver one, for example the blue one, you could see the paint spatter everywhere but this one is no problem, because its silver on the upfront it could be much better for a Honda but how many times we look the engine are, very rare indeed Ohh..One more thing, it already using a rubber seal atthe sides, like KIA Carens, eventhough its not the best quality rubber but well appreciated now we want to climb using this car, because some people said if we climb using a FWD car from stop condition, the tire will spin no way man, that is totally nonsense, we pedal it, a little slow, but not like other said, in fact there are three of us now. Still oke, no spin symptoms, or not able to climb like other said Stop again, and because its a little sloping road, its moving by itself we raise the throttle, and see on D transmission it didn’t encountered any problem but for a FWD car, the climb ability is not as good as the RWD. So its a little bit slow, but still ok So it wouldn’t be another commercial to show that FWD is not good for climbing condition right? That’s why for sales person who like to make a black campaign, AutonetMagz is their sworn enemy Soundtrack Review Honda Mobilio Test Drive by Sind3ntosca Now we are inside the highway, and i feel that the noise from tires and wind is quite disturbing and when we throttle it up, we could hear the engine sound is a little bit late but for me its not a big problem, because for a Low MPV, at 120km/h its not that soundproof But for every normal Low MPV users, the level is still acceptable and i really like the stability, and its minimum body roll let’s try to catch up to the front car See, its using CVT, a little bit too late, but still ok so if you have the manual version, the performance would be far much more better It’s not that the CVT version is slow, but it have a slow response 0-100 km/h speedometer reference we get through it in a 13,8 second Our best time when we try it several time in a straight line and if you try to accelerate it, it ddin’t give a quick response like other AT cars, because its using a CVT.

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The CVT respons is quite slow, so i prefer the manual version You could feel it after passing 60 km/h mark, the acceleration is getting slow but after passing 100 km/h it still have enough juice to keep it running Our conclusion from this review are Honda Mobilio has its own plus and positive things like its commercial slogan  but also it have a lot of weakness and negatives the positive things are,… Large and spacious interior, very good handling, and big boot space for its class And the weakness are,…. The suspension setup is too hard for an MPV, plus the lack of cabin soundproofing The CVT transmission who reduce the potential performance of the engine, plus a bad material and finishing on the cabin That’s our review from AutonetMagz, thank you for watching, and thank you too for who already sending comments, suggestions and email in the previous video Thanks for our sponsor from DC Printing Bandung, so if you want make the limited T-shirts you could go here And thank you too for Mr. Yuda, and please visit his blog, Yudakusuma.Com We’re really sorry if there any suggestions that we couldn’t do, due to technical difficulties, and don’t forget to like AutonetMagz facebook and visit our website OK, thank you and see you again, bye,….

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